Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the Apple iPhone a serious vulnerability found

An employee of Independent Security Evaluators, a specialist in informbezopasnosti Charles Miller said that the communicator Apple iPhone is vulnerable to exploits that are placed by hackers on the front web-pages, certified operating certificates SSL. This vulnerability is directly linked to the "corporate" function of the iPhone. Its essence is that the device has an opportunity to undertake a massive setting of a large number of corporate smartphones to bring them into conformity with uniform standards of IT-security.

Apple iPhoneHowever, this function was incomplete, leaving hackers can arbitrarily change the configuration files of your phone via the Internet. In his message, Charles Miller wrote: "If the user gives consent to the installation of this update, the changes made to the configuration of the phone could cause him harm."

Miller described the method of hacking, he said, can be used to change the proxy settings in the iPhone. This, in particular, allow attackers to redirect traffic to servers under their control. Also with the modified configuration files, an attacker can disable the ability to run the Safari browser and other applications and / or block access to certain web-resources.

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