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New statistics Runet

Unit Internet holding "Rambler" - statistical office Rumetrika - in October-November 2008, conducted a study on audience Runet from 2004 to 2008. The study - statistics Rambler TOP100, Goskomstat RF, own data Rumetriki. According to the system Rambler TOP, total daily audience Runet sites participating in the rating is 19.5 million visitors. This figure takes into account not only the Internet users in Russia, but also visitors from abroad (in runet in 2008 these were about 38%).


The main result: four years general audience Runet increased more than fivefold. In 2004, growth was small - 23%, but then began a considerable rise, which peaked in 2005-2006, when the audience grew by 80% and 55% respectively. But in 2007-2008 the growth rate decreased and the audience was 33% and 37% respectively.

Having analyzed the development of broadband access (and especially its value in the dynamics), Rumetriki experts concluded that the price of traffic has the greatest influence on the development runet. That is a significant price decline in 2005 (83%) led to a noticeable increase in the Internet audience in Russia (80%). Then in 2006-2007, with the slowdown in price reductions of up to 40% per year for about the same amount increased audience. The interests of the Internet audience in recent years have changed somewhat. The leader of the interests of users Runet still remains entertainment sector - it has strengthened its leadership and showed a four-year growth of 42%. Today, this sector has more than half of all hits in runet. Much of this was due to the growing number of home computers - their users to buy the computer just for entertainment and communication. On the second and third place are a business and information sectors, which for four years have lost their share in relation to the rest - 21% and 16% respectively. In the fourth place, as before, the Gaza Auto & Moto, has considerably strengthened its position. The largest increase, almost twice showed the smallest sector Runet - Real Estate.

With regard to projections for the future, then specialists Rumetriki states: "Giving projections for the number of daily audience of Internet users in Russia is difficult, since they depend on several indicators, including forecasts. If we consider that basically changed the number of audience influenced by changes in income and the cost of traffic, then we obtain two ways of changing the projected audience Runet. It is possible to construct an approximate prediction only for the next year or two, at 3-4, the data can later be adjusted. If we take the average of these two forecasts, one can say about slowdown audience Runet to 31% in 2008 and 8% in 2009, associated with the fall in revenue growth rate of the population. In absolute data, then on average forecast obtained in 2012 57 million visitors in runet per day. The interests of users will vary. In connection with the further increase in the number of home PCs in regions of the experts foresee further growth in the proportion of the entertainment sector - up to 60-70% by 2012. Growth in the sectors of auto and motorcycle and real estate depends on the situation in these industries, and is likely to further rapid growth will not be. In varying degrees of influence on the development of the Internet can provide an economic crisis, rising inflation, ending the development of broadband access technologies, the rising cost of PCs and bandwidth, slowing income growth (especially in the regions).


Also in late 2008 conducted a study Rumetrika sites Runet from 2004 to 2008. The study used statistics ranking Rambler TOP 100 and Rumetriki. According to the system TOP 100, the total attendance Runet sites participating in the rating is around 19.5 million visitors, respectively, from 2004 to 2008, the audience has grown more than fivefold. Spring 2004 Rambler TOP 100 numbered 125 thousand active members (sites that had at least one visitor per week) rating, four years later - 220 thousand active resources. Increase in the number of sites from 2004 to 2008 was 78%, which is not comparable to the growth of more than five times the total audience of users Runet. For all sites, registered in the rating, the increase was 133%. Of the more than two million sites that have applied for registration in the system Rambler TOP 100 for all time of its existence, now active only 10%. Moreover, this figure falls since 2005. Decreases with time and the average survival rate of resources. If in the first year of life to survive more than half (57%) resources, for the fifth year of life in the network is only 25% of resources. Accordingly, about 75% of sites live less than four years, and this figure should be considered when creating a new Internet resources. If you look at the dynamics of growth in the number of sites by sector, most sites are in the sectors of commercial and entertainment - they are significantly separated from the other sectors runet. The best growth showed the real estate sector - in 2,2 times - and commercial - to 142%.

There is a paradox. On the one hand, now dominated by the proportion of users that go into the network from home, and they are interested mainly in entertainment sector. Then it is not clear why more has grown the business sector, the audience which mainly goes to the Internet from the office. This is explained by the fact that recreational resources geared to a mass audience and collect most of the visitors on fewer sites. Commercial sites with the same high traffic is small (so that no commercial site was not included in the TOP 20 sites Runet), and they are mainly oriented to niche audiences that would not necessarily be a great success for the project. That appearance in runet multiple business lines in recent years has led to an increase in the number of commercial sites. In general, Runet average daily traffic to the site from 2004 to 2008 increased from 19 to 79 people, ie four times. For four years, the sites-leaders in the TOP 20 Runet some changes, but the leader remained the same - Portal yandex.ru. Other major portals Runet - Rambler and Mail - have also strengthened their positions. More than half of the resources of the TOP 20 in 2004 did not leave the new leadership twenty and strengthened their positions. Outsiders rating for these years can be called only two resources: the portal Aport and the postal service Newmail.ru, which are now far from the leaders. If we consider the outflow of resources from the Twenties by categories, we can see that most of this site topics Personals, and Catalogs. At the same time in the TOP 20 for four years, many new formats of resources that already won a significant part of the audience runet. First of all this, of course, social networking (Classmates, Vkontakte and My World) and the resources of a special search (weather, pictures, maps). In place of "popular" sites came blogs. Also, there is a considerable amount of news resources (media and news aggregators), who occupied one third of the rankings, although the activity on them below the average for Runet (45 pageviews per visit) and is about seven views per visit.

Among the major portals Runet more than any other changed Rambler, which completely rebuilt the navigation, has changed the concept and design, has become more informative and vivid. Changes in Yandex and Mail less significant and essentially amount to the displacement of the blocks to new locations and adding informers for new projects. Also, all the portals have become more informative and interesting. Yandex changed its name to the English-speaking Russian Yandex, which reflects the general downward trend in the popularity of English names. Major trends that RUmetrika saw on the main pages of portals are as follows:

- Best place on the main page occupy blocks with the news. At the Rambler were increased (compared to 2004) at 20-30% and placed in the center. This happened because of the increasing popularity of online media and overflow of the news audience in the network.
- With the best places on the main page portals have disappeared catalogs resource area were reduced, while they themselves units shifted to less favorable position (bottom of the screen or even the second screen, both at the Rambler). This happened because of the appearance at the portals of new services that need a place on the main page, and the traffic from it.
- At all portals have improved their positions on the main page of informers with the weather. This is due to interest an audience to the topic.
- The portals have appeared electronic maps the largest cities in Russia and the mapping of traffic jams on them. This trend will continue, unless, of course, does not decrease the number of cars in big cities or will not increase the number of inputs in the operation of urban roads.
- Good places are taken by informers TV Program and Playbill. People began to spend more time and money on entertainment, and information about them has become more in demand. However, this trend depends on the welfare of the population, but with this recent problem.
- At the portals of information blocks appeared on social networks, due to a significant increase in the popularity of the subject. - In addition to regular Internet searches increased interest (and it was displaying on the main pages of portals) to a special search for pictures, news, products, dictionaries, etc. There are new direction of search - search for video on the cards for the vacancies.

The general trends that have occurred over four years, include the consolidation of the largest portals Runet - Yandex, Mail and Rambler, has consolidated 70% of positions in the ranking TOP 20 mainly due to the old building and development of new resources and services. It makes other resources to seek and develop new niches, until not busy portals. One example of a successful search of its niche and projects - social networking and messenger. But the portals also do not stand still, creating their own niche social services (LinkedIn, or Rambler-Friends). In the near future, change topics sites linked them to a particular sector Runet are likely to be small. But should expect a significant increase in the number of niche e-commerce sites with low attendance and a small increase in the number of specialized recreational resources.

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