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Revolutionary IT technologies early 21 century.

Laboratory eWeek Labs has compiled a list of technologies that have had a revolutionary impact on our lives in the first decade of the 21 st century.

revolutionary technologiesWe offer our readers the "IT SECTOR" brief excerpt from this case report.

3G Broadband

Not long ago, Internet access could be obtained only by having found an access point, Wi-Fi or connecting to a network Ethernet. With broadband 3G smart phones, netbooks, notebooks and even mobile offices can get a fairly high-quality Internet access from anywhere.


The 802.11g standard allowed to use a wireless connection for most networking tasks, including to send large files, and to promote Wi-Fi technology in their offices, homes, car parks and hotels throughout the world.


Package technology constituting AJAX, marked the beginning of the revolution on the Internet. It allowed to create attractive, interactive Web user interfaces that require no special plug-ins or extensions, and works fine with most modern browsers.

Amazon EC2

Company's Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon - the first real platform of cloud computing, which remains the most popular. EC2 allows anyone to easily deploy a virtual machine on a powerful server platform Amazon, has changed our ideas about what it means to the possession of the server and even conduct business. Many of the newly established companies do not even get the server hardware, carrying out all operations on the platform of EC2.


In the early decades of the use of 64-bit computing solutions for traditional problems did not look too promising. Intel Itanium processor architecture and was considered to be difficult to achieve, in general, unsuccessful. When Intel created it from scratch, something AMD has been developing its 64-bit platform based on existing technology for manufacturing processors and has managed to make it widely available.


BlackBerry smartphone soon and today remains the primary mobile device for business users. Thanks to him, you can easily stay in touch, while anywhere.

Servers - "blade"

Servers, "blade" were so widespread that few people remember what a striking impression at first produced a server room, can fit in a single rack.


Bluetooth is easy to take for failed technology, especially when you consider what prospects it initially promised. But it is worth considering on how many wires and cables because she managed to escape, and immediately begin to recognize the successes of Bluetooth.


A few years ago the future of the Internet and the browser was rather sad. In the market dominated by Internet Explorer, and Microsoft showed no interest in innovative solutions in this area. But when the organization has released Mozilla Firefox, finally, actually appeared and choice, and innovation. Firefox has led to a resumption of war between browsers. Today we are witnessing here is much more competition and we have the widest choice than ever before.

Gmail/Google Apps

E-mail and access to applications through a worldwide network were known before the appearance of Gmail and Google Apps. But no one could provide such opportunities, convenience and reliability, which has provided the corporation Google. And now even the company can operate using only e-mail and office applications Google.


The popularity of iPhone, and said such exotic fact that it is sometimes called the phone of Jesus (Jesus Phone). Of course, this was an exaggeration. But it is reasonable to argue that Apple iPhone revolutionized the smart phone market. And many of them caused by the change probably would not have occurred without the device iPod, which was performed by the usability and design of iPhone.

Mac OS X

Although the very first iMac computer has attracted much attention, the real revolution, caused by computers Mac, began only after Apple has completely redesigned its core operating system. Mac OS X re-written from beginning to end, based on the Unix kernel, and since its emergence in the market was largely determined by the requirements for ease of use and level of innovation the OS.

Multi-core processors

Those who have moved from a PC with a single-core processor to a computer-based multi-core, usually experiencing a shock. In the car, which is likely to cost less than $ 1000, installed the processor, whereby the most powerful servers and workstations 1990. appear to be children's toys.


Manufacturers of computers and the first offered mikronoutbuki, but they were not successful because of its low productivity and high cost. In the current generation of netbooks, these defects have been remedied. At small sizes they have a quite decent features and price. Although manufacturers of traditional computer equipment they have, perhaps, hateful, netbooks are popular among consumers.

Of course, if the criterion of success to consider ousting from the market Microsoft Office, then package failed. But when you think about the effect caused by his appearance in general, should recognize that, undoubtedly had a great influence on the market, especially if you look at it in terms of using open document formats.


Power over Ethernet is still a relatively new technology, and in many companies it is not yet implemented. But those who switched to POE, able to take advantage of its considerable advantages. Especially it concerns the use without connecting to an electrical outlet devices such as VOIP-phones, access points, etc.

Arose from the ashes after the collapse of the ASP market in the late 1990's., has demonstrated that companies are ready to receive online access to critical corporate business applications (such as for example of customer relationship management and automation of sales).

Social networks

It may seem that this is just a waste of huge amount of time, but social networks have a significant impact on the way people communicate and establish contacts between companies.


With hindsight Treo looks like just another smartphone. But the first Treo become a step towards the modern smartphone, and had a great influence on their development.


Some may say that Twitter - a waste of time. In fact, the network of Twitter now has tremendous influence and change the way we communicate.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

At the beginning of the last decade, Linux was in great demand. But while the company Red Hat has not released a conservative, distributed by subscription a corporate version of its distribution, Linux was not really ready for use in enterprises. She did not have a clear timetable for release of subsequent versions, neither adequate business model.


Virtualization has been used for more than ten years, but only in the last decade, it has indeed widespread. This happened largely due to corporations VMware. She offered a full range of products - from simple to use, offering consumers the ability to run virtual machines, to the most powerful enterprise virtualization platforms. With VMware entire server farms can operate on a very small number of machines.

VOIP, Skype, SIP

Voice over IP, as well as virtualization, known for more than ten years. But over the last decade there opportunities for them to truly widespread use. The company Skype has shown consumers how much cheaper and easier to implement may be voice calls from your PC. A SIP protocol to facilitate interaction of equipment from different manufacturers on the basis of standards, paving the way for the integration of many different products in communications systems.

Solaris 10

In the second half of the last decade, Solaris 10, Sun Microsystems, came to the forefront of technology operating systems. Among its unique features should be called virtualization using containers, system tools Dtrace and file system ZFS. In addition, the Solaris 10 has spread opinion about the inevitability of the transition to the x86-64 and the licensing system with open source software as a platform.

Windows XP

Due to the current hype around Windows 7 and the unpleasant experience of working with Windows XP, have arisen in certain situations almost every user, it may seem strange that the predecessor of Vista appears in a list of leading technologies. However, Windows XP, of course, was the most common operating systems decade. And if Vista has brought only disappointment, the majority of individuals and corporate users were pleased to be able (and many now use it) continues to use Windows XP.

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