Monday, March 1, 2010

U.S. cellular operators will use Skype.

At the recently concluded international conference in Barcelona Mobile World Congress the largest mobile service provider Verizon Wireless has signed a historic partnership agreement with IP-telephony provider Skype.

cellular operatorsIn accordance with this agreement, Verizon subscribers will be free to communicate via Skype. International calls will cost two cents a minute or three dollars a month. The program starts in late March and will be available for owners of 9 types smartphones.

In addition, as reported by The Washington Post, the company will develop mobile offer Skype for smartphone 3G. Downloading an application that will allow Skype users unlimited calls to other Skype users in the network of U.S. operator, and also to make international calls at rates Skype. Calls to any non-Skype number will be calculated at rates Verizon. Annex Skype Mobile will include instant messaging, social networking tools, and then it will be possible to conduct video conferences.

Experts have called the agreement a breakthrough in the outlook of telecom operators. Prior to that, in relations Skype with mobile operators and wireline reigned real hostility. Many operators have blocked the application Skype on mobile phones. Until recently it was only available on the iPhone and only mode Wi-Fi Hot Spots. Last fall there was some easing of tensions on the part of AT&T, which said that the program will allow Skype to work in the phones of its customers, but so far nothing concrete has not been done.

Verizon became the first U.S. operator that will actively promote the services of Skype. "This is a breakthrough ... We feel this change in thinking operators. The attitude of some operators is changing fast", - said in an interview with Reuters, CEO of Skype Deosh Silverman.

In Verizon hopes that by offering services to Skype, they can attract more customers. "We go mad, the fact that 200 million Americans are not our customers. We think that providing a rich application, we will attract a whole group of new users", - commented to Reuters news director of marketing for Verizon, John Stratton. In his view, the new customers the company will generate more income than they lose on international calls.

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