Friday, April 9, 2010

After Google, GoDaddy, and Dell China could leave Yahoo.

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Just recently, Google has ceased to censor Chinese users search queries. Immediately thereafter, the world's largest domain name registrar GoDaddy has announced the termination of registration sites in the Chinese area of CN, but Dell has now started to consider the possibility of transferring their production from China to India.

And last week brought new news. Now another major U.S. asset, namely Yahoo, as before Google, too, was subjected to hacker attacks. Reportedly hacked mailboxes some users - namely, foreign journalists working in China.

The company itself is still in a rather general statement, which states that "Yahoo condemns all cyber attacks, whatever their origin or destination. We are determined to protect the security and privacy of our users and take appropriate action in case of any violation of this kind."

Experts believe that in Yahoo, apparently, still thinking about strategy - how to respond to harsh actions of hackers.

Nevertheless, the overall situation around China is gradually heating up. According to many, a new attack on Yahoo could escape the U.S. high-tech business from China to India. Discussions about this are already in many formal and informal community

In turn, the PRC on quarrel with Internet giant Google have responded very seriously, banning exaggerate the topic in the media and the press owned by internet forums. In addition, students in the institutions in the best traditions of Soviet-invited to write an essay "How I feel about Google". Thus the authorities are trying to let off steam from the youth and make them even aloud to say what "should". But at the same time you can analyze the mood of youth environment in relation to the events.

At the same time, the reaction of Chinese authorities said, and a fairly high level of importance they assigned to this incident with Google and other American IT companies.

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