Saturday, April 3, 2010

Best friend holders.

It seems that all the inhabitants of Russia, using counterfeit software, you can start slowly rusk and learn "thieves' slang for facilitating mutual understanding with the inhabitants of" places not so remote". Because, as demonstrated by news that came from our neighbors to the east last week to become a victim of demonstration killings "evil pirates" may literally every...

Of course, while that for the most part those whom Russian police caught red-handed for using non-licensed software, receive suspended sentences or fines, but, presumably, is not far off when the practice of intimidating the courts will force users to send "pirates" in the colony . In the meantime, as reported last week, news sites, in Cheboksary for copyright infringement probation was a student of the 5th year student of accounting and applied informatics one of the Cheboksary universities provided at the announcement of "computer services", is installing counterfeit software. By its actions, he was found to have caused damage to rights holders in excess of 250 thousand rubles.

However, if the students can count on the leniency of the justice system (yet to buy licensed software, even for the scholarship excellent worker is problematic), then the defenders is hardly count on it. Especially in the power of love to them by Russian law enforcement and judicial system. In the Leninsky Court of Krasnodar have been held hearings on the case head of the human rights organization "Ethniki" Anastasia Denisova. The Group, led by human rights activist, engaged in protection of the rights of ethnic minorities, the fight against xenophobia and work with foreign students. Counterfeit software discovered last year after a search of the premises of the organization. By the time this note, the court probably already held. Most experts agree that Denisova have a realistic chance of being sentenced to a real deadline, despite the fact that damage to rights holders in the face of Corel and Microsoft, is relatively small - it amounts to 110,5 thousand Russian rubles.

How did it happen that the Russian Themis abruptly became the best friend of human rights defenders? Can you believe that the whole thing in an effort to authorities of the neighboring country to make the software market more civilized? Unfortunately, judging from the actual situation, the objectives of such behavior of the authorities is not so noble. The first thing that comes to mind - this is the completion of the budget as through taxes that are paid by sellers of "white" software, and with the help of fines that are levied on those who want to save money on purchasing legal copies of programs. But this is only one side of the coin. Another is that the criminal prosecution of counterfeit software - a great way it is legal to prosecute, for example, people who for some reason the authorities are uncomfortable, or who, figuratively speaking, went the way its individual members. However, in general, not even the special needs of fraud, because almost everyone in Russia (and here, in general, too) can be caught for not using licensed software.

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