Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sales iPad will start on April 3.

Apple has officially confirmed that the sale tablet iPad launch in the U.S. on April 3, Saturday. New products arrive all Apple sales centers in the U.S. (a total of 221), as well as most online stores Best Buy.

Sales iPadIn its press release issued on this event, Apple has once again reminded that the scope of the device is rather broad: it is surfing the web, work with e-mail, browsing and sharing photos, watching video (including HD quality) music, games and electronic books.

Fuss about the new device is quite high. For example, for the first day of receiving pre-orders were made 120 thousand applications. Market observers say that the pre-sales activity of customers in this case even more than at the beginning of sales iPhone.

On the eve of the company ChangeWave survey was conducted over 3 thousands of potential buyers, who showed that iPad significantly affect the market for electronic books, laptop and other electronics.

The most interesting were the answers to the question, what features users want to see the most? Responses were as follows:

* Internet surfing - 68%
* E-mail - 44%
* Reading books - 37%
* Reading newspapers, magazines - 28%
* View video - 28%

If using the Internet and e-mail users today are not particularly surprised, that is the reading of books and newspapers - is a new and quite promising area. According to analysts, with the release iPad in this market would have seriously cramped with his gadget Amazon Kindle. And the rest of the market players, for example, Sony, will have to seriously try to stay afloat.

The fact that the market for books and periodicals are big changes, says a lot. For example, several major magazines, in particular, Wired magazine and Women's Viv Mag, has already demonstrated how they might look like electronic versions of the Tablet PC.

True, many of these features are not available until either the inhabitants of the CIS, or not planned for them in the near future. Therefore, the significance of the events can only be judged on the responses of foreign experts. In particular, Daniel Lyons, one of the authors of the American magazine NewsWeek, wrote as follows: "When the designers of technology magazine Wired have prepared a demonstration of how the journal might look for a tablet type iPad (with interactive graphics and embedded video clips in articles and advertising, where You can rotate the car and look at it from different angles), many of my colleagues in the media business is shocked. And this is only the beginning!".

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