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Great start Apple iPad

April 3 in the USA began selling "pre-big bang" tablet Apple iPad. The device is sold in company stores, as well as in most electronics stores Best Buy. Analysts estimate the company Piper Jaffray, for the first day it was sold from 600 to 700 thousand iPad - but this includes pre-orders. Directly through retail was sold just over 300 thousand devices.

First day

Journalists television sets on April 3 were reports from the flagship Apple Store on the 5 th Avenue in New York. There's a daily occurrence in sale iPad formed a queue of more than seven hundred people. For comparison: the premiere communicator iPhone 3G has collected approximately 540 customers. There must also be borne in mind that the first day of the sale came only "junior" Tablets of the line iPad - they are deprived of access to the 3G network and have the module GPS. But in any case referred to by the sales for the first day proved to be much lower than the latest estimates of analysts.

Today iPad is only available in the U.S. market. Only at the end of this month to begin formal delivery of the gadget in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. As for Russia, then it can begin selling planshetnika only in the IV quarter - and then if the "big three" mobile operators agree with Apple. But as the recent ugly history with sales of iPhone in Russia, it is quite difficult.

Buy advance

We can say that iPad is already fully paid for itself alone pre-sales through the Net. Admission pre-orders for iPad began in the U.S. on March 12 and April 3 to consumers had ordered hundreds of thousands of devices, although none of them have not even had this planshetnik in their hands. Let me remind you that the price iPad - $499 for a model with 16 GB of memory, $599 - for 32-gigabyte model and $699 - for 64-gigabyte.

It is extremely important and makes the point that even before the sales planshetnika the App Store appeared more than 2300 applications for the iPad. That is, buyers, if I may say so, "is not left alone with a new gadget. However, the cost of applications for iPad was, on average, higher than that of applications for iPod touch and iPhone. However, software for these devices is also working on the iPad - as a result of the amount available for iPad applications exceeds 150 thousand.

And the sales iPad software obviously has become another channel for profits for "apple company". For the first few days of sales planshetnika his half-baked Apple owners have downloaded more than a million applications from App Store store and bought more than 250.000 e-books in store iBookstore. It is easy to calculate that the average user for a couple of days after purchase iPad downloaded one book and three annexes.


Analysts forecast the company iSuppli, in the current year, Apple may sell up to 7.1 million Tablet PCs. The next year, according to the same projections, sales reached 14.4 million units, and in 2012 - already 20.1 million The readership of users will vary. Thus, sales in 2010 will be provided with the so-called early adopters - the so-called marketing people who buy the product the very first. But then sales will grow by ordinary users, which will attract the emergence of many new applications, improve (build) the functional and price reductions.

ISuppli analysts believe the following: "touchscreen - a new standard for user interfaces and form factor iPad is perfect for touchscreen. In this case Apple, apparently managed to create a device that is both limited in functionality, but has huge potential for further development. As a result, limiting the device will not play any role, if Apple will provide users with enough additional content.

But in any case, notice to iSuppli, Apple pretty much at risk, because iPad success depends largely on paid content. It is possible that it is for this reason, the iPad not support Flash - as when a Flash on the iPad would pour a stream of free content.

Autopsy showed

One of the first svezhekuplenny iPad raskurochili experts project iFixit - and immediately shared with the Internet community, information about the internal structure of the Tablet PC.

The first thing I noticed - this is the fact that the iPad has a powerful enough battery - its capacity to 5.5 times more battery capacity iPhone. In fact, the tablet is equipped with two batteries, connected in parallel. Their total capacity is 23.8 WHr. For comparison: the power of the battery iPhone - 4,51 WHr, the battery and the MacBook Air - 40 watt-hours. As a result, it turned out that the claimed battery life tablet up to 10 hours, but tests have shown that it is much more.

Great start Apple iPadGoing complete iPad Charger 10 W power can charge the battery plate for several hours. However, as illustrated by the first testers, when connected to a conventional PC via USB tablet will be charged very slowly, and even then only when it is inactive. And the only new "Poppies" allows you to charge the tablet, even working on it. "The Secret" is associated with a different voltage on the USB-port.

As for the built-in processor iPad Apple A4, which has been much talk long before the premiere of the tablet, then the guys from iFixit and dug in it. It was found that A4 is a PoP-solution (Package on Package) - that is, its logic circuits superimposed on each other, forming a kind of multi-storey "sandwich". Such layers of at least three, two of them - this is memory. The capacity of each layer of memory is 128 MB in total - 256 MB. Note that the same is present in the latest generation iPhone. As a direct manufacturer processor is the company Samsung.

In addition to the processor Apple A4, in iPad installed flash memory type NAND production and Toshiba videointerfeysnye I/O controller touch screen - chip Broadcom BCM5973. The most expensive component of the iPad - a touch IPS-display production LG Philips LED backlight.

Breaking and Adaptation

Engage burglary iPad not slow-known hacker group DevTeam. Its specialists quickly discovered the Internet Tablet is a vulnerability discovered earlier in the iPhone. It is about using dzheylbreka Spirit to run on the iPhone third-party programs are not permitted in the Apple Store. Programs run by Rutowsky rights obtained through a vulnerability in the browser MobileSafari.

The specialists were able to port the DevTeam jailbreak Spirit on iPad - resulted in an Rutowsky access with remote command execution. Now we can expect the emergence of automation dzheylbrekinga iPad, which will allow full access to the file system, but also implement the ability to install and run third-party programs.

But the Internet giant Google distinguished by the fact that even before the sales start iPad - April 2 - has launched a version of the mail service Gmail, specially adapted for the new Tablet PC. As stated in the official blog of Google, this "experimental Gmail user interface based on a version of HTML5, launched last year for the iPhone and devices based on Android. The new version of mail service was created specifically per 9.7-inch display iPad".

At the same time, according to representatives of Google, "Tablet" version of Gmail available to users of any Tablet PC that has a browser with support for HTML5.

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