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Testament Orwell's true!

Everyone believes that he needs the truth, even to the point when he knew it.

In the United States in one of the schools was enshrined in the life of George Orwell's 1984. There, the teacher quietly watched the personal lives of their students through web-cameras to home computers. Followed, and then charged. In the end, the accusations presented by the teachers. And guess: who now sit?

Unbelievable for the American history occurred in the Lower Merion School District - is on the south-eastern Pennsylvania. District is considered one of the richest in the U.S., and at some point, every student high school there was given to the use of laptop MacBook. All were happy and proud, while in one of the schools - Harritonskoy secondary school - there was not a nasty story.

The first of its hero - and part-time victim - was a 15-year-old Blake Robbins. One day he was called on the carpet to the school authorities and accused of "inappropriate conduct" outside the school. "Inappropriate" - that's putting it mildly, as Robbins was accused of selling drugs (at his home) and their use. As a teenager evidence showed pictures from web-camera, a laptop (the same school MacBook) in his bedroom.

Blake Robbins was justified, arguing that it does not any psychotropic pills, and the ordinary lollipops. Then the boy told his parents what had happened. Those somehow remembered the American Constitution. And turned to the press, and also filed a lawsuit in court. And once in federal court. And the claim group that defends the interests of all students, the district - in fact all they could become victims of surveillance.

Then the school bought a pale appearance. Soon after the examination found no trace of the boy in the house of drugs (modern analytical methods can detect even a few molecules of the drug). Press immediately reported this - the reaction of the public, I do not even know what and compare. In the States, privacy, and so sacred - and here the secret surveillance of the child in his own bedroom! For this and his own parents can sit - not that the school administration.

In general, the investigation began, the case has joined the FBI, federal and county prosecutors, the police of Lower Merion and Montgomery County. First Court officially banned the district administration include remote camera on my laptop. It soon became clear that all students issued by the PC installed software product called LANrev. LANrev can organize search of stolen or lost laptop, a remote power web-camera used to capture the alleged kidnapper. However, experts informbezopasnosti characterize LANrev as Trojan, since the mechanism used to access your computer, similar to the work of malware.

It was found out and that in the current academic year, the chamber of school laptops distance of not less than 42 times. Dealt with this, basically, someone Lindy Matsqui, having worked in local education for almost a quarter century. In Harritonskoy school, she was assistant vice-director and was responsible for discipline. In our terminology - something like the head teacher of educational work. This is the American head teacher summoned to the office of the young lover of sweets and showed him the ill-fated shots.

When it came to light, Lindy Matsqui spoke to reporters an official statement, read out a piece of paper a trembling voice: 'I never watched any of the students with web-cameras laptop, and did not authorize such surveillance for students - either in school or at home. And I would never have not done that. And Matsqui emphasized that it has two own teenage son, so that the privacy of students care about her no less than other parents. And pictures? The images in her words, "do for ourselves".

Even Bill Clinton, apologizing for the story of Monica Lewinsky, and that such delusions are not carried.

In general, the scandal flared up. According to lawyers after the trial, his career will continue to have a curious head teacher in prison. But until the time of the trial court entered a number of limitations. For example, the administration of the district can not make any statements on the case of "home-web-spying" or discuss it with students, not previously agreed upon its steps with the plaintiffs (ie, family, Robbins).

American Civil Liberties UnionImage via Wikipedia

Fuel to the fire poured leading human rights organizations in the U.S. - American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Legal Director of the Pennsylvania Branch of the ACLU, Witold Valchak told reporters: "At this age, children begin to discover their sexuality, so that in their rooms a lot going on all this. This is a breeding ground for child pornography."

In any case, ahead of the court. I only hope that Steve Jobs and Apple does not attract as associates (the Americans a can). I also hope that the other disciples of the same school were not so stupid, as described by American schoolchildren Mikhail Zadornov. And quickly sealed with a web-camera their laptops opaque tape.

In any case, in connection with this whole story the first thing I remember - it is a famous novel by George Orwell's "1984". There, in the fictional country of Oceania in the house of every inhabitant of a mandatory installed so-called "Telescreen" - a kind of hybrid of television and security cameras. It was with "telescreen" every citizen watched Big Brother. Hence the famous phrase: "Big Brother is watching you!".

Now we know what it looks like "telescreen" the beginning of the 21 century.

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