Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is real time?

Perhaps more difficult to meet the stereotype "about computer" concept than real time. And yet, as practice shows, not only the majority of users, but most IT professionals have a very vague idea of what lies behind these very common term.

Real time - it is actually a sign that the system place a stringent requirement on the reaction rate (response time) to any external events. The term "real time", by the way, almost never used - talk about real-time systems or, more often about real-time. If the system is operating in real time, does not provide the required response time, then talk about her refusal.

real timeReal-time systems tend to interact with processes in the real world (hence the "real" time), which usually do not depend on the actions of the system - on the contrary, by the way, the actions of both time and are dependent on external "stimuli". Events in the outside world can occur spontaneously, and the system operates in real time, should always provide a predictable response time to any of them. A typical task that runs in real time, a registration and processing of signals from external devices.

If we talk about the typical examples of systems that operate in real time, the first thing worth mentioning system controlling various technological processes - from production of any industrial products and finishing chemicals and even nuclear reactions. It is clear that for systems of a similar level of one of the main demands of their work is fault-tolerance - that is, the system's ability to carry out their work at virtually any change in external conditions. Failure to meet the challenge system in the required time could not only lead to financial losses, but even in casualties.

Accepted share real-time systems into two classes: system "hard" real-time systems "soft" real-time. The first class includes systems in which the excess of the maximum response time is tantamount to a denial of the system. The second also includes those systems for which short-term delays in the lead only to an acceptable degradation of the system.

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Verizon Outage

Is your blackberry phone not working?

I heard there was a wide spread outage for BlackBerry users. I can't even call someone. The radio is off, and I can't get on the internet. I heard that the issue was resolved Monday but, not for me. This stinks. I have a blackberry curve. Forget the number. But, my service is verizon.

Anyone have a blackberry, is your phone not working?

I used to have Verizon, and the internet was fine, pretty fast, and I never had laggy Xbox live. One day we had an internet outage and a month after the internet outage was supposedly resolved, Verizon couldn't get ours running again (2 technicians came!). Anyways, we got fed up and switched to Earthlink. Our Earthlink Setup- we have a modem connected by cable in the basement, and our linksys router we bought connects to that. We connect, but the internet on the computer is seemingly quite a bit slower, Xbox Live is super laggy. We knew the connection would be slower, but not this much slower! Should it be this bad? My main concern is Xbox Live, I can deal with slow internet browsing, but Xbox Live is laggy to the point where it is unplayable. Would the router and modem being in the basement have anything to do with it? Can I call in and just request to be given a faster service at a higher fee, of course, and without them having to come in and set up some new thing or whatever? Please help. Thanks in advance :)

verizon outageMaking my Internet Faster? (I use Earthlink)?

It's been almost 48 hours and my internet hasn't been working, including all of my apps that use internet and BBM. If there isn't an outage, do I need to go to the verizon store?

Is anyone else experiencing an internet outage on their blackberry for verizon wireless?

i never dropped my phone, never got it wet, or anything. I have the lg voyager with verizon. My phone has been "searching for service" for a whole day. I cant tell whats wrong with it. I know its not an outage in my area because i have been around places, and i still dont get service. I cant make calls texts or recieve calls or texts. So that means i cant call *228 from my phone to fix it. I can still look through my phone and see my old text messages and contacts and pictures, but i cant text or call. Please help me, i need my phone to work. Its important.

My phone has been "searching for service" for a day?

It had worked previously, and currently, the email function works fine. I am with Verizon Wireless, have a data plan, and otherwise, have not made any changes. One variable is that the phone's internet connection stopped working during a power outage in my home, and once power was restored, the internet did not rectify itself and still does not work. Any ideas?

My blackberry curve 8330 smartphone cannot use the internet via the phone's browser?

I used their live chat and it's a nation wide outage. Don't change the channel or you will lose that box! And yes this is a question, I wanna see how many people are affected, and be sure to mention what area you live in. I'm in Northern Virginia

Anybody else having Verizon FIOS TV problems?

ok so theres a tad bit of a back story last night there was a short power outage here. i have verizon dsl. i have 3 computers 1 desktop hadwired, 1 laptop hardwired and one laptop wireless. i have a linksys wrt160N wireless N router. internet didn't work in the morning after the outage. so i called verizon then later linksys and verizon fixed the issue on their side and i can connect directly from the dsl modem. but when i run it into my router it does not connect to internet. i can get to the linksys site thing to change setting when connect to router. so the router is not corrupt or anything. i tried everything like restarting router and modem resetting them both restarting computers we tried them all with the companies on the line. but it still wont work through router. they even gave me new ip or something PLEASE help what do i do to make it work, i've tried resetting it still wont work. now i sat on the phone for 5 hours with both verizon and linksys neither could help me with router issue without paying.

With Verizon Fios, does a corded telephone still work during a power outage?

I have a dell desktop and a few days ago my power went out. Since then, my dell desktop and router are not connecting. Everything is plugged in correctly but I keep getting the error message "Cable Not Connected". I got a new router today and I still get the same message so it has to be the computer. I have Verizon Fios, and it was working great before the power outage. Can you please walk me through how to fix this? ThxAlready got a new cable. I'll have to purchase a new card like you suggested. Where would I get one from? Also, where on the desktop does it go?

Dell desktop saying cable not connected?

I have a JVC AV-56P575. There was a power outage about a week ago, and my HD FIOS set top box was damaged. It worked through the HDMI port on my TV, but when changing the channel on my STB, it would lock up and crash. Video would freeze, no audio, and 'd01' would display on the STB. I immediately checked other devices on my TV via HDMI, and they worked. After getting in my new STB from Verizon, i hooked it up, and the TV shows 'No Program' when connected via HDMI or RGB/LR connectors, which i'm assuming are going through the HD converter board (if there is such a thing). Weird thing is, i can hear sound when using the RGB/LR connectors, but no video. With HDMI there is no video or sound. A have checked other devices via HDMI and RGB/LR on the TV, and they all produce the same symptoms. I am at a loss. I can get into the Service Menu, as shown here but these are different models, and the menu is different. Any help is appreciated. I cant afford a $100-$300 service call to get this fixed, and i dont want to pay extra/month for HD if i wont be able to use it.I am pretty savvy when it comes to electronics. If needed i could take the TV apart. The only "testing" equipment i have is a multimiter, but i believe the problem doesnt require a physical fix. I have also tested 4 different (new and used) HDMI and RGB/LR cables, all with the same symptoms.All my electronics are plugged into a surge suppressor of some sort (most everything, including my TV/STB are plugged into APC UPS'). I just tried to use HDMI again, and it looks like it's trying to get a signal from HDMI now: it flashes green/pink, then goes black, green/pink, black, and so on. I would like to try to just reset the HDMI from the Service Menu, but i cannot figure out how to do this with my model TV.

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The heyday of spy-mania.

Tell me, you will be pleased to know that after you spy on... that is, excuse me, are a tacit observation? Presumably, this is unlikely and that the vast majority of readers against espionage. Meanwhile, there is often a dilemma: what is still more important - privacy or the security provided by surveillance?

spy-maniaThe dilemma that arose repeatedly throughout the existence of mankind, but the information technology, we can say, brought her to the hitherto unattainable heights. That in itself is, in principle, it is quite understandable: after all, to follow someone else has never been so easy as now. And it is not just about the notorious spying on the actions of users on the Internet: now with the hype around it, many forget about such "childish" ways as cameras, keyloggers and other such things.

Last week, the tops of news sites got a news intimately connected with the universal spy mania (although probably correct to say, shpionofobiey). The parents of one of the students from Philadelphia unexpectedly found that school leadership can remotely activate the camera on laptops issued to students under the federal education program, which immediately provoked a storm of indignation and protest in American society. As it turned out so that each of the 1,880 students who received at its disposal a laptop (for it should say thanks to the program "One-to-One", which is funded from local and federal budgets) could potentially be under the supervision of their schoolmasters.

Parents of a schoolboy who scored the first alarm at the school of espionage, saying that he first learned that their home "settled" a spy, after their son was in school for the remark "inappropriate behavior at home." And the remark was not just gratuitous: evidence of "improper conduct" were pictures taken with built-in laptop web-camera. Based on these images, the parents of the teenager, of course, outraged to the depths of the soul and demanded an explanation from the administration of the school. Deputy Director of the school, must pay tribute to her, did not conceal anything, and immediately confirmed that the leadership of the school really has all the possibilities for creating such images.

The boy's parents say that when the latter issued a laptop, no one warned him or them that school authorities will be able to monitor their student at home. Once the student's parents filed a lawsuit in the leadership of the school, revealed that in fact this feature is intended to search for stolen or lost laptop.

As you can see, in this case, the cause of the conflict has exceeded its authority in school management to use the tracking system, rather than the mere presence of such functionality in laptops issued to students. What, however, does not change the most fundamental motive underlying the conflict. After all, if the opportunity is, there is always someone to use it, and among those who take advantage, necessarily will be found and those who make it unacceptable to the other way. The very same question that is more important - privacy or security - remains open...

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News for developers.

Oracle today announced the launch of a new version of a package of tools Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Release 11g within the strategy to support communities of developers and Open Source, said C using this free set of plug-ins, developers can create applications based on Java EE and web-services, executed on the platform of Oracle Fusion Middleware. For this platform, Eclipse is the preferred IDE. In this version of Eclipse includes a set of important functions, which provides Oracle, including the unique features of the application server Oracle WebLogic Server, WYSIWYG-editor-web-pages that support the Component Architecture SCA, possible to verify the correctness of code web-services-based specification JAX-WS, an integrated toolkit to work with tags and data (tag and data palette), as well as editors from the development of logic (smart editors). Another novelty of this version - function Oracle AppXRay, which provides tools for analysis and visualization of the dependence of the period of design (design time dependency). These tools simplify the Java-developers to work within a team, significantly reducing the time to debug programs (run-time debugging), and increase the quality of code.

The company announced the launch of Altova Altova MissionKit 2010 Release 2. The new version of the set appeared the 64-bit versions of components and increase application performance. In this case the most significant innovation associated with the transition to 64 bits - is, of course, a noticeable change in size limits XML-files. Now, instead of 100-megabyte limit, developers can handle XML-files up to 1 GB. XMLSpy 2010 R2 is now faster with large files quickly checks XML-schema, as well as for the first time supports the HTTPS protocol in the SOAP-client and SOAP-debugger. In the R2 release also supports version control platforms SharePoint Server. In addition, the editor learned to generate code in C + + for Linux. Among other features production Altova MissionKit 2010 R2 noteworthy new features in data processing and linking of electronic documents in the cartographic component, MapForce, and support for editable variables in the forms of Authentic, created by the constructor StyleVision. In component UModel appears support for the latest UML standard version 2.3. DiffDog now supports integration with Windows Explorer for search operations differences (diff) and merging (merge). The module SchemaAgent supports the standard WSDL 2.0.

According to "Computertape", Rhomobile updated to version 1.4 open framework Rhodes, intended for developing applications for major mobile platforms. Rhodes simplifies the creation of mobile applications through the use of Ruby and HTML instead of Java and Objective-C. In theory framework can and does write code for all possible platforms only once, and then translate it for all supported mobile "axis", including the Apple iPhone OS, Symbian, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile and RIM BlackBerry OS. In practice, however, everything as usual, more complicated. Prepared by the hosting application development environment RhoHub: the program can be created directly in the browser.

Released Release 1.7.1 free library GDAL/OGR for processing raster and vector mapping information, said This is a bugfix release, as in release 1.7.0 have been found such serious errors that his sources have been removed from public access. Nevertheless, compared with 1.6 .* branch, there is a significant increase in the functional. It became available to new GDAL drivers BAG, EPSILON, Northwood/VerticalMapper, R, Rasterlite, SAGA GIS Binary, SRP (USRP/ASRP), EarthWatch. TIL, WKT Raster; new OGR drivers DXF, GeoRSS, GTM, PCIDSK and VFK; new tools and gdaldem gdalbuildvrt. Implemented support for Python 3.X and significant improvements GDAL drivers GeoRaster, GeoTIFF, HFA, JPEG2000 Jasper, JPEG2000 Kakadu, NITF, as well as significant improvements OGR-drivers CSV, KML, SQLite (SpatiaLite support), VRT.

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