Friday, April 11, 2008

Advertising in RuNet: expert opinion

Results in 2007 largely shame makers analysts forecasts. Namely: the Russian market of Internet advertising, on the basis of 2007 surpassed all expectations. Experts now estimate it at $ 400 - $ 450 million, though I half on the basis of most of them predicted a final amount of $ 300 million For comparison: in 2006, the Russian business is spent on online advertising about $ 210 million

So, the market for Internet advertising RuNet doubled in the past year, exceeding the mark of $ 400 million and taking about 4% of the total mediareklamy located in Russia. Market participants predict that in 2008 the market will grow by 50-70%. This does not take into account the costs of moving, creative and online PR. That is the aggregate cost to business presence on the Internet by anyone yet to really not appreciated. These and other figures were announced during a very representative Internet conference organized by investment company "Finam". In particular, the head of the Research Division of "Soup" Boris Ovchinnikov said that on the basis of past trends, and market size for 2007 at $ 400 million or slightly more than in 2008 - m can be 60-70% growth. And the expert called that estimate "conservative". But the views of other experts. Executive Director Vladislav Ulendeev eHouse Holding expects to see in 2008 - m momentum in the development of 50-60% growth (in assessing the market for 2007 - and at $ 400 - $ 450 million). According to the company's general director of TNS Gallup AdFact Ruslana Tagiyev, media Internet advertising now takes about 2.5% of the total mediarazmescheny, and taking into account the contextual segment, the figure increased to 4%.

In turn, "CEO Aleksei Begun" Basov evaluates last year's contextual advertising market in RuNet at $ 210 million and suggests that the trend of annual doubling of this trend will continue for at least another two or three years. Quote: "This slowdown" content "that we are witnessing now is a natural evolution in the segment. At the beginning of its development market it is very easy to show tremendous growth, but with the achievement of serious volumes still maintain the momentum is becoming increasingly difficult. " According to him, we will watch the slowdown in the market for contextual advertising, it will continue to build share in the total turnover of Internet advertising. "It is linked to the fact that media advertising tended to use large companies, it is only part of the overall advertising budget - among other advertising media (V T, radio, print, outdoor advertising). For the same enormous number of companies small and medium businesses contextual advertising often is the only access channel sales. Its share in the total turnover Internet advertising will only grow "- told journalists Aleksey Basov. However, the money came in the Internet and other means, in conjunction with advertising. Boris Ovchinnikov from the company's "Soup" argues: "With regard to relations with business, in the immediate vicinity of advertising services are supported by PR-marketing and customer shares. Also growing service area - in particular, many companies are trying to address the problem of staffing services through the search and selection of personnel who provide online services employment. But private users Web offers a lot of opportunities - from fee-paying accounts and SMS services to the purchase of software and digital content. "

But yet to quantify the proceeds RuNeta not directly related to advertising, specialists do not dare. Already mentioned Boris Ovchinnikov observes that the development of user-oriented areas of Internet business is constrained by the lack of Russian habits of users to online purchases of goods and services and alert (because of the security problems) relating to payments over a network. Regarding actively discussed in recent model AdSense for video from Google, the experts is not too optimistic evaluate its prospects. Alexei Basov Begun "from the company" is confident: "This is not the first experiment Google, which we see, and I think that while the model did not show its vitality, to talk about its prospects prematurely. We have repeatedly seen how successful the West business models were unable to realize themselves on the Russian market. Even if the model goes, it will not have the rapid spread and face a competing players, including national. "

It seems that under the "national players" Basov quite rightly implies their company. Regarding the prospects of the Russian market of online advertising, the director of the Research Fyodor Virin believed that the decreased compared with the offline media pressure to compete for the attention of the user will further increase the share of Internet advertising media in the overall cost customers. Actually, money in this market segment and is now higher than stated. The reason for the discrepancy in the fact that most current estimates only advertising content itself, without taking into account the creative, search engine optimization, etc. Experts estimate that these costs were as high as several tens per cent of the price of advertising.

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