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Buzz - "socialism" with a person Google.

World social revolution in the Internet was accomplished. Social networks possession of the masses, and themselves sotssetey the Internet becomes more and more. Last week, the list of social services addition of a new project - Google Buzz. Below we consider this event in the overall context of the socialization of the Internet.

Buzz GoogleSocial animal

Man - animal social. This has long been identified yet Aristotle. Man does not like and do not want to be alone, he needs the society of his kind. We see around us many forms of social life, social, cultural and religious organizations, through which a person identifies, defines and implements its social status.

Internet - Wednesday communicative. Technological development, and mass popularization of the Internet led to the socialization of relations between users of the World Wide Web. Accordingly, the demand has created a proposal and began to appear specialized social internet projects, collectively referred to "social networking".

There is no need to prove that all these "Facebook", "Plurk", "Live Journals" and other "Classmates" is very popular among the mass user - the proletarians of office work, office workers, housewives, schoolchildren, students. It is in these virtual "Socialism" a massive user and spends its core network time.

And although some highbrow intellectuals predict decline of social networks, the real reason for such allegations very little. To do this, for a start, at least, to refute most of Aristotle.

If talk about sunsets, this may be partly true only in respect of certain social web projects and concepts, but not for most needs the socialization of the web. Therefore, the technological and conceptual development of social networks will occur in the future. Including and not without the help of current Internet giants.

Google: "What, did not expect?"

It would be naive to think that the monster of the Internet will bypass the Google of social networks and will not offer something different. For example, the company already has a system of blogging Blogspot. And so last week was presented to the social service Google Buzz. In the Russian version of the authors of the service called it "live feed".

Service was presented already in working form, but not in the form of any presentation. During just one day, all users e-mail service Gmail, at some point, when entering into your mailbox, get agreeable news of the opportunity to test a "live feed". On the title page of mail service to each joyfully reported that they now have a new way to publish your news, photos, videos, and I quote, "there is no need to configure anything."

In other words, the introduction of Buzz guglovtsy did not as a separate service, and integrated it with the mail, thereby immediately got a user base of the new service. So, wants a Gmail user or not, but practically all who have had a mailbox, tried a "live feed" and noted here at least "Hello Ward" and "tests".

And "big brother" tried so easy familiarity with "Live wave" that bothered even about the list Frendo, which is automatically created for each user's Gmail on the basis of "espionage" for his correspondence and chat rooms. This, in certain situations could lead to possible disclosure of confidential information and embarrassment. For example, in public frendlentu some seemingly respectable family man along with his wife and mother is quite able to get his various girlfriends.

But in general, as the love expressed in our forum incognito "in the CC are not fools sit", and the calculation guglovtsev, in principle, was correct. Most users of Google, which have not yet got some "twitter", failed to reject the new proposals, even if it wanted to.

Understanding the Buzz

Immediately after the launch of "Live bands, many journalists somehow rushed compare this service with a communication project Google Wave. That's really completely different services.

Also unlikely to be correct to consider a "live feed" as a direct alternative to mikrobloging Twitter. Tools Twitter is simple and has great popularity, despite some restrictions on the message. Incidentally, these restrictions on the length of messages to Twitter illustrates the fact that the social networks of information - it is not important, and most importantly - do not feel alone. What is very important for young people.

"Live feed" no special restrictions on the message does not impose. You can even write a whole article. Also, as messages can be photos Picasa, videos YouTube. To Live tape "can be connected as your communications and other people's blogs and the same Twitter. Messages can comment and "like" - indicate through a special smiley, like the message or not.

Thus, Buzz - this is not an imitation of any particular sotsseti, but try to absorb much of what is in other projects. This including a way to provide the user edakii aggregator for other social networks.

Indeed, many have and register an account on Facebook, and Twitter, and other projects, and they do not interfere with service to the coordination between all these social networks. Another question, how good will "live feed" as a social aggregator?

And the important advantage of "Live tape is its original focus for the next generation mobile platforms - in the first place, Android. It is significant that the Buzz, in the first place, run in guglofonah and ayfon ", and then it appeared in Gmail. Mobile "Live feed" is closely integrated with the service "Maps Google". This allows, for example, to find "Buz" directly on the map, in many cases can be very requested feature.

Some tips

For those who are not familiar with Google Buzz, briefly how it works.

"Live feed" closely integrated with the mail service Gmail, the same name and the link is in the mailbox immediately below the "Inbox". Service interface rather simple and austere. Above is a small field to enter a message, and are lower than previous reports. If messages from one source a lot, they can be grouped into "stacks", clicking on which you can deploy all posts.

Directly next to the field to enter a message with links "Connect to the tape with friends" and "linked sites". The first link is intended to add subscriptions to the Friends page. And the second - to connect messages from other sites: Blogspot, Picasa, YouTube, Twitter. List of connected sites Google promises to expand. Plug-sites you can specify the degree of visibility - for all or just for yourself.

After adding the reference is sometimes required to wait some time before the contents of the site will appear in the tape.

Important is the link "Change". It translates to your profile page "Live tapes. It is proposed to introduce a wealth of information about yourself, allowing you to search not only by name and surname.

Here, in profile, there are some important common public settings, that is visible by other users of your ribbon. First, it is desirable to remove the tick from the option "Display the list of people I'm following and people following me". By default, this check mark is enabled, and it allows everyone to see your list of contacts in the public ribbon that to start, avoiding face for not always desirable.

And here in your profile, you can choose your type of address for the Public "Live tapes", which I will be able to read all the other users of the Internet. For example, you can choose the address for your mail login:

With this public page, after logging in, you can also perform all operations with the subscribers and their own reports without going to the postal service.

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