Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Windows 7 has already won 10% of OS

The company Net Applications released fresh data from a think tank. Of these, it follows that at the end of January market share of Windows 7 has reached 10%. If we take January as a whole, then, on average, up to a month, about 7,5% of the computers connected to the web, were running the new operating system from Microsoft. Net Applications Now, analysts believe that if the current rate in June of Windows 7 will bypass the previous version - Windows Vista. That is, as the statistics show, Windows 7 is distributed around the world about the same rate as the average computer virus.

Windows 7As of January 2010 Vista takes 17.4% market share OS. But the most popular still remains the "old" Windows XP - her preference for 66,3% of users. However, in general Microsoft products albeit slowly, but losing market share. Compared with December 2009, the total percentage of all versions of Windows has declined from 92.21% to 92.02%.

But bad feeling competitors. Mac OS X for the month increased its presence in the market at 0.02% points - to 5,13%. Unchanged (at 1.02%) ratio remains Linux.

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