Saturday, July 31, 2010

Virtualization Reality

If ten years ago you told someone that he could be put behind bars because of the comments on a blog or post on the forum, people would laugh at you and walked away. Today, it is no longer funny - than, as they say, farther into the forest, the more cyber space penetrates all our lives and the more potential trouble can bring such penetration...

In fact, more than logical. The Internet has become a very important part of society, which is already being called the post-industrial, and most important resource in this society is no longer gold and even oil, and information. But property information such that it can not sell its weight ", as sold at traffic megabytes ISPs. The cost of one megabyte of information can vary from zero (when the megabyte - a meaningless "noise" or simply "zeros") to almost infinity (eg, per megabyte which some secret information to the Pentagon). And for a society where information is not just an important commodity, and perhaps most important, treat her with respect, or, indeed, even with awe, quite naturally. And if someone earns in the sale of information, it is natural that he would use all its capabilities to deal with those who receive this information free of charge - which, strictly speaking, and make the holders the rights to music and movies.

As the Internet today is much more populous place than it was ten years ago, it is logical and change the attitude of the authorities of most countries to the statements by the World Wide Web. If before throwing mud and not very well known citizens in the World Wide Web were rarely subject to public attention, but now thanks to the instantaneous response of the Internet community at virtually any network developments and trends to reduce the anonymity of each individual Internet user for his statements really have to follow more closely . Examples of what is really needed "to keep my ears open, becomes greater with each passing day - not just last week, the Moscow City Court upheld the decision on which blogger Michael Verbitsky must pay 40 thousand rubles for the trainer Yuri Kuklachev accusation of the use of electric shocks during dressing cats. And so this kind of litigation in the West and did not find.

What will happen next? It is possible that the day is near when the example of many European countries (including the not so distant from us in Estonia) for each inhabitant of our planet will be a plastic card - an electronic copy of his personality, giving him the right to literally all - of receive their money in the bank (and cash at the time was obviously not remain) to travel in public transport. And then there really will be a big headache that today, many experts predict security - identity theft. " Even today, having some idea of the state systems, create virtual people is no more difficult than virtual firms "phony", and to conduct on behalf of many operations. Further there will be even easier - apparently it is this is one of the main risks of further virtualization of the surrounding reality. However, as it will in fact, of course, only time will show...

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