Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 interesting facts about Microsoft.

When and how did the name Microsoft?1. When and how did the name Microsoft?

For the first time the company name appeared in the correspondence of the two co-founders - Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The future is the richest man on earth shared the opinion that the name should reflect the essence of business - a symbiosis of "iron" and "a software" entities (Micro-Soft). This name and has become established formally. Then the partners have registered a new company in the state of New Mexico, where they would work on its first customer - Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems, stationed in Albuquerque.

2. Who composed "Ringtone Microsoft"?

Melodious warble when you start Windows OSes, first appeared in Windows 95 and continues to accompany the more modern version of the platform. Author melodies became famous composer and producer Brian Eno, who worked with U2, David Bowie and other prominent performers. In the words of Ino, compose a melody to run the OS it was for him the task akin to "create a small gem".

What love is Microsoft employees?3. What love is Microsoft employees?

The company's management is wise and provides its employees free meals and drinks. In the offices of the company each year is consumed 23 million servings of beverages. The most popular of them - milk and orange juice. But the greatest demand from the food enjoyed pizza: it can be tasted in any of 35 cafes on campus.

4. How Microsoft encrypts your software products?

How to write a Russian journalist, Longhorn, Lone Star and Vienna - this is not the name of special operations to enforce peace, but only code names of operating systems from Microsoft. According to company managers, public relations help obscure names for new products. So, Mohave Project immediately attracted the attention of the public, though later turned out to be Windows 7.

5. How many years of Microsoft employees and how much they receive?

Microsoft has called a softie. In total the company employs 88,180 of the most softie. 50 thousand listed as an American office. Most of them are men (76%). Their average age 38 years, and the average annual income - $106 thousands.

6. As Microsoft employees celebrating their anniversaries?

Festive feast dedicated to the anniversary of the work - not only the Russian folk tradition. It is and the staff of Microsoft. Only instead of cake and drink for the celebration of colleagues held by the crunch of chocolate candy M & M's. The celebrated officer must "put down" one of a pound of candy for each year of work.

7. Microsoft nine times pounded their shares?

Splitovat shares - enough common technique for a company whose securities are quickly becoming more expensive. This maneuver is justified in order to make the shares more accessible to the general population. Microsoft spent split nine times since its release to the stock exchange in 1986. If she has not done that, each paper was released during the IPO, would cost now $6 thousand.

8. Microsoft - is not just software?

Few people know that Microsoft - is not only a company of software development, but also the largest corporate art collector. The total number of works of art acquired by the company, is now around 5 thousand is painting, sculpture, works of modern authors, including multimedia art. Most of the exhibits on display at the 150 office buildings of the company. In the opinion of management, communication with the works of art helps employees relieve stress.

How to take a job at Microsoft9. How to take a job at Microsoft?

Manager's easy to unsettle request to solve the case on his profile subject, but abstract questions can put in a deadlock. For Microsoft this is particularly true. When a candidate is asked why Manhole cover doing a round, he lost and did not know what to say. They say that the tradition of asking tricky questions borrowed and Google. Thus, the two companies to examine the candidates ability to think outside the box, that is very important in the development of software.

10. Microsoft has more than 10 thousand patents?

Microsoft, with its 10 thousand patents among the five largest U.S. patent. Most of them are true, of course, to the field of software. The founders of the company on a special account. In addition to the prize in $1,5 thousand for each patent, the employee receives a wooden "plaque" and a certificate confirming his genius.

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