Saturday, April 3, 2010

Latest from HTC

HTC SmartIn a short period of time HTC unveiled five Communicators: HTC Desire, Legend, HD mini, Smart and HTC EVO 4G. Models of Desire, EVO 4G and Legend are running Android, HD mini - under Windows Mobile, and the budget HTC Smart - under Brew Mobile Platform. All smart phones equipped with a proprietary interface HTC Sense. HTC Desire - the flagship Android-background of the company, he has touch AMOLED display with a resolution 480x800 pixels, performed on a capacitive technology. As the processor uses the current popular Snapdragon, runs at 1 GHz. Everything else is also at the flagship model HD2. Communicator HTC EVO 4G - this is the second device company, is designed to work in CDMA EV-DO and WiMAX networks, however, as MAX 4G, formally delivered it will be only one operator - namely, the American Sprint (although, I think, if desire to buy this device will be with us). In fact, it's a little edited HD 2: added HDMI-connector, RAM increased to 512 MB. In the apparatus used 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording capability in resolving 1280h720 (progressive scan). Of the remaining announced devaysov like to mention an inexpensive smartphone HTC Smart, which was created as a competitor to Acer beTouch E101 and smartphones from Nokia, its value at the start of sales will be around $300, what is quite inexpensive.

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Another security service from Gmail.

Since March 25 in the mail to Gmail is a new feature that allows mailbox owners to detect suspicious activity related to your account as a gift.

GmailIn particular, the user's screen will be displayed a banner with information about when and who had access to the mailbox. In addition, you will see some additional information about a person who had access.

The system will display the IP-address, as well as inform, if on the same account as a gift in a short period of time is available with different IP-addresses.

It will also record all important operations to account as a gift, for example, attempts to change the password, or unsolicited mass emails.

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Sales iPad will start on April 3.

Apple has officially confirmed that the sale tablet iPad launch in the U.S. on April 3, Saturday. New products arrive all Apple sales centers in the U.S. (a total of 221), as well as most online stores Best Buy.

Sales iPadIn its press release issued on this event, Apple has once again reminded that the scope of the device is rather broad: it is surfing the web, work with e-mail, browsing and sharing photos, watching video (including HD quality) music, games and electronic books.

Fuss about the new device is quite high. For example, for the first day of receiving pre-orders were made 120 thousand applications. Market observers say that the pre-sales activity of customers in this case even more than at the beginning of sales iPhone.

On the eve of the company ChangeWave survey was conducted over 3 thousands of potential buyers, who showed that iPad significantly affect the market for electronic books, laptop and other electronics.

The most interesting were the answers to the question, what features users want to see the most? Responses were as follows:

* Internet surfing - 68%
* E-mail - 44%
* Reading books - 37%
* Reading newspapers, magazines - 28%
* View video - 28%

If using the Internet and e-mail users today are not particularly surprised, that is the reading of books and newspapers - is a new and quite promising area. According to analysts, with the release iPad in this market would have seriously cramped with his gadget Amazon Kindle. And the rest of the market players, for example, Sony, will have to seriously try to stay afloat.

The fact that the market for books and periodicals are big changes, says a lot. For example, several major magazines, in particular, Wired magazine and Women's Viv Mag, has already demonstrated how they might look like electronic versions of the Tablet PC.

True, many of these features are not available until either the inhabitants of the CIS, or not planned for them in the near future. Therefore, the significance of the events can only be judged on the responses of foreign experts. In particular, Daniel Lyons, one of the authors of the American magazine NewsWeek, wrote as follows: "When the designers of technology magazine Wired have prepared a demonstration of how the journal might look for a tablet type iPad (with interactive graphics and embedded video clips in articles and advertising, where You can rotate the car and look at it from different angles), many of my colleagues in the media business is shocked. And this is only the beginning!".

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Spammers study mathematics.

spammers mathematicsMaybe for someone to be opening, but modern browsers can accept the URL is not only in the decimal system, but also in the 8-and 16-hexadecimal hexadecimal, and even a single 32-bit number. That is the type URL can be represented in several different ways.





Click on any of the options - and get on

This technique has been known for a long time, but now about her seemed to have forgotten. Worst of all, forget about it, some manufacturers antivirus software that filters e-mail traffic for dangerous options. They block the link in its normal form, but passed 8-, 16- or 32-hex IP-address.

The result is obvious: had already seen the banking Trojans, which reanimated these old math tricks.

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Closed DNA Altai hominid.

Geneticists have completed the analysis of fossil DNA fragment of a finger, found in 2008 in Denisov cave in the Altai. The results were surprising, perhaps in the future will have to rewrite school textbooks of biology, and indeed to revise our views of human history.

Altai hominidThe fact that the DNA from the finger does not fit into any of the known species of hominids. It is not a homo sapiens, and not parallel branch Neanderthals with homo erectus. It turns out that only recently (30-48 thousand years ago), that is in the Stone Age, the planet lived not only homo sapiens with Neanderthals, but even some humanoids. Moreover, at least, in the Altai, they all lived together.

Work with the genetic material carried out a joint team of scientists from different countries, including leytsipgskogo Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Max Planck (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology), Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Academy of Sciences, as well as U.S. academic institutions, and Austria. The results published on 24 March in the journal Nature.

The researchers concluded that the DNA sample from the finger belongs to the hominid that lived in the Altai region of 30 to 48 thousand years ago. Previous excavations in the Altai and found the remains of bones earlier suggest the possibility that modern humans and Neanderthals have mastered this territory, at least 125 thousand years ago.

DNA samples from Denisov cave compared not only with the above examples, but also with the 54 DNA samples of modern humans, as well as the typical man, who lived in Siberia about 30 thousand years ago, with six Neanderthal age of about 40 thousand years, with modern conventional chimpanzees and bonobos with. Vain: the sample differs from them all. In particular, differences in human DNA is twice larger than that of Neanderthal DNA.

Incidentally, the first classification of hominid found performing with the help of DNA analysis. Previously it was done on bones that were not very reliable (in this case was found in the Altai finger would not have committed any discovery). However, in 2009, was assembled mitochondrial genome for homo sapiens, and Neanderthal man, so now we can compare all the new discoveries with these patterns, and thanks to the new biotechnologies will be done a lot of discoveries in anthropology.

Computer analysis of DNA on the transfer of individual fragments of chromosomes from species to species will roughly calculate the rate of evolution. It turns out that the common ancestors of humans and chimpanzees lived 6 million years ago. Then, common ancestors of the people, Neanderthals and hominid from Denisov cave lived from 779,300 to 1,313,500 years ago. And finally, the common ancestors of people and Neanderthals lived from 321,200 to 618,000 years ago.

In this classification may be changed, when they analyzed DNA samples from the so-called Homo floresiensis (also known as the "Hobbit"), found in 2003 in Indonesia. Genome hobbit is not yet deciphered.

Now anthropologists are beginning to gravitate to the view that over the past 6-7 million years on Earth existed, at least 20 species of hominids, related to modern humans. It certainly there are areas where they lived in the neighborhood at one time.

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Crackers RBS World Pay arrested.

The St. Petersburg FSB conducted an operation to arrest the attacker Victor Pleschuka, which is considered the organizer of one of the most daring burglaries in the history of the banking business.

RBS World PayIn 2008, he and accomplices broke into the billing system RBS World Pay (a processing unit of Royal Bank of Scotland), stole information about debit cards and have access to personal data of clients and banking systems, including ATM-processing and payroll card. Somehow they were able to implement even reverse engineering PIN-codes, reports Wired.

November 8, 2008 almost simultaneously with 44 cloned salary cards were withdrawn about $9.5 million within 12 hours of action were involved in about 2100 ATMs in 280 cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Moscow and Hong Kong. The operation of cashing involved hundreds of ordinary "cashier" (mules).

The large amount of damage due to the fact that the hackers managed to advance to raise the limits on withdrawals on each card and $500 thousand through the ATM-processing, so that a "mule" Get all the cash from the ATM, who was there.

Investigations have shown that an operation coordinated by four people: Victor Pleschuk (28 years, St. Petersburg), Sergei Tsurikov (25 years, Tallinn), Oleg Covelin (28 years, Chisinau), and another yet unidentified party. It is Pleschuk found a way to reverse engineering of encrypted PIN-codes.

The organizers have the opportunity to observe real-time via the ATM-monitoring process of withdrawal and tracked, how the amount charged on each card. Upon completion of the operation, they tried to erase the traces of their presence from the system of RBS.

Interestingly, according to Russian law for hacker activity Viktor face no more than five years in prison. The extradition of Russian citizens is prohibited by the Constitution of Russia. In such cases, U.S. intelligence agencies are waiting for years until a hacker does not leave for holidays abroad. For example, in this way in July 2007 in Turkey, was arrested Ukrainian hacker Maxim [Maksik] Yastremsky.

According to experts, in an operation to uncover the case Pleschuka FSB and the FBI have demonstrated an unsurpassed level of cooperation, but hardly the issue of extradition the Russian government will go forward. According to an FBI agent Hilbert, quoted by Wired, not the first time with Western intelligence agencies such operations in Russia and Ukraine, but these countries will never be extradited hackers, and give them a short time and soon are released.

Incidentally, the Estonian authorities arrested Sergei Tzurikov and has promised to extradite him to the U.S..

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Best friend holders.

It seems that all the inhabitants of Russia, using counterfeit software, you can start slowly rusk and learn "thieves' slang for facilitating mutual understanding with the inhabitants of" places not so remote". Because, as demonstrated by news that came from our neighbors to the east last week to become a victim of demonstration killings "evil pirates" may literally every...

Of course, while that for the most part those whom Russian police caught red-handed for using non-licensed software, receive suspended sentences or fines, but, presumably, is not far off when the practice of intimidating the courts will force users to send "pirates" in the colony . In the meantime, as reported last week, news sites, in Cheboksary for copyright infringement probation was a student of the 5th year student of accounting and applied informatics one of the Cheboksary universities provided at the announcement of "computer services", is installing counterfeit software. By its actions, he was found to have caused damage to rights holders in excess of 250 thousand rubles.

However, if the students can count on the leniency of the justice system (yet to buy licensed software, even for the scholarship excellent worker is problematic), then the defenders is hardly count on it. Especially in the power of love to them by Russian law enforcement and judicial system. In the Leninsky Court of Krasnodar have been held hearings on the case head of the human rights organization "Ethniki" Anastasia Denisova. The Group, led by human rights activist, engaged in protection of the rights of ethnic minorities, the fight against xenophobia and work with foreign students. Counterfeit software discovered last year after a search of the premises of the organization. By the time this note, the court probably already held. Most experts agree that Denisova have a realistic chance of being sentenced to a real deadline, despite the fact that damage to rights holders in the face of Corel and Microsoft, is relatively small - it amounts to 110,5 thousand Russian rubles.

How did it happen that the Russian Themis abruptly became the best friend of human rights defenders? Can you believe that the whole thing in an effort to authorities of the neighboring country to make the software market more civilized? Unfortunately, judging from the actual situation, the objectives of such behavior of the authorities is not so noble. The first thing that comes to mind - this is the completion of the budget as through taxes that are paid by sellers of "white" software, and with the help of fines that are levied on those who want to save money on purchasing legal copies of programs. But this is only one side of the coin. Another is that the criminal prosecution of counterfeit software - a great way it is legal to prosecute, for example, people who for some reason the authorities are uncomfortable, or who, figuratively speaking, went the way its individual members. However, in general, not even the special needs of fraud, because almost everyone in Russia (and here, in general, too) can be caught for not using licensed software.

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A few words about safety.

Today, an unknown attacker infiltrated the computer network of the corporation "Horns and Hoofs. According to company representatives, the damage a hacker, is equal to two million kosmokreditov. Law enforcement authorities began investigating the incident. According to preliminary data, blames carelessness administrator and the operating system "Hinged Window-Pane for Ventilation" from the company Microdumb.

Some titles such replete with computer and one click press the last two years. Hackers, all-powerful rulers of the Internet, do not leave the poor user to rest for a minute, and the only way not to fall victim to another attack - this is off the Internet. And no one thinks that under the latest "sensational" article is advertising an anti-virus laboratory. Old-timers should remember the year 2000 problem. Where not only the exaggerated rumors of imminent decline of the computer industry: the press, on television, the Internet. The predicted end did not come, but the shark pen once invented a new problem, they say, the end of World Wide Web is ever close, but experts do not even think to warn users about the poor.

From the emptiness does not arise, as they teach us treatises on physics. The trouble is that such rumors are spreading not only to journalists who write for the money you everything your heart desires, but also representatives of quite respectable anti-virus companies. They've got something to promote their products to the people, and marketing, you know, too, is different. That's frightening users imaginary threats.

I'm not going to argue that computer viruses over the past five years have begun to spread with terrifying speed and is not amenable to any account. New strains of regular Malvar appear almost every minute, with changes made in the body of the virus are minimal, but large companies are more often report the millions in losses. And the fault does not even reversery - any man simply not physically able to disassemble and explore the malicious code in seconds. That's why there are false alarms anti-virus, when a seemingly innocuous Notepad + +, for example, is a terrible virus Win32 Neshtaa, and it would be nice to remove it in order to prevent loss of confidential information. Of course, global epidemics sometimes occur (everyone remembers Conficker?), But... Any business based on risk, and perfectly secure systems does not happen in nature, and all that he wrote a man can only be defeated by it.

If we look at the statistics, kindly provided to us by antivirus companies, in the depths of the soul arise very mixed feelings. Someone assured that we're safe, and pandemics do not happen (which I am personally a little surprised), and others, however, warn about the company developed in the bowels of proof-of-concept exploit'e able to pass any of the protective mechanisms in seconds. Hackers stop only the ubiquitous security services, is actively fighting cybercrime. Knowing the level of current custody order (except me, nobody was surprised the story of thirteen Orsha hacker?), We can conclude that the attackers did not stop the fear of punishment, and lack of sharpness to the invention of new ways to circumvent protection mechanisms.

During the entire existence of human civilization was born a lot of myths. It is now in the twenty-first century, we can confidently say that warlocks and witches - tales of the Holy Inquisition, but in the fifteenth century, people did not. In my opinion, the same thing is happening now - namely, the mass obscuring the public consciousness in fear of the unknown. Few users will be able to explain how computer viruses work, even fewer people to disassemble. Experienced reverser will tell you that writing a long-lived virus - a task which can cope with, not every virus writers. Often, all limited by the fact that the virus enters the base of any company, and specially trained people are studying algorithms for the invasion used by the virus.

So what prevents large companies to commission free software, for example, operating systems based on xBSD or Linux? The answer is simple and concise: "These systems are not designed for desktop solutions." Bullshit! And arrogant. Many Western companies are successfully using PCs Mac, which is the same xBSD, only with a beautiful "face." Moreover, all popular office solutions to long-ported to Mac: either Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. But even in the West, many managers are afraid to replace Windows on something more secure, since support for computers with * nix on board differs significantly from the same computer running Windows. In defense of want to say only one thing: It's all in the habit. The man, ten years worked in the operating systems from well-known corporations, just not physically able to get used to the "new" interfaces such as GNOME or KDE. Since nothing can be done.

The main advantage of UNIX is that the system calls it - about a hundred, actually used about forty of them. For comparison, Windows has something like 100 thousand API-functions called by the kernel of the thousands of seats, with hundreds of disparate settings. The programmer, even a very experienced, forced to carry a bunch of textbooks to somehow navigate the chaos of the operating system. And if the guys from the Microsoft listened to the lectures in their universities, the problems in their OS would be much less. It was at university on the fingers explain the principle of Keep It Simple Stupid (leave it simple, stupid), if you follow that, the majority of design errors as a hand shoots. If you're still not sure, check with the operating system OpenBSD.

Linux in the past few years does not cause terror in the eyes of the townsfolk. Wearing a nice interface (hello, KDE!), Got a graphical wizard, in general, a close second to Windows. And that's what scares me: trying to teach the system what to do admin, have been, and most successful of them - Windows 7, where the OS knows best what and how it should work. Microsoft has stubbornly insisted that freedom and security - are mutually exclusive concepts. Automation, of course, a good thing, but not when it comes to security. Artificial intelligence is still far from perfect, and all of his "invention" - edge heuristic mechanisms to cost just a couple of hours of work, and stop Malvar, written by Guru virusopisatelstva, they are not able to. The same can be said of today's firewalls and antivirus. My girlfriend, for example, is unlikely to ponder over the message the firewall, which tells her to change the checksum of the executable file. Any inexperienced user, do not hesitate to clicks "Yes" and continue. So maybe the creators of security software is worth considering the introduction of some automation to their products? An experienced user will receive a full account of the events recorded by the firewall, and a newcomer will receive mode "autopilot" in which the program itself decides whether to regard a certain action as a threat to security. But it is - an ideal which can not be achieved, and the average user should not fall into stupor, hearing the word "protocol" or "port". But, as I can judge, the qualifications of teachers of informatics, in schools, in institutions of higher education leaves much to be desired, and the only thing capable of such "teachers" - tell us how you build a table in Excel.

Wisdom, proven over the years: "How does not restrict the user in Windows, it nevertheless, skunk, can hurt". It would be a desire, as they say. Moreover, even in the business sector, there are thousands (if not millions) of programs, just do not work in that case, if not give them administrator rights. And this wine is not a developer, and most of Microsoft, which prohibits the "left" the program to install their drivers in the system from under-privileged user. As a result - the administrator sets the ten/hundred/thousand (underline) third-party modules, one of which, by law, meanness, always will be vulnerable.

The reader must have the impression that I was trying to dissuade him from using Microsoft products and switch to open source software. I assure you, it is not. In my humble opinion, proprietary software is not worse than open, and all the security problems are Precisely between the user and a keyboard. Any operating system consists of millions of lines of code, some are not changed for decades (in Windows Server 2008 R2 is the number of components, written as early as 88-90 years of last century), and rewrite from scratch "applies only in rare cases. Often, the code imposed more and more layers of abstraction, ultimately forming a very delicate structure. Eliminating just one component, the programmer runs the risk of "break" a whole program, which is very negative impact on him, the programmer salary. So it turns out that some pieces of code, designed back in the eighties, are now faced with conditions in which they operate is very problematic.

And if the world were the evangelists, who firmly believe in the fact that their beloved Linux was written from scratch, then... they are happy people! Linus Torvalds wrote the operating system, based on learning operating system Minix, and, subsequently, not just "licked" pieces of code from xBSD. Herein lies the fundamental problem of programming: the constant improvement of the old code reduces the number of layers and, accordingly, the number of errors. Take, for example, two systems of family xBSD: OpenBSD and FreeBSD. The first decade sorted out their code and has achieved impressive results: only two critical vulnerabilities in its lifetime, and the second is... In general, the case where situation is much worse. And as for the Windows family of operating systems, even to say do not want to - just look at how much weight by the distribution of Windows 7, compared with Windows XP. As far as the Linux - in its quest to lure some of the creators of user distributions gradually deprive us of any possibility of self-tuning system, replacing the command line, graphical user interface. For professionals such "gestures" too much, forgive me, disgusted, and for beginners Linux still has not reached a level which enables the user to "painless" way to migrate from Windows. And they say that 2010 - the year of Linux on desktops. And I smile, knowing that somewhere I've already heard. Ultimately, in my opinion, Linux in its desire to embrace the boundless grow into a monster worse than that now offers us a Microsoft. Or return to our roots, to the role of the operating system for the enthusiast and drummers of the proletariat.

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News for developers 7.

ComponentOne today announced a new version of a set of components for application development ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2010. Now he is completely compatible with the development environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. GridView to display data in a predetermined layout, now supports asynchronous paging and sorting. Treeview for a tree-like presentation of evidence now supports drag and drop nodes. ReportViewer for ASP.NET AJAX enables you to quickly create interactive reports and embed them in applications using a variety of additional elements of visualization, including the new linear and radial indicators. DataGrid provide a maximum speed of response when loading and scrolling through large amounts of data. Significant changes were made and other popular control, including the RichTextBox, TreeView and Book. The manufacturer is especially emphasized the compatibility of a new set of components to platforms 3 and Silverlight Silverlight 4. The new version of Studio for WPF now includes more controls, borrowed from the collection of Silverlight, including calendar Scheduler, an element of choice time and date DateTimePicker, item editing timestamps TimeEditor, as well as elements DockControl, TabControl, and Window. The new version significantly improved the speed of the grouping and sorting data in an element of Grid for WPF. As a component of the Chart for WPF to create charts and graphs implemented new elements of the scroll, summary charts and restrictions on the axes. The components of mobile Web applications for the iPhone now supports Visual Studio development environment 2010, as well as popular mobile platform Android, Nexus One, Palm Pre.

The company Nvidia has introduced a new version of its toolkit CUDA Toolkit 3.0. Version 3.0 offers developers access to the features introduced in the modern architecture of Fermi. GPU architecture Fermi should appear on the market in the next few weeks, but developers can now start creating parallel applications with full support for 64-bit graphics processor. In addition, CUDA Toolkit 3.0 helps you to use such features of the architecture Fermi, as the creation and concurrent use of multiple copies of processing cores, the records of parity ECC, the simultaneous execution cores, optimized computational accuracy in the mode of "double precision", as well as support for libraries of linear algebra, including Blas and Lapack. An important innovation in the package CUDA Toolkit 3.0 has support for the language C + +: previous code for CUDA could only write in C. In addition, improved interaction between the mechanisms of graphics and tools to perform calculations for general purposes. Now libraries, Direct3D 9, 10 and 11, and OpenGL library can be used for data processing through the mechanism of CUDA, as well as for applications OpenCL (open standard computations using graphics processors). Included in the CUDA Toolkit 3.0 Special Library for the C language provides support for hardware emulation mode for debugging applications. Nevertheless, the company Nvidia has warned developers that it will focus on supporting the new debugging tools instead of the outdated emulators. The company Nvidia also announced the release of updated development tools for Linux, as well as for the new cluster computer system Tesla.

Miguel de Icaza, leader of the GNOME and Mono, published in his blog rebuttal information, indicating the fundamental change in his point of view and recognition of the dangers of using Mono and technologies Microsoft, said Miguel recently criticized the policy of Microsoft's. NET. Miguel said that the journalist who published this information proved to be dishonest and tore his words out of context, presenting them under a completely different angle. As proof, Miguel is an excerpt of correspondence, in which figured a request to voice opinions opponents. For some strange coincidence, namely presentation of alternative points of view was published in the form of sensations, a statement of personal changes in attitudes Miguel.

The company Myriad Group, developer of mobile software, has released a tool for transforming mobile Java-based applications in the Android-program, said RealCoding. J2Android converts the compiled Java-midlets, including games, to launch them in an environment Dalvik, register-oriented virtual Java-machine, which is equipped with all the phones running Android. Besides converting, the resulting applications are scaled to full screen view. J2Android adds support for touchscreen control, if the original application is controlled by a digital keypad. The developers, handset manufacturers, operators and application stores opened a new source of income: J2Android can enrich Android-ecosystem, thereby increasing its popularity, a set of multiple mobile Java-based applications.

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Robot for thinkers.

Smart thinking by themselves in the head do not come" - with such a statement recently made by representatives of the University of Washington. During a series of tests the researchers managed to prove that the emergence of smart ideas in the mind of man will certainly contribute scratching his head. How to assure the researchers, the tests prove conclusively - fans scratching or even just a stroke back of the head during meditation eventually give out almost twice as many interesting ideas than those who have a habit of not affected.

While U.S. researchers carried out their tests, intricate Japanese already hard at work on the mechanical helpers for the "thinkers". Last week, the University of Tokyo researchers presented a robot whose only purpose - to scratch his head his master during the thinking process. As founders foresaw, intelligent machine is worn directly on the cap and able to work offline. Very soon, the model will be put into mass production, so that in the near future, the Japanese land geniuses are not impoverished.

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Mozilla displeased the authorities of Germany.

It's no secret that recently the German authorities advised citizens to their country to renounce the use of Firefox. This is because of the vulnerability discovered in the browser through which attackers can easily infect a user's computer virus - it is enough just to go to the infected site. Built Mozilla Firefox quickly took action and released a new version of the browser - 3.6.2. Developers are being told that in this version of vulnerability eliminated.

However, Mozilla interesting is the reaction to the actions of the German authorities. As stated by the representatives of developers, creators of the browser have been very unhappy and even offended by calling officials in Germany to stop using Firefox. According to Mozilla, such action does not contribute to the development of IT-business in the states of Germany. The company even threatened to and did leave the German market in the event that such repeated. Well, very good that at least some of the developers are not afraid to stand up for their rights.

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The new patent will change the economy.

A small U.S. company Air Guardian has successfully patented a gas mixture consisting of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen 0.93% argon 0.038% carbon dioxide, as well as how it uses it for energy to mechanical and biological systems. According to the company in the near future it is going to require owed royalties for the use of proprietary gas mixture with the major airlines, transport operators and thermal power plants. In the future business plan Air Guardian provides for deductions from the automakers, as well as with any commercial organizations, in which the gas mixture can be used in public places. The third step is to receive contributions from individual users. It should be noted here that the company takes quite a liberal policy - the use of proprietary gas mixture in a personal non-commercial purposes will remain free. However, according to the representative of Air Guardian, "the use of counterfeit air in commercial activity is simply unacceptable, so the Association for the Protection of copyright should introduce ways to address the consumption of our licensed product during working hours".

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CERN - a threat or danger

The initiative group of European and American citizens on the leadership of activist Sarah Connor conducted its own investigation into the activities of the European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, and believes that this organization can be a danger to everyone on this planet. Recall that the last few years, the hype in the media and Internet about running the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN arose repeatedly. In the opinion of concerned members of the public launch of the most expensive and large-scale scientific instrument may pose a threat to the existence of mankind, because the accelerator can be suddenly created black holes or strange matter, one way or another capable of destroying the earth. The information that is going to publish Sarah Connor, but argues that these fears are likely unfounded. Moreover it is likely that these accusations were CERN through nominees put forward by the organization itself, to divert public attention from the true state of affairs. As is known, for processing data from LHC, a global network of GRID, consisting of hundreds of powerful computing clusters, combined with high-speed data lines. According to Sarah Connor, it is this network and is the main source of threat, since it must be artificial intelligence, which further enslave or destroy the population of the planet.

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