Friday, April 9, 2010

Apple is preparing a search engine?

According to U.S. research firm Piper Jaffray, over the next five years, Apple could bring to market its own search engine. In particular, the expert Piper Jaffray Gene Munster, who specializes in insider information about Apple, wrote in the analytical paper that the probability of this event - 70%. Munster can trust - before he had accurately predicted the yield of the tablet iPad.

For Apple, with all her experience, search engine - it is absolutely, fundamentally new product. Of course, the "apple company" have enough money to invest in the project, but now it employs no relevant expertise, and they will have to lure away competitors. The threshold to enter the market find is very high, not only in terms of finance and personnel, but also in terms of marketing activities. In short, Apple will have very hard to make all the talents and charisma of Steve Jobs to roll out new product and achieve success.

According to Gene Munster, Apple uniqueness of the search engine can provide, in particular, the data store for mobile applications App Store, which are not available to Google. But above all, Apple can transfer into your search engine of iPhone users and iPod Touch - and this multi-million "guaranteed" audience.

But it is unlikely Apple will create "iPhone-searcher" completely "from scratch". More likely, the corporation will acquire a small company, a startup that indexes sites on the Internet, or engaged in software development in the field of Internet search. For example, the object of purchase may be a small search engine Cuil, whose inventors claim that managed to index 120 billion web-pages.

According to one of the creators of "Rambler" Igor Ashmanova of the company Ashmanov and partners, create your own search engine would cost Apple, at least in the $ 150-300 million, but money from Apple, there is, and much larger - in the accounts of "apple company" According to Steve Jobs remains at $ 25-40 billion of free capital. Enough for any IT-project. But to begin, of course, will have to attract qualified developers. That is, simply, brain drain at Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

A spokesman for Yandex "Ochir mandzhiks agree that Apple should first assemble a team of talented developers with experience. "We have to find and assemble such a team is not easy - universities do not produce ready-made professionals, and, as a rule, large companies themselves train prospective employees and try to stop them."

It is worth noting that in the U.S. press is dubious to learn about the prospective searcher Apple. So, for example, an authoritative tehnoblog CrunchGear wrote: "Apple needs its own search engine as a fish a bicycle. At most, what will Steve Jobs, is to create" smart "search software for the iPhone App Store".

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