Friday, April 9, 2010

Windows for free?

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More interesting news comes from the camp Microsoft. Just recently, the corporation announced that in May this year bring to market a new Office application Microsoft Office 2010, and free. During that users will run ads, but who wants ad-free, he will be able to pay for the appropriate version.

And now the Internet has appeared a lot of unofficial information about how Microsoft is going to earn a promotion. In particular, it is a platform under the name Madison. It can be used in various products of the company, including operating systems. The idea here is the same - users enjoy free software in exchange for displaying advertising messages. Based on these rumors so far some IT publication has to speculate that in the future, and the operating system is Windows can thus become free.

An indirect confirmation of this is the number of recent actions and statements of the company development of its representatives. For example, in Windows 7 in the "Personalization" ("Topics") will be chosen design of the operating system in the style of famous brand advertising. But John Nicol, a senior manager in the group of Microsoft Consumer & Online, recently told reporters that "Windows 7 is an excellent platform for any advertiser who wants to reunite with their customers. Yes, it goes beyond traditional advertising and building new relationships with users of computers .

Another aspect of the issue - analysts have suggested that some features of the new OS will be sold as a "cloud" services. Among other things, this will allow users to sell and a number of additional services.

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