Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A screen sites not far away.

Who would have thought that the restless movie people ever start to make movies "motivated by" internet pages! Nevertheless, the first precedent is looming on the horizon - Dream Works film company plans to make a screen version of the resource Musunahi (alias - The Museum Of SuperNatural History, or in our opinion, the Museum of supernatural stories). Easy to guess that the contents of the site tells visitors about the world of supernatural and paranormal phenomena. However, judging from the description, the picture on a fantastic - ostensibly the team site Musunahi, in addition to work on the resource, responsible for the safety of some ancient mysteries and secrets.

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Getting the ice by heating the water.

As is known, the formation of ice usually occurs around a musorinki or dust. If not, then in a perfectly clean atmosphere even at normal pressure, water can remain liquid form down to -42° C. This so-called supercooled water, which is used in medicine, cryogenics, etc.

heating the waterOn the influence of the electric field at the freezing point of water has been known for over 150 years: in particular, in the electric field of the negative charge water freezes at lower temperatures. The most popular theory - is that water molecules are supposedly "change their orientation in the field, which complicates the crystallization of ice. Surprisingly, so far, this mechanism has not been fully explored. The problem is the absence of experimental data: the scientists could not manage to find the material through which you can skip the charge and who does not react with water.

Elegant experiment has come up with Igor Lubomirski with colleagues from the Weizmann Institute (Israel). The scientists used Pyroelectricity of lithium tantalate (LiTaO3), which changes its electric field when heated / cooled. In the absence of the charge drop of water on its surface freezes at -12,5° C. But if the surface is cooled, the lithium tantalate acquires a negative charge, and drops of water remain liquid to -18° C. If the surface is heated, then the positive charge of the water freezes at -7° C.

The scientific results published in the journal Science: David Ehre, Etay Lavert, Meir Lahav and Igor Lubomirsky, Science, 2010, DOI: 10.1126/science.1178085.

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Game developers are migrating towards the iPhone

Research Company Game Developer Research conducted a survey of developers of computer games for the popularity of various gaming platforms.

Apple iPhoneThe results of this study showed a clear trend among developers in the direction of the platform Apple iPhone.

For example, for Sony PSP write about 9,5% the creators of games for Nintendo about the same. At the same time on the iPhone OS platform is currently creating their own games about 19% of developers. Moreover, over the last three quarters of virtually all of the creators of games for mobile devices have written at least one application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In the published report also recalls that at one time gadgets from Apple significantly stimulated the market for mobile games. If prior to their appearance, he accounted for 13% of the total entertainment market, now has almost doubled to around 25%.

Among the reasons that lead to migration of developers to iPhone OS, the report's authors called the popularity of devices Apple, their broad-purpose capabilities, sound pricing and marketing policies of the electronic shop applications App Store. As noted in the report, "the creators of software can afford to lower prices for the program to the ridiculous and yet at the same time earn a good idea." In addition, Apple has done everything to simplify the process of porting existing games to the iPhone OS.

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Yahoo sells its Internet-projects.

The company Monster Worldwide, which specializes in business recruitment, bought for $ 225 million from the Internet company Yahoo! Western popular recruiting site HotJobs.com. The deal will be completed in the III quarter of this year. Top managers of Yahoo! already announced that proceeds from the sale money will be spent on technological innovations, including the development of new technology, the Internet search.

YahooThis transaction is fully fit into the new development strategy of Yahoo. Recall that in the end of 2008 a new CEO Carol Bartz announced that Yahoo! gradually abandon non-core activities. This will be done in order to concentrate on the work of the main segments of its online business - online advertising, search and e-mail. Previous major victim of the new policy became unprofitable for Yahoo! project GeoCities.

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South Korea wants to become a leader in software.

The South Korean government has embarked on an ambitious program, which resulted in the country should become a world leader in the software industry. For this purpose from the budget over the next three years in software development will be invested 1 trillion Korean won - some $ 867 million in official communication from the Government expressly states: "The purpose of these investments - to bring South Korea into a global leader in software solutions".

South KoreanInvestments planned for the industries such as the creation of integrated solutions, software and the convergence of software generalists, focused on end-users. According to the Ministry of economy of the country, much public money will get software companies within the sector of small and medium businesses. The official representative of the Korean Ministry of Economics on the subject, said: "The plan includes the year 2012, we hope that it will eventually lead to the creation of the Korean developments, similar to Apple iPhone and others".

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"Twitterization" world business.

Company Gartner conducted a special study of the possible role of service mikroblog Twitter in corporate communications of the nearest future. According to experts, Twitter-platform will be used for joint work of employees, prompt discussion of ideas and direction of flow of information.

TwitterizationIn Gartner say that now, in post-crisis time, companies are beginning to rebuild its internal communications. So, move on to more advanced forms of Internet communications - to the social networks and service Twitter. Gartner analysts are confident that over the next two years, about half of the world's leading companies will start using Twitter to organize its business processes. And about one in five of the company will go further: dare to replace e-mail social networks and such services as Google Wave and Opera Unite.

Today the popularity mikrobloggerskogo service Twitter is such that many organizations (largely following the fashion) create "corporate Twitter-register an account, secure and designed exclusively for communication between workers. The advantages of this communications technology are obvious: service allows you to quickly get answers to any questions, quickly find out who is doing what some of my colleagues, etc.

However, Twitter will probably just one of several new instruments of corporate communications. Twitter is not omnipotent and not universal. Here is what writes on this subject Gartner vice-president Jeffrey Mann: "microblogging as a separate function it will be very difficult to reach a broad introduction to the companies. Latitude distribution Twitter is one of the reasons for its popularity. Being limited to a single enterprise, the number of users for whom Twitter is a valuable tool, greatly reduced. That is why large companies are unlikely to apply mikroblog as a separate tool for communication.

In the results of Gartner research the authors expressly stipulates that moment, that for a multitude of applications social networks will be more effective than the usual e-mail. Vice-president of Gartner Research, Matt Kane, sure: "Rigid differences between email and social networks will soon disappear. E-mail received by many social attributes, such as friends list, while sotsseti will be complemented by various e-mail-opportunities. While it is E E-mail is already almost fully penetrated into the corporate space, we expect to soon see a rapid growth in sales of corporate cloud-making with social functionality.

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In the Apple iPhone a serious vulnerability found

An employee of Independent Security Evaluators, a specialist in informbezopasnosti Charles Miller said that the communicator Apple iPhone is vulnerable to exploits that are placed by hackers on the front web-pages, certified operating certificates SSL. This vulnerability is directly linked to the "corporate" function of the iPhone. Its essence is that the device has an opportunity to undertake a massive setting of a large number of corporate smartphones to bring them into conformity with uniform standards of IT-security.

Apple iPhoneHowever, this function was incomplete, leaving hackers can arbitrarily change the configuration files of your phone via the Internet. In his message, Charles Miller wrote: "If the user gives consent to the installation of this update, the changes made to the configuration of the phone could cause him harm."

Miller described the method of hacking, he said, can be used to change the proxy settings in the iPhone. This, in particular, allow attackers to redirect traffic to servers under their control. Also with the modified configuration files, an attacker can disable the ability to run the Safari browser and other applications and / or block access to certain web-resources.

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Windows 7 has already won 10% of OS

The company Net Applications released fresh data from a think tank. Of these, it follows that at the end of January market share of Windows 7 has reached 10%. If we take January as a whole, then, on average, up to a month, about 7,5% of the computers connected to the web, were running the new operating system from Microsoft. Net Applications Now, analysts believe that if the current rate in June of Windows 7 will bypass the previous version - Windows Vista. That is, as the statistics show, Windows 7 is distributed around the world about the same rate as the average computer virus.

Windows 7As of January 2010 Vista takes 17.4% market share OS. But the most popular still remains the "old" Windows XP - her preference for 66,3% of users. However, in general Microsoft products albeit slowly, but losing market share. Compared with December 2009, the total percentage of all versions of Windows has declined from 92.21% to 92.02%.

But bad feeling competitors. Mac OS X for the month increased its presence in the market at 0.02% points - to 5,13%. Unchanged (at 1.02%) ratio remains Linux.

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On the eve of redistribution.

Until recently, the global chip market is controlled by producers of solutions for the "full" computers - desktops, servers and notebooks. Recently, however, the rapid growth in market segments such as smartphones and communicators, netbooks and UMPC, and now Tablet PCs, has led to what the market began to play an important role producing processors for handheld devices.

As stated in a fresh report to IDC, in 2009, sales of smartphones grew by 15.1% to 174.2 million pieces. At the same time in the last quarter of the year they reached the record mark in history - 54.5 million smart phones, or 39% higher in comparison with the same period in 2008. And now, the supply continues to grow.

Also, according to IDC, the proportion of smartphones (they are in IDC extendable called "converged devices") at the end of last year amounted to 15,4% market share in mobile devices in general. For comparison: in 2008 the proportion of such devices was in numerical terms, 12,7% of the market.

Now the growth of the smartphone segment is largely driven by mobile operators. They have already felt the growing demand for smart phones, as well as the prospects for increasing (thanks to smart phones) subscriber demand for additional services and media content. Consequently, many operators have begun to offer more attractive packages, including artificially low-cost smartphone and a special rate plan. And now on the market of portable devices with a functional mobile triumphantly go further and tablet PCs.

All the above will inevitably change the balance of power in the microprocessor market. And these changes are already occurring. One of the most ambitious players, the company ARM, to disclose information about its plans to develop a new generation of processor architectures. Already in 2010 ARM intends to bring to market, at least three cores, code-named Eagle, Heron, and Merlin.

The most productive solution includes a series of Eagle (the family of chips Cortex-A). These processors can handle high-definition video, and also have high energy efficiency. Cortex-A will be used in smartphones and other gadgets with touch screens and access to the network. Kernels Heron and Merlin are calculated for use in families of Cortex-R and Cortex-M, respectively. Chips Cortex-R are designed for embedded systems; Cortex-M - for industrial equipment, motor controls, etc.

ARM expects to reach its decisions the maximum number of sectors of the market of mobile devices. The head of the company Warren East in an interview site PC Pro said that in the coming years netbooks occupy 90% of the PC market. In his view, the main obstacle to the spread of low-cost laptop computers - lack of support for the ARM processor in Windows. That is why Warren East hopes for rapid development of mobile OS based on Linux - and especially Google Chrome OS, which will promote the popularization of systems based on chip ARM. At the same time in the company ARM "high hopes" that Microsoft is also aware of the market potential of low-cost computers and still implements support for the ARM processor in their products.

But the blow to the dominance of sworn colleagues Intel and Qualcomm is preparing to inflict, not only ARM. Let us recall that at a recent presentation planshetnika iPad Steve Jobs introduced and its key component - the processor A4 production of PA Semi. Its history began in 2008 - when Apple acquired the Californian chip developer PA Semi for $ 278 million and the A4 was the first processor, set up PA Semi has as a unit of Apple. Omniscient experts said that the "apple company" has decided to become a direct competitor to Intel and Qualcomm.

Primarily, of course, Intel. After all, the microprocessor giant, there is a similar solution - Moorestown chip. And at its base have already created the first smartphone - LG GW990.

However, I personally more attractive view of Forward Concepts analyst Will Strauss. He believes that using the A4 instead of buying a third-party solutions, Apple is trying to create its own "ecosystem" of electronic components, so that later no one could depend. And in the long run it will give us the maximum profit and consolidate control over the market.

In turn, an analyst with research firm In-Stat, Jim McGregor points out that Apple, having decided to independently develop and produce processors that can be spoiled a lot of blood Intel. The fact that Intel has invested too much effort, money, intelligence and marketing resources in the family chip Atom. MacGregor writes: "Every step that Apple has done in the way of the iPhone to the" pill "iPad, was designed to share the processor and its Intel Atom".

The threat to the Atom really there. According to the company Goldman Sachs, in 2010 Apple will sell about 6 million iPad-s. With this agreement, and ISuppli analyst Jagdish Rebello: "Absolutely, and Intel, and Qualcomm would like to participate in the development iPad. But now Apple has a good chance" otest "have their share of the microprocessor market."

And here is another story, showing what intrigues now enmeshed in relations chip makers and creators of mobile gadgets. In November 2009 the first CEO of Qualcomm Paul Jacobs told the media industry that his company is negotiating with Apple to supply its products for the iPhone. However, in January 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show the company's management announced an exclusive agreement with Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo - they say, they themselves have to set up production of notebooks based on Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm.

As for Intel, her spokesman Bill Calder on the iPad said: "Apple has done a good job. Nevertheless, we remain convinced that the Intel chips will fuel the increase in a wide range of intelligent devices from smartphones to tablet.

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Not about IT

For ten years almost every morning I start with a visit to the site Nasdaq.com, to "feel the pulse" of the world IT-industry. Recently, site of the largest hi-tech-exchange stable pleases the eye with green arrows directed upwards, - a symbol of growth in stock prices. Crisis year we have experienced, but now looms on the horizon a new danger for the world economy. So, for the whole IT-industry. Try to understand.

Before the annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, published a report "Global Risks". Introducing him, WEF managing director Robert Greenhill said: "The financial crisis and the subsequent recession have created a more fragile environment in which risks are left unattended, become tomorrow's crises." The same report said much tougher. The world promised a new "full-blown crisis with dire socio-economic consequences."

Problems in the world "above the roof." One of the main - the growth of government debt. All kinds of countries have invested in the crisis too much money to rescue their economies, and now they do not know what to do with the budget deficit. In addition, in many developed countries is rapidly growing social and pension expenditures, which exacerbates the budget deficit.

Governments may in 2010 will have to make unpopular decisions, and the inhabitants of the "golden billion" as suffered and will suffer from unemployment, the report says WEF. Significant tax increase is inevitable.

But the main threat to the world, promising market collapse - this is China. More precisely, its economy, which is now openly overheated. We give an example: the growth in housing prices in Beijing and Shanghai in 2009 exceeded 60%. There is too much money and goods. But in fact, when too well - it is too bad.

The newspaper The New York Times quoted James Chanosa investor (he became famous, he foresaw the collapse of Enron): "I expect the collapse of the Chinese economy. Bubbles are best identified by excess credit, and not surplus prices. There is no greater surplus of credit than in China" .

In turn, He Fan and Yao Chzhichzhon of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, argued: "If the government does not reduce the incentives, China's GDP this year may grow by 16%, big jump in inflation risk."

In numbers, the picture looks like this: in 2009 in China, the volume of loans exceeded $1.3 trillion, while still in 2008 it amounted to $615 billion, but only for the first week of 2010 lending was already $ 88 billion That is, tremendous growth - China's economy simply is devoured credit resources. But this can not last long.

In theory, if the slowdown in China will not happen by 2040 the country's economy will grow to $123 trillion, and will be 40% of world GDP. This is much more than the U.S. economy and the EU. That is, the situation is completely unrealistic.

Hence, the collapse in China is inevitable - the only question is when it happens. Another question - how hurt the computer industry. The majority of accessories for the PC today is it is in China. I sometimes think that we ourselves have not noticed, as a situation of total dependence of the global IT-business from the more recent disastrous backward China. But today their own factories in China are all global giants - from Intel to HP. I specifically looked through all your home "IT-infrastructure" and found that outside of China made only Nokia phone and netbook Samsung. Everything else, including the HP laptop, which I am writing this article - made in China. Popular products Apple, including the iPhone and the legendary laptops in aluminum casings, also going to China. One can imagine that will start in the markets, if the economy collapses.

But the problem is not necessarily bring to the market collapse. The report of the WEF said: even a simple reduction in the rate of growth in China is below 6% already hit by the global commodity markets and capital markets.

The crisis of 2008-2009, again - is most clearly - demonstrated just how closely related the different risks and global shocks, even if their effect is different and at local levels - is emphasized in the report of WEF. Globalization - a fait accompli, and today is absolutely normal situation when the Belarusian Chinese notebook computer programmer working for Russia's firm wrote a program for a European customer, and this program will work in an American bank, providing financial transactions to the Australian firm that represents the region interests of Chinese manufacturers of notebook computers. Ugh ... Can you imagine what would happen if the "fly" at least two links in this chain? (Loss of one element of the system still survives.)

Finally we turn to the classical cybernetics. The report of the WEF "Global Risks" states: "The main reason that global challenges have not found an adequate answer, - gaps in the system of world governance. And that in itself should be considered as another major risk. Canal adapt to these changes become global institutions and national interests must adapt and conform to the decisions of global organizations. World leaders must find a common language when discussing and implementing reforms to ensure the sustainability of the global economy. "

In short, despite renewed economic growth, the world is still too early to rejoice. Even if you do not explode overheated "steam boiler" China is still a lot of work on the mechanisms of governance - the existing ones shown to be ineffective.

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