Friday, April 11, 2008

Microsoft, EU and billions fine

Already more than once and not two, I predicted that the battle Microsoft and the executive European Union still very, very far from completion. But, in truth, never expecting that the prolonged strife in the TV series of communal flat suddenly become a tight thriller. However, that is exactly what happened on February 27.

Already 10 years I do an overview of the IT business, and all this time fined Microsoft Corporation. In my mind it fined for claims users and competitors, the antimonopoly authorities of different countries and territories on the initiatives of other departments. Thus, in the late 90 - x Microsoft tired potrepali prosecutors and the state Attorney General United States - many have not remember, but in America, Microsoft is still officially under procuratorial supervision. The reason classic - monopolistskie bearing software giant. But the protracted conflict and the exponential out between Microsoft and the European Union - more precisely, its Anti-Monopoly Office. The Europeans did not like (and dislike) very much. Not happy, in fact, a monopoly of Windows - but in this case too difficult to present a claim. Not like the privileged position Microsoft Office - and Europe for the third year in implementing various programmes for the transition to OpenOffice. A few years ago, the European Commission presented Microsoft claims due to the presence of Windows programs in the Windows Media Player - in the view of Europeans, it infringed on the right of a similar third-party software developers. At that time, Microsoft was fined for the first time in Europe at a truly large sum: the European Commission on competition recognized American corporations abused their dominant market position and fined it 497 million euros. In addition, European authorities claim that the amount of patent royalties charged by Microsoft is not fair. And now the European Commission fined Microsoft a record amount of 899 million euros for what is not complied with European antimonopolschikov available from March 2004 Taking into account other accruals total now is a record fine for the IT industry 1.68 billion euros. There will be appropriate to recall that exactly one year ago, an American court in San Diego ordered the company to pay damages Microsoft suffered a Franco-American company Alcatel-Lucent from violating its patent rights. The amount of compensation that had to pay Microsoft was then one and a half billion dollars. Alcatel-Lucent claim against Microsoft was filed in 2003. It argued that the computer company Dell and Gateway, which are partners of Microsoft illegally used Windows operating system, which used technology previously patented Alcatel-Lucent. The focus was on the algorithms work with mp3 audio files, which were used in the design of Windows Media Player.

But back to the current fine. Microsoft was the first private company in the 50 years of the competition law, which the EU fined for disobeying an order antimonopolschikov. This time around, European Commissioner for Competition Nely Cruz personally ordered the corporation paid 899 million euros. She expressed the hope that the trial will end. It was at this time above all to ensure the normal work of third-party server software developers with Microsoft operating systems. In Microsoft argued that trying to comply with all the requirements of the commission. Cruz responsible in the sense that badly tried. It is particularly annoying Nely Cruz endless promises Microsoft, which is already extremely tired all. Software corporation, of course, may try to challenge the decision of the anti-monopoly body. However, the chances of winning the appeal it a bit. Recall that in September 2007, the European Court has already affirmed the decision of commission, and earlier - in March 2007 - the corporation also reminded that the licensing royalties charged to the competitors must be "acceptable". Almost simultaneously with the awarding of the current record fine Microsoft promised soon discover program interfaces (API) of its major products, and provide free access to them. We are talking about Windows Vista operating system, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 database management system and an office package Office 2007. Also to be published 30 thousand pages of documents on the client and server protocols, and a little later - the same documentation for Office 2007 and other popular products. All of this will be lined on the server corporation. So far, Microsoft partners for access to this type of information required to license access to trade secret corporation. Now not, however, as the current head of Microsoft, Steve Balmer, "the decision on disclosure little impact on the financial company." Although it did not help her in a protracted lawsuit with antimonopolschikami, in the future it will be very difficult for competitors to accuse Microsoft of closure. Moreover, according to analysts, even the immediate payment of 1.7 billion euros would not affect the ability of Microsoft to further development. In late February director Microsoft Steve Ballmer personally commented on the EU decision to impose a fine for a corporation. In an interview with CNET News columnist Steve Balmer said that the corporation is exactly fulfilled all requirements of the European Commission. According to the general director of Microsoft, the EU authorities agree that the corporation should be rendered by decree, while the fine imposed "for past misconduct" Microsoft. Moreover, Balmer noted that Microsoft knew about the upcoming penalty, but were not aware of the exact date of the decision.

Now, however, Microsoft is still отдуваться and Opera Company of the claim. Norwegian company Opera Software on December 13, 2007 stated that filed a complaint at the European Commission in Microsoft. Producer Opera browser asserts that the American corporation is using its dominant market position. Opera Software considers unfair tying of Internet Explorer to Windows. Moreover, the Norwegian company claimed in, the browser from Microsoft to not fully adheres to the web standards, which adversely affect the interoperability of system components. The complaint requests Opera Software Microsoft allow users to "choose" is really a browser, supplying competitors with Windows browsers Internet Explorer or separating from the main package. In addition, the company requires integrated into Internet Explorer support open standards for the web. The document has been sent to the European Commission, after last September the court decided to fine Microsoft nearly half a billion euros for illegally tying Windows Media Player to Windows. Opera is asked to draw an analogy, and to take the same decision about linking the browser to the OS. Opera, according to the TheCounter, is the fourth-most popular browser in the world - after Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. They enjoy less than one percent of all Internet users, but the browser is very respected in the Internet community. As a result, in particular, the complaint Opera Software in mid-January 2008, the European antitrust authorities announced the initiation of two new cases against Microsoft. One investigation relates to the ability to interact with other programmes of a number of products, including Microsoft Office. Also under suspicion of anti-monopoly bodies hit Internet Explorer - in the EU intend to investigate how the introduction of legally browser in Windows.

Here it must be noted that the European antimonopolschiki have not only Microsoft but also a number of leading IT companies. In the past few years, the Competition Commission must produce claims Intel Corporation, manufacturer of Rambus memory and telecommunications company Qualcomm. For instance, Intel in July last year, was accused of abusing a dominant market position microprocessors, and in February this year had already been searched its offices. Now Intel is threatening fines of up to 10% of annual income. Rambus same and Qualcomm, in the view of the EU, require too high royalties for the licensing of their technology. Note: All of these companies - American. In the development of the IT industry is lagging behind the EU from the United States and many European markets densely occupied by American corporations, which sometimes behave arrogantly. Illustrative example: online bookstore Amazon daily (!) Pays a fine amounting to France in Euro 1000, but refused to cancel free delivery, which virtually destroyed the small local stores. In the next 10 years, the EU plans to spend on nanotechnology and to develop advanced embedded systems 5.5 billion euros. The purpose of financing - catching up and overtaking American corporations. It is possible that the current active European antimonopolschikov - a "clearance" for its own market, and European companies.

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Bill Gates leaves

That leaves Microsoft Bill Gates, in principle, already knew quite a long time. Eventually, in 2000, he gave an old friend and naparniku Steve Balmeru armchair general director. And finally on 6 January at CES in Las Vegas, Bill Gates made his last keynote address as chairman of the Board of Directors of the corporation. Already in July, most of his duties will move successors. Thus will end career rights, Microsoft created in the 17 years since then, and never outgoing largest software corporation.

Now the main intrigue - who will succeed Gates at his post? Well, it is understandable Steve Balmer will remain CEO. Now analysts (yet no official information), that Bill Gates will replace two top manager: Ray Ozzy (head of the software architecture) and Craig Mundy (head of research and strategy). A new leadership of the software development corporation to decide a lot of important tasks. In the first place, of course, is the development of Windows. The last major product released under Gates, a Windows Vista. Indeed, Microsoft has already sold around 100 million copies of the new operating system, but IT managers, analysts and observers have embraced it without admiration. In many reviews Vista even led ratings disappointments year. Now Steve Balmeru, Ozzy and David Mundy Kreygu to create a new version of Windows, Internet Explorer upgrade to the next version, release the new Microsoft Office, to try once again, "kill" iPod, and so on. But, of course, the main intrigue of the event - will further than Bill Gates?

January 6 billionaire showed listeners vosmiminutny video, in which he looks for what to do. Clearly we can say only one thing: Gates will be much more to engage in charity. With a hefty share of irony group U2 leader Bono and reper Jay-Z told Bill not into music, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - policy, and the coach of meditation - meditation. As for the charity, the aggregate amount of awards (which in 2006 amounted to one and a half billion dollars) in 2009 - will grow up to three metres billion. According to the experts, Gates will not be able to distribute such money in the fund by working part-time, as is the case now. The fact is that in June 2006, the second rich man known American investor Warren Baffett procedure began distributing shares of its stock Berkshire Hathaway five other funds. This amount is in excess of $40 billion. And five-sixths of the total charitable foundation will receive the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now Baffett attorneys will be the third fund (for a couple with Bill and Melinda).

C 1994, the Gates Foundation fund family spent on charity more than $14 billion Of these, nearly 8.5 billion were spent on world health, about five billion - to the initiatives within the United States, and about a billion - on the development of "world". Now, Bill Gates said that "The primary objective of the Fund - to ensure that the health of the poorest two billion people, it was the same as that of the richest two billion". In his farewell floor to Bill Gates also devoted a great deal of time predictions technological future of mankind and society in the digital world. That is, in fact, continued its series of books on the subject. In this speech, he described his vision has been "second digital decade". According to Gates, in this period of civilization, all developers will focus attention on the links between people (what we are witnessing now), applications will be "polzovateletsentrichny". The same services will earn at all possible "intelligent" platforms - from the usual home PC to mobile (or IP) telephone, Internet TV or PDA / smartphone. This information now increasingly easy to transfer from device to device, a user interface and in the future will become more natural. Gates drew attention to the fact that the mouse and keyboard dominated government as PC 1995 and 2005. Now they are increasingly replacing the device with touch control. In the near future, will begin the rapid development of technology has voice control, and what appears then - until the mystery. Parallel will continue the development of technology related to high-definition video, including projectors and "superdisplei". Computers imminent future will be instilled directly into the table, the surface of which will touch the display (as you know, something like Microsoft has developed under the working title Surface).

Bill Gates, as it would treat any, has been one of the people who changed the face of modern humanity. It is a decision he and his Microsoft Corporation computers turned from a working instrument narrow circle of professionals in the daily utensils billions of people throughout the world. And then - "let" digital technology in our lives. Bill Gates goes, but the foundation, which he had to lay still long will affect all of us and our lives. How would we do this nor were… Meanwhile, Microsoft goes from the top managers. There goes Robert Short (in charge of the Windows kernel development). In the near future, will take Jeff Raiks (responsible for the development of Microsoft Office), Jeff Bruce (vice-president responsible for the acquisition of third-party companies and joint ventures), and possibly Charles Fitszherald (general director of platform development). Last November, the company announced the dismissal of I-T Director Stuart Scott, which has been the cause of the violation of corporate policy. Under the direction of Scott Microsoft IT unit within two years engaged in ensuring information security, infrastructure support, communications and business applications.

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IT Corporation: Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson - the youngest of the companies - manufacturers and mobile technology at the same time one of the most authoritative. And, moreover, with the most loyal army of fans with their products. In many ways, which is why the producer of the short story deserves attention.


Sony Ericsson - almost the only example of the successful merging of companies - manufacturers of mobile phones. Many have tried to unite, but to no avail. A BenQ-Siemens alliance, despite a number of successful phones, some believe almost a disaster. Although Sony Ericsson is the youngest of the leaders of the market, each of the founding companies have a long and glorious history. The company Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications began its activities on October 1, 2001 Its products, respectively, was to go under the brand name Sony Ericsson. (Ericsson and Sony Corporation have 50% of the company.), however, this event was preceded by a series of others.

Pro Japanese company as something I already told in detail. Sony Corporation came May 7, 1946 and was originally called Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering. Starting with the release devices, as early as 70 - years of the twentieth century m company has become a world leader in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. The main events for a company, and to the consumer electronics market at different times became the first Japanese output transistor radio (1957), colored cluster VCR (1971), consumer cameras (1980) and many more. In the field of cellular communications Sony Corporation has been known for a number of its mobile phones - in particular, models J and Z series, a number oznamenovavshimisya finds in the field of design, ergonomics and interface. For example, it was the first time they used the navigation wheel JogDial. Later, it was used successfully in the digital player Sony communicator and R-series Sony Ericsson. Menu machines-"top" models implemented in the form of a circle sector, which was very different from the presentation of a list or matrix from other producers. But Sony phones issued by the company "alone", characterized by extreme volatility in the work. And then no phone Sony Ericsson did not work at the Sony software platform. Swedish company Ericsson can boast even more rich history. It was founded as early as in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson, and from the outset the scope of its activities related to the communications equipment - in particular, telegraph and telephones - even in the XIX century, the company has supplied handsets for St. Petersburg. And the latest production equipment for communications networks has been a major company in the business. Together with the Nokia company Ericsson stood at the roots of the new standard cellular communications - Global System for Mobile Communications, today known to all as GSM. In 80 - Ericsson's gradually evolved into a major producer of mobile phones. Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of basic reception transmitting stations, switches and other equipment to build a network provider. In addition to 2G networks, and 2.5 G, it produces equipment for the deployment of third generation 3G networks, and mobile networks to broadband access to the Internet, for proposing its own batch of high-speed access technology HSPA. Until a few years ago, mobile phones Ericsson has successfully competed with the decisions of Nokia, Motorola, Siemens. Innovations in them were many: the apparatus of the business lines R and T appeared regularly innovations, which sometimes have an impact on the entire industry to mobile phones. For example, the Ericsson T36 models and R520m (2000) first appeared Bluetooth modules. But with the growth has also increased functionality and the number of defects in the design apparatuses. Ahead embroidered standstill.

In short, and Sony, Ericsson and saw an opportunity to combine their mobile units to withdraw from the crisis. True, the process of establishing Sony Ericsson with its inception in October 2001, was delayed by more than a year. Long time, the joint company was unprofitable. Much of this was due to the fact that phones in 2002 inherited ideas Ericsson devices. Telephones on the platform of no more than Sony appeared - there were so bad case. However, shortly communication between departments of the company were structured. The market began emerging new models directly from Sony Ericsson. And many of them have become almost a cult. The fact is that the developers tried to create a few companies, but the most scrutinized decision. Sony Ericsson have never had multiple models with a minimum honors from each other. The models were little, but still very good. And few customers suspected that one reason for this approach was banal shortage of production capacity. Indeed, compared to Nokia or Motorola company Sony Ericsson initially was literally dwarf. The situation changed only in 2007 - m when the company began to grow rapidly, increasing the range as well as its presence in the mobile market.

Top models

Sony Ericsson is famous for the fact that every year is another model-bestseller. And so reversed from the early models.

Sony Ericsson T68i

After the merger with the mobile phone unit of Sony Corporation Ericsson T68 was the basis for the Sony Ericsson T68i. At that time, it was a novelty can be easily confused with the predecessor. The same design platform specifications. Moreover, the Ericsson T68 can be turned into Sony Ericsson T68i by pereproshivki simple. In doing so, users have received a number of improvements. Thus, the time has been increased voice recording, there is support for MMS, the functionality of the device can be expanded to a removable camera. Interestingly, the apparatus for maintaining continuity in the company retained an outdated symbol for habitual Ericsson phones, but has become a classification - with four (T200, T300, and so on.). At the time of Sony Ericsson T68i, and the Ericsson T68, had no competitors. Other companies have similar decision after a long delay.

Sony Ericsson K750i

One of the most successful telephone company. Your obedient servant of such apparatus. The model is popular even today, two years after onset. As with the Ericsson T68, the demand was so great that the first time, is simply not enough telephones. Sony Ericsson once again managed to create a machine with maximum functionality, RIA their time. And today, his opportunities enough for most users. In habitually compact casing (100 h46h19, 5 mm, 100 g) fit the screen quality, excellent Media, the FM radio with RDS support, a slot for memory cards Memory Stick Pro Duo, an improved interface with menu shortcuts, bookmarks and more. The only drawback was the lack of EDGE. This problem is characteristic of the later models of the company. Chief of Staff dignity was, of course, perfect 2 - megapixel camera with Auto. For a long time, the company raised the standard among embedded cameras. None of the competitors has not been able to compete with Sony Ericsson K750i in popularity. Carl Zeiss Optical in kamerafone smartphone-Nokia N90 has been more marketing move, moreover, had Nseries flagship overcharge value. Business Nokia 6230i phone to play the Sony Ericsson product virtually all articles, including Resolution Chamber. The other successful business device with 2 - megapixel camera - Samsung D600 - has been executed in the form-factor slider. On a note that initially absorb Sony Ericsson K750i was not very easy - it is difficult to identify menu intuitive. But after the Sony Ericsson K750i fully justified the money invested in it.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W800

This apparatus was almost complete copy Sony Ericsson K750i. Only design has become more aggressive, expanded product package, added "In flight mode" (with disconnected radiochastyu) Yes emerged sounding improvements in the bass. As in the case of Ericsson T68/Sony Ericsson T68i, K750i can be turned into W800i by pereproshivki. Nevertheless, the model has also become a landmark for the company and the total market mobile phones. It was the Moulin ruler music solutions (phones, smart phones, accessories) companies - Sony Ericsson Walkman. Today it is the most numerous and representative line of the company, the most felicitous use of the heritage of the company Sony Corporation. The success of music backgrounds-Sony Ericsson has prompted other manufacturers to do the issuance of such decisions. You may recall from Nokia XpressMusic, Q-fi from BenQ-Siemens, Motorola ROKR from, Ultra Music from Samsung. True, none of them has yet been able to repeat the success of Walkman series. But together they formed one of the major trends in the development of advanced mobile phones - musical decisions.

Sony Ericsson CyberShot K790i/K800i

These devices have become a logical extension of the model K750i. Outwardly looked purely quantitative changes - increased permit cameras (3.2 megapixels), the screen (QVGA-matrix), became Bluetooth EDR support. Meanwhile, occurred as hardware, and software changes. For the first time, one shell were prepared two hardware platforms: for 3G networks (UMTS-tube K800i with a camera to the front edge) and 2.5-G networks (K790i supporting EDGE). The most important improvement programme was to support multitasking Java applications. It could run up to two simultaneous applications and switch between them, not to mention working with other functions on the phone. Full multitasking has become a landmark event for the entire market for mobile phones: normal mobiles another step closer to the functionality of the smartphone.

Sony Ericsson Z610i

This extra bed can boast outstanding functionality. Interest may cause unless that support 3G. Otherwise, it is technically ordinary machine. However, the significance of this model for the company was not functional eye. Released S Z610i development company began sending so-called emotional products. In Sony Ericsson began to make more emphasis on the appearance of devices. It is not merely mirror image surfaces camp Z-series. Most models in 2007 under the direction of changes in the design obtained. For example, many models and the K-W-series can boast a new keyboard performance, navigational unit. Buttons, in most cases, represented a narrow strip. This is evident in the eye, but did not go to the benefit of ergonomic devices. More attention has been paid to the shell material. Distributions received metal - as anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. In the future, such devices are expected even more.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W880i

The model is fully consistent with the policy of "emotional" devices. But can boast even more features. Thus, it is the first tonkofon company. Sony Ericsson is being entered in the "race" millimeters - Walkman W880i thickness does not exceed 10 mm. However, the device does not affect the possibility of imagination. In fact, this slim-down version W850i in the form UMPC. But all over: among other tonkofonov this is a very functional device. The device supports multitasking, has all the advantages of programmatic platform A100, as a line of Walkman masthead representatives can boast excellent implementation player. "Emotional design" appeared in a stylish steel casing. But not even in that. Model W880i has become an indicator of the changed strategy. If Sony Ericsson before that represented the most saturated device, now in the race for market share, it has to expand the model through a series of range of solutions, implementing the same functions keep separate models for the future, planning a gradual capacity machines. Thus, the company already has been submitted later apparatus Sony Ericsson W890i. In the same shell as the W880i, the user has an improved camera, radio and a number of other options that could be implemented in the previous model.

Sony Ericsson CyberShot K850i

Along with the W910i is the most technologically device companies today. K850i is the flagship of the current ruler CyberShot and gives you up-to-date programming platform A200, changed management system (Navigation unit into the keyboard), and, of course, the powerful 5 - megapixels camera. Other innovations also render a landmark model for the company. This is supported by all imaginable standards (up to UMTS / HSDPA), the use of motion sensor, the absence of a mechanical shutter cameras, a slide switch modes (photo / video / view), at last, to some extent revolutionary company support for microSD memory cards, along with brand M2 . Note that, in addition to companies Sony and Sony Ericsson, maps on the basis of Memory Stick no longer applies.

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William Gibson - 60

March 17, 2008 a significant portion of humanity will celebrate computerized shestidesyatiletny anniversary of one of the best-known writers of fiction of our time - William Gibson - "godfather" father of literary genre cyberpunk. In mrachnovato-futuristic books Gibson proved surprisingly predicted much of what surrounds us today, and that, apparently, will become part of our reality tomorrow.

Who is mister cyberpunk?

First, perhaps, is to determine the definitions (so forgive me readers tautology). William Gibson cyberpunk classic considered to be unconditional, but the founder of the genre - it is not. The term - in a completely different situation - in the early 80 - x "invented" then a little-known writer Bruce Bethke. Phrase picked editor Gardner Dozua fantastic literature, it is made (in general terms) the main features of a new direction. Then the term moved to the writer Bruce Sterling, which has already produced more detailed elaboration of its principles and tenets. In the end, it is Bruce Sterling is considered the main ideologue and advocate not only literary direction, but an entire subculture, obobschaemoy word "Blitz". And that William Gibson? And Gibson was the author of the canonical texts of this direction. Hacker beyond literary clubs and became known peace since the publication of novels "Johnny Mnemonic" and "Burning Chrome," novel "Neuromancer", "The Count Zero" and "Mona Lisa Overdrive". It is from his works, readers learned of the existence of hackers. Initially, the word itself does not exist, and in the early works of Gibson calls "computer hackers" cowboys. And it is Gibson introduced bypassing so popular in the last fifteen years the notion of "cyberspace".

Put simply, cyberpunk - it is science fiction era computer revolution. Fantastic Literature, in which no captain, star ships and travel to the center of Earth. No elves, orcs, dwarves, werewolves and other trolls. Hacker as a genre appeared simultaneously with the emergence of personal computers. At that time, very few were aware that the world is not just a fun new toys, a tool that significantly increases the possibility of Rights. Indeed, elementary particle upcoming information universe. Writers-kiberpanki and were the few who saw it all. The term "cyberpunk" has been very far-reaching and successful. First root in the word - "cyber" - straight points to a world in which human life nepredstavima without computer technology. The second root - "punk" - simply borrowed from the music: whereas, in the early 80 - x, has been extremely popular punk rock - and scandalous epatiruyuschaya music marginalized. Accordingly, the world is in the works of writers-kiberpankov depicted from the point of view of representatives of the social bottom, and the rogue criminals. It depicts aggressive and assertive, with the denial of the rules of conduct Introduced bourgeois society, the establishment and mass culture. In many ways, therefore, characterized by rigid cyberpunk trilleropodobnoe building plot, a lot of perenyavshee detectives "black" years old, wooden style, the language of heroes, constructed of computer, and street youth slang, the active use of words from other languages - mostly Japanese, and Russian .

Kids kiberproroka

William Ford Gibson was born March 17, 1948 in the provincial town of Conway Americas (South Carolina). In his youth, nothing presaged William loud literary career. In college he studied does not matter in the spirit of the time and often wandering hippoval. The university received a philological education, becoming a specialist in the field of English-language literature. It is in the student years he first appeared desire to become a writer. Here are just before the start of a real literary work was still far… In mid-1960 - x beginning of the war in Vietnam. In the States still existed troop universal appeal, as a young William Gibson is not burning desire to go to fight. Like many other young Americans of that time, he moved in 1968 to live in Canada - first in Toronto and then - in 1972 - m - in Vancouver, where lives so far. In Vancouver, he began to teach at a local university, and married after the birth of the first child began to finally write. The first product released by literary William Gibson became the story "The shrapnel gologrammnoy roses" ( "Fragments of a Hologram Rose"), released in 1977 in the journal Unearth. It was a small story about a new kind of entertainment - simstim. Speaking modern language, the history of technology immersion in a specially designed virtual reality. Over the next few years, Gibson has published several more stories including the cycle "Continuum Gernsbeka" ( "The Gernsback Continuum", 1981). This cycle has some time later, a separate brochure. Sometime in the year 1980 - m on the young science-fiction drew the attention of the popular literary editor of the magazine "Omni" Ellen Detlou. Soon it is in this journal have been published on the first truly kiberpankovskie Gibson Productions: "Johnny Mnemonic" (1981 - s) and "Burning Chrome" (1982 - s). After that William Gibson zaprimetil another famous literary editor - Terry Carr, which is precisely majored in science fiction. Carr proposed contract for Gibson debut novel, suggesting to include it in his book series "Ace Specials". Started.

Seeing the future

"Novel" Neuromancer, came out of print in 1984, immediately became a bestseller and the focus of criticism. In 1985 - m very non-standard for the time the product was won all the major awards in the field of English-language fiction: "Nebyula" (Writers Prize), "Hugo" (Readers Award), and Philip Dick Prize (Award for the best publication of the year in soft cover). But "Neuromancer" not only raised a bouquet of prestigious literary prizes - it was he, in fact, made a remarkable new direction generally accepted in the scientific fiction, called "cyberpunk." "For Neyromantom" followed by two more Gibson novel from the same series: "The Count Zero" (1986) and "Mona Lisa Overdrive" (1988). In literary terms, they do not concede "Neyromantu", but the overwhelming success of the first book have not been able to repeat. Perhaps this is due to the fact that by the time of their exit from Gibson, a host of imitators already, pozitsioniruyuschih their creativity as cyberpunk. However, the army of dedicated fans have remained Gibson. In 90 - x Gibson worked quietly and measured. In 1991 - m co-authored with Bruce Sterling novel was written in the genre of alternative fiction - "The machine Differences" (The Difference Engine, Version translation - "Differential computer"). Same authors call this genre stimpankom (steampunk - "steam punk"). "The machine differences" - a large-scale canvases that describes the XIX century Victorian England (among the characters - Disraeli, Byron and other historical identity). Gibson and Sterling, only to recreate a hypothetical situation in which due to mechanical computer, invented by Charles Bebbidzhem, computer revolution in the world has started a century earlier. Computer advances 90 - x Gibson pushed to a new kiberpankovskomu cycle. The first product was the novel "Virtual Light" (1993), differ greatly from the earlier book writer. His events unfolding in the beginning of the next century in San Francisco, which polurazrushen powerful earthquake and is divided into several zones. The main character - a private security firm employee - looking for the stolen sunglasses, but in reality - a prototype of a special device to penetrate into a virtual reality. Released in September 1996 - the first novel "Idoru" was devoted to the show-business future and the issue of coexistence of virtual personalities with real people. A continuation of a kind of "Virtual Light" and "Idoru" became final novel trilogy - "All partying tomorrow." In his novels William Gibson has been able to predict much. Among his brilliant foresight - all-pervasive Internet penetration in a man's life, social networks, supercomputers and artificial intelligence, Light PC (UMPC current advanced analogues), omnipotence of IT corporations, mechanical substitutes for human organs, the most bizarre youth subculture, etc. and etc.


Notable trace of William Gibson and left in cinematography. It all started in autumn 1987, when he phoned producer David Giler - one of the creators of "Alien" film. After the huge success of the first two films (they filmed Ridley Scott and James Cameron), the producers wanted to make a third film is not worse than previous ones, but their fresh ideas they already have been. Gibson agreed to "invent something" for two months and wrote a script. But the idea of science producers not staged, and a few years later the film "Alien"-3 was withdrawn different scenario. However, Gibson is not particularly disconcerting - he had worked on screen story "Johnny Mnemonic".

The movie "Johnny Mnemonic" teacher-director Robert Longo went to the screens in 1995. The script for the movie Gibson has written himself, he also took an active part in the shootings. Initially, the film was planned budget in the modest-half or two million dollars. But the main role suddenly wanted to film a popular young actor Keanu Reeves, after which times the budget rose to $ 30 million From famous actors were also involved Dolf Lundgren, Barbara Zukova, rock musician Ice-Ti and Henry Rollins. I must note, while working on the script seriously Gibson rewrote plot: events was given a large scale and a distinctive Hollywood superficiality. For example, female ninja Molly in the film no - instead it is quite ordinary (for the future, of course) female bodyguard Jane. It is believed that Gibson, hoping one day to remove the film "Neyromantu", did not want to lose the copyright on the beloved heroine. As critics, the film has a very beautiful and unusual, but he failed in rolled. But among kinogurmanov acquired a cult reputation, finding themselves in the same breath with "running on razor blades" Ridley Scott, who at one time also did not make a big cashier.

In 1998, the silver screen has been moved to another early Gibson story - "New Rose Hotel" (New Rose Hotel). This time the script worked over a group of sponsors, with the result that the original plot was decent changed. The movie depicts the bleak adventures in the not too distant future, a pair of industrial spies, which leads around the same finger of enlisted prostitute. The painting is not made special Sumo, but was seen and appreciated by fans for the dignity of the genre. And finally, William Gibson was the author of a number of scenarios series "Secret" material. Of course, these are the series that have no kids, flying plates and genetic experiments. But is cyberspace, which roam unknown substance and lagging mysterious plots.


"Basic", if I may say so, novels by William Gibson collected two trilogy:
Trilogy "cyberspace" (Sprawl trilogy):
1. "Neuromancer", 1984.
2. "Count Zero", 1986, a more correct translation of the title - "Zero" or "Countdown Obnulenie counter".
3. "Mona Liza Overdrive", 1988.

"Bridge Trilogy":
1. "Virtual Light", 1993.
2. "Idoru", 1996.
3. "All Tomorrow's Parties", 1999.

Not included in any machine cycles novel "The Difference Engine", 1990, co-authored with Bruce Sterling, as well as the latest novels "Pattern Recognition", 2003 and "Spook Country", 2008.
In addition to novels, Gibson also wrote many short stories and novels. Among the most well-known - "The shrapnel gologrammnoy roses", "Fight", "Zaholuste", "Burning Chrome," "Winter Market", "Johnny Mnemonic", "Continuum Gernsbeka", "Belonging", "Krasnaya Zvezda, the orbit of winter", "The Hotel New roses".

Advertising in RuNet: expert opinion

Results in 2007 largely shame makers analysts forecasts. Namely: the Russian market of Internet advertising, on the basis of 2007 surpassed all expectations. Experts now estimate it at $ 400 - $ 450 million, though I half on the basis of most of them predicted a final amount of $ 300 million For comparison: in 2006, the Russian business is spent on online advertising about $ 210 million

So, the market for Internet advertising RuNet doubled in the past year, exceeding the mark of $ 400 million and taking about 4% of the total mediareklamy located in Russia. Market participants predict that in 2008 the market will grow by 50-70%. This does not take into account the costs of moving, creative and online PR. That is the aggregate cost to business presence on the Internet by anyone yet to really not appreciated. These and other figures were announced during a very representative Internet conference organized by investment company "Finam". In particular, the head of the Research Division of "Soup" Boris Ovchinnikov said that on the basis of past trends, and market size for 2007 at $ 400 million or slightly more than in 2008 - m can be 60-70% growth. And the expert called that estimate "conservative". But the views of other experts. Executive Director Vladislav Ulendeev eHouse Holding expects to see in 2008 - m momentum in the development of 50-60% growth (in assessing the market for 2007 - and at $ 400 - $ 450 million). According to the company's general director of TNS Gallup AdFact Ruslana Tagiyev, media Internet advertising now takes about 2.5% of the total mediarazmescheny, and taking into account the contextual segment, the figure increased to 4%.

In turn, "CEO Aleksei Begun" Basov evaluates last year's contextual advertising market in RuNet at $ 210 million and suggests that the trend of annual doubling of this trend will continue for at least another two or three years. Quote: "This slowdown" content "that we are witnessing now is a natural evolution in the segment. At the beginning of its development market it is very easy to show tremendous growth, but with the achievement of serious volumes still maintain the momentum is becoming increasingly difficult. " According to him, we will watch the slowdown in the market for contextual advertising, it will continue to build share in the total turnover of Internet advertising. "It is linked to the fact that media advertising tended to use large companies, it is only part of the overall advertising budget - among other advertising media (V T, radio, print, outdoor advertising). For the same enormous number of companies small and medium businesses contextual advertising often is the only access channel sales. Its share in the total turnover Internet advertising will only grow "- told journalists Aleksey Basov. However, the money came in the Internet and other means, in conjunction with advertising. Boris Ovchinnikov from the company's "Soup" argues: "With regard to relations with business, in the immediate vicinity of advertising services are supported by PR-marketing and customer shares. Also growing service area - in particular, many companies are trying to address the problem of staffing services through the search and selection of personnel who provide online services employment. But private users Web offers a lot of opportunities - from fee-paying accounts and SMS services to the purchase of software and digital content. "

But yet to quantify the proceeds RuNeta not directly related to advertising, specialists do not dare. Already mentioned Boris Ovchinnikov observes that the development of user-oriented areas of Internet business is constrained by the lack of Russian habits of users to online purchases of goods and services and alert (because of the security problems) relating to payments over a network. Regarding actively discussed in recent model AdSense for video from Google, the experts is not too optimistic evaluate its prospects. Alexei Basov Begun "from the company" is confident: "This is not the first experiment Google, which we see, and I think that while the model did not show its vitality, to talk about its prospects prematurely. We have repeatedly seen how successful the West business models were unable to realize themselves on the Russian market. Even if the model goes, it will not have the rapid spread and face a competing players, including national. "

It seems that under the "national players" Basov quite rightly implies their company. Regarding the prospects of the Russian market of online advertising, the director of the Research Fyodor Virin believed that the decreased compared with the offline media pressure to compete for the attention of the user will further increase the share of Internet advertising media in the overall cost customers. Actually, money in this market segment and is now higher than stated. The reason for the discrepancy in the fact that most current estimates only advertising content itself, without taking into account the creative, search engine optimization, etc. Experts estimate that these costs were as high as several tens per cent of the price of advertising.

The question of money

One of the topics discussed last week was the notorious "repudiation" of the company Toshiba his brainchild - a new generation of optical storage media HD DVD. In just a few days to phase out the HD DVD in its gaming console, and Microsoft is said. All of this has led many to say that the HD DVD format finally lost the competition competitor - Blu-Ray format. But I think this is not quite the case. More precisely, is not the case: many large manufacturing companies are loyal to beleaguered format. For example, the company LG has announced its intention to continue to support the development and sale of devices that work with HD DVD. Daniel Aziz - Manager of Marketing LG Electronics - told reporters: "LG believes that at the moment is to the player, which will support both formats, and so provide a simple and convenient for existing users HD DVD. Following the recent statements by Toshiba Blu-Ray format will be, which will pave the way for high-resolution films, but that does not mean an immediate exclusion of HD DVD, as there are a certain number of consumers who have chosen HD DVD collection and began to collect the discs".

But passions around the next-generation optical formats razgorelis entirely for other reasons, and those reasons are far from "little things" such as, for example, the image quality. Moreover, the quality of both formats provide absolutely the same. That's only winner in the "format war" gets a prize in the form of royalties - royalty payments. Royalties, under international agreements, there are a wide variety. For example, a consortium of Blu-Ray could obtain them from producers of computers and consumer electronics, which will be used optical floppies Blu-Ray. Similar deductions will pay producers and studio discs. Also, each optical disk drive or Blu-Ray, down from the conveyor will be subject to a kind of tax - license reward - in favor of the Association of Blu-Ray disc. Exact figures deductions is not yet known. But to get an idea of their size can be, if we recall a similar story with a DVD discs. Not so long ago, when the DVD was monopolist among high-capacity optical discs, legitimate manufacturer to produce DVD players can only paying around $ 4 per player or drive for the PC. A few years ago, when there were only a few producers and demand has been enormous, those payments will reach $ 15 - $ 20. According to the license agreement, these deductions are made every time a DVD drive is a factory assembling of the computer. But seegodnya virtually impossible to find a modern desktop or laptop without a DVD drive. According to statistics, the worldwide order issued in the year 250 million computers. Plus a DVD drives sold separately as accessories.

One can imagine the volume of royalty. But not only equipment manufacturers pay licensing royalties. The second is the flow of money from companies that produce DVD-ROM (legally, of course). Only in January this licensing group DVD6C finally reduced payments on disks, bringing them up to four cents per piece. And above this amount is equivalent to 7.5 cents. But that's not all. Also, manufacturers must pay for "technical standards". What are these payments without ... e-e-e… special education and non id. But pay accounts. Incidentally. While the Association of Blu-Ray discs, and does not oblige producers players, it urges them to make Blu-Ray devices with the ability to play DVD disks format to ensure backward compatibility. I have something important to licensing payments. It Insufficient mechanisms calculation and payment of royalties led to a situation in which China summit called "DVD" mistake. The fact is that a few years ago because of the high competition, most Chinese manufacturers started a DVD player losses or, at best, "went to zero" left without a profit. But many owners of patents earned. DVD Forum repealed licensing fees players made and sold in China, but a large portion of goods leaving the country. And very often these were "grey" schemes supplies isklyuchavshie international supervision. Problems with the payment of royalties and were the main reason why that would begin the development of China's own standard optical media. That is, having a huge DVD industry, the Chinese do not want to lose money on royalties. Earlier, a similar situation exists with CD discs. Developers standard profit: Philips is received about 1.8 cents for each drive, and Sony - about 1.2 cents. However, when the term of the international patent over what happened in 2001, Philips admitted that its license revenue payments fell by $ 42 million

Apparently, the developer of the technology Blu-Ray (and, incidentally, also on the main role of Sony) will act more cautiously than the DVD Forum, in terms of issuing licences for the production of players and discs. It is believed that the studios preferred the Blu-Ray format including because the production of pirated discs Blu-Ray to build more complex than the production of pirated HD DVD. In addition, the Blu-Ray format used experimental element of protection called BD +, which allows you to dynamically change the encryption scheme. It should be broken encryption, producers can update the encryption scheme, and all subsequent copies will be protected by the new scheme. To have a story with the program DeCSS, destroyed hvalenuyu protect DVD seemingly should not happen again. It seems to… Incidentally, the BD + license holders can also take separate royalty.

Transpositions in big three-tuple

In the "big three-tuple" the world's leading producer of mobile phones has changed dramatically. For the first time in the history of the South Korean Samsung Corporation has increased its market share to 14.5% and ahead of the American Motorola. It happened once in the third quarter of 2007, Samsung has been able to sell 42 million cellular phones. Such data published an analytical company Gartner, conducting regular market research of mobile phones.

Of course, the unrivaled leader in the manufacturing of PCs remains a Finnish Nokia, which controls 38.1% of the market and sells more machines than its closest pursuer, both combined. In doing so, over the last year only Nokia has consolidated its leading position in the market by increasing the volume of their products by 25%. The share of the producer III quarter had more than 110 million of the total number of PCs sold. The success of Finnish manufacturer is largely due to the fact that the management of the company empted trend of declining revenue at the "old" markets (Europe, USA, Japan) and refocused in time to enlarge the production release of budget models for markets in developing and underdeveloped countries. The yield from each sold budgetary tubes small, but huge sales in developing countries still make this business model is very profitable. Not coincidentally, perhaps, in Nokia is not going because of the strong reduction of sales in the United States - only one China repeatedly has already compensated for the loss of Finns position on the American market. Now Samsung intends to move closer to that of the Finnish company by selling low-cost models active in developing countries. According to Gartner, in the last quarter of Samsung sold nearly 42 million mobile phones, having managed for the year to increase its market share from 12.2% to 14.5%.

A Motorola phones sales for the year, in contrast, fell from 52 million to 37.8 million units. If the III quarter of 2006, Motorola controlled 20.7% of the market of mobile phones, and now this figure has declined sharply and is only 13.1%. According to Gartner analysts, disappointing results so American companies were not unexpected, given throughout the year, the company worked inefficiently. The main reason of failure Motorola experts from Gartner called the almost complete absence of new model phones in a number of companies. Since the very successful American manufacturer Motorola Razr has not created any of a truly colorful and popular models. In addition, Motorola marketing continue to ignore low, in their opinion, the markets of third world countries. And even if there is literally in front of the eyes of a success story in Nokia and Samsung. And in the expensive machines for technically advanced users in the United States market position Motorola successfully attacked the company with his acclaimed Apple iPhone.

It is difficult to say what new items zagotovila Motorola in 2008, and how to change the American company marketing policies. I recall only that not so long ago, the commitment to sign in 2008, the three world leaders expressed the company Sony Ericsson. I seem to do so she is going through all the same unfortunate Motorola. One of the innovations that will apply Sony Ericsson to gain market will be the installation of machines at full office suite Quickoffice Premier. This is a premium version of the program, which will create, edit and view Microsoft Office files directly on the screen. Manufacturer also finds application in Quickmanager smartphones, which will automatically download the latest version of Quickoffice. Updates will also be provided free of charge. Previously, only mobile office set up in business smartphones, in the music program models for viewing documents available. However, Motorola and it is possible to expect surprises. Let me remind you that on January 1, 2008 Ed Zander as CEO will succeed Greg Brown. I have already indicated its plans clearly enough. In a recent interview site Greg Brown said: "All the debate about the new phones is over. We are very proud RAZR every respect, but we do not want to rely only on the company hit sales. This means that in the future mobile devices will gamma face fragmentation and segmentation, offering a wide range of consumer phones - from business machines to fashion-Bugs".

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IT SECTOR: Chinese in Europe and other pre surprises

In December of this becoming evident many trends that will surely guide the IT industry in 2008. They now and I will try to focus. I will start with the most intriguing - with the global expansion of China's Lenovo Corporation.

Asia's largest PC manufacturer Lenovo is preparing to challenge the leadership of Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Dell and Toshiba. China is planning to build the first factory in Europe, the absorption of European companies, as well as work directly with the end-users. Chapter Lenovo William Amelio commented on these plans so: "Winning the European market was for a long time too difficult for us. Meanwhile, there is growing business. Special encouraging German market, where the proportion of Lenovo in a short time increased by 5%. " After the acquisition of computer units in 2005, IBM Lenovo breathes in his neck competitor Acer Taiwan. Rivals fight for the third place on the list of the largest producers of computers - after HP and Dell. Today, the battlefield has become the main Europe, where Acer is the percentage of 14.5%, which puts the company into the second place after HP. Concern Acer has recently strengthened its position in the European market by buying Packard Bell - that is literally seized the largest local producer from under the nose of Chinese. Overall, Lenovo relies on organic growth. In the quarter ended company sold 23% more computers and the increased share of the world market to 8.2%. This concern is reduced costs and increased traffic. As a result, the value of shares of Lenovo by the end of the year has increased threefold. In Europe, however, Lenovo case is still worse than in other parts of the world. In the region of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) turnover in the last quarter grew by 18% - up to $886 million, which represents only one-fifth of total revenues concern. To accelerate growth, the company is building the first factory in Europe - in Poland. Lenovo plans to make it 2 million PCs a year. Expansion outside of the Chinese market - one of the most important strategic goals of the concern. Over the last three quarters of Lenovo computer business grew markedly higher than the global PC market as a whole. This, however, does not mean the end of the restructuring of the company. In the year 2008 scheduled start enterprises based on end-customers. In this segment Lenovo so far is only in China and India. But for the successful launch of the direction you want to make the brand more recognizable. Because Lenovo and spends huge sums on sponsorship of Formula-1, NBA basketball league and the Olympic Games in Beijing. Another important item - expansion of concern to developing countries. India became the first where the production Lenovo. Now prismatrivaetsya concern to Russia, the countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Brazil. This concern has not forgotten their homeland - China, which produced a computer costing only $200, which can connect to a TV. His main buyers - poor villagers.

One of the major Hollywood companies Warner Bros. Entertainment can bring victory Blu-ray format over its rival HD DVD in early 2008. As vice president Michael Burns Lionsgate Studios, the company Sony and other supporters of the format Blu-ray "persuaded Warner Bros leadership. release new movies exclusively on Blu-ray discs, abandoning the old policy of recording in both formats simultaneously. The decision virtually accepted, and the leadership of Warner Bros. only awaiting the results of the Christmas sales in order to assess the possible consequences of such a step. " The importance of negotiations for Sony said that the CEO Howard Stinger lead them personally with top leaders of Time Warner, whose ownership is Warner Bros film. Warner contribution to the growing HD-video industry is so great that its decision in favour of any of the formats could drag weights in a bowl of protracted struggle. If the leadership film will Blu-ray side, the share of emerging market in the BD-ROM will increase to 70%, leaving companies supporting HD DVD format, in clear minority. After such a successful step, "club" Blu-ray manufacturers will only achieve its competitors through low-cost player of DVDs - the trump card now HD DVD supporters. And so logical consequence: player Blu-ray BD-P1400, Samsung produced, in-line stores fell by 40% - from $500 to almost $300. This is the first sharp drop in prices of such players - early models of Blu-ray drives cost about $1000. HD DVD disc players are still far cheaper - in early November player Toshiba HD-A2 DVD began to be sold in American stores for about $100. The price of an external HD DVD player for the Microsoft Xbox 360 in early December also fell, and was $130 instead of $179. But, in spite of the more expensive players, Blu-Ray has already doubled popular HD DVD. From January to September 2007 - the first in the United States has sold 1.4 million HD DVD discs and 2.6 million - Blu-ray.

The company apparently preparing to Motorola in 2008 - m to take revenge for a very unsuccessful this year. (I recall: on the basis of III quarter of 2007 - ahead of Motorola missed Samsung. company's market share fell from 20.7% to 13.1%.) Motorola is now actively negotiating with Taiwanese manufacturers of mobile phones. Motorola hopes to resume cooperation with tayvantsami to place orders for the production of smartphones. In particular, the company plans to produce 3.5-G smartphones based on the Windows Mobile at the party. Among the partners are the company's future Compal Communication, Chi Mei Communication Systems (CMCS), and Arima Communications. The first deliveries will begin in II quarter presumably in 2008 Not long ago, Motorola unit restructured its smartphones, so Moto Q series machines will continue to be developed and produced by the company itself. However, in order to fill gaps in its product lineup, Motorola will be forced in early 2008 to appeal to OEM companies. Increased line of smartphones, among other things, due to the fact that Motorola has withdrawn from the market budgetary decisions. The company found that for large quantities of supplies the market brings little profit. "" Kaspersky Labs announced the reorganization of its international structure and the establishment of five regional headquarters: in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, as well as in Japan. The chief global offices appointed Andreas Lamm (former director of Kaspersky Lab Germany), Harry Kondakov (previously former managing director in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states), Steve Orenberg (incumbent president Kaspersky Lab USA), Gary Cheng (previously headed the Chinese
Missions) and Vitaly Bezrodnyh also unexpired director of business development. Yevgeny Buyakin, until now occupying the post of financial director, moved to a specially approved by the Executive Director, among whose tasks will include operational guidance, as well as coordination between global and central offices. Buyakinu and Bezrodnyh belong to a British company-owner of LC 1%. The company said that the manager are both minority shareholders group of companies Kaspersky Labs. Position managing director in Russia, CIS and Baltic States is not abolished, but should also be such a vacancy in the coming year is not expected. Harry Kondakov, as reported in the LC, still combines with the new post and headed the Russian office as Managing Director LC in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Combining posts at the company explained that Russia is forming a business in the territory managed Kondakovym global office. This makes management of a strategic objective, logical manner which is in the competence of managing director of the region. The Office of the other territories region being managers of business development in the territory. Scale restructuring undertaken because of the need for effective management of a growing network of local missions LC - in the next two years, their number should grow more than doubled (now 12). At a recent board of directors had approved the business plans of each of the global development offices, but the main objective is named for the large-scale expansion of overseas markets. The reorganization also is intended to bring the company into line with international standards of governance in anticipation of the imminent IPO, but, as assured in the company, the board of directors on the matter has not yet been discussed. In "Kaspersky Labs" saying that the company's current share in the user segment Russia is about 51%, in the business segment - about 44%. Abroad, the company is actively developing retail and, for example, in Germany in this field is the first place in China - the second in the United States - the fourth. At the end of 2006 LC revenue was $67.3 million - an increase over the same period last year, 69%. According to the company, currently in the T-3 Extras world antivirus market includes Symantec, McAfee and TrendMicro, Kaspersky Labs plans to enter the top three by 2010.

But Palm has announced that its projected figures for the II quarter of the fiscal year will not be performed. Coors shares manufacturer collapsed by 17%. According to company estimates, revenue decline to $345 million for the quarter, while analysts had expected revenues of $378.2 million Revenues and profits declined due to the delay of key new product, believe in the company. Palm makes Treo smartphone family, but the company did not confirm that it was exactly on the new smartphone. Coors shares of the company after the announcement of damages fell by 17%. During this year Palm capitalization fell by almost 50%.

Carolyn Gudmundson - Microsoft former staff member dealing with the purchase and registration of domain names - is suspected of embezzlement in the amount of one million dollars. From its actions suffered by Microsoft, Expedia and California Marksman domain registrar. Accusations made Gudmundson to 11 episodes of fraud using telephone lines, as well as seven cases of fraud using the mail. It threatens up to 20 years of jail and $250 thousand fine. 44-year-old Gudmundson charged that Microsoft used the credit card and the records of expenditures indicate excessive amount paid for the domain. In the case of Expedia it received the money by sending invoices for allegedly registered on the instructions of Microsoft domains. She was also able to convince the registrar Marksman officer that a certain G. M. Lossmanu owed payment for the mass registration of domain names Microsoft. Meanwhile, the checks were sent to the mother Gudmundson.

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Apple and all-all-all

The company Apple was rightly a major gleaned in 2007. And news of the "Apple" in most cases were purely positive. Let's try to deal with what the company has come to the final year and preparing what surprises us all in the coming 2008.

The success of today

Fresh version of Mac OS X, updated line of iPod players and Makov together will lead Apple to another record quarter, analysts believe. Recently, the American report has been sent to banks, which contains the conclusions of the main channels of distribution Apple and its Asian suppliers. As it turned out, on average, at the warehouses now in a three-week margin products (Macs and players), although this figure is usually one and a half, if not twice as much. It is noted that the decline was caused not by artificially restricting production - it is running at full capacity - and a very high user demand, which once again exceeded expectations. Experts expected that this quarter will be sold around 2.2 million trees and up to 25 million iPod players all versions. Visible contribution to the budget and make Apple iPhone Communicator, which should be sold to 2.13 million Thus, this year sales of around 3.5 million copies, but this is a very good process stock for next year. If the entire sum total record, it falls short in one sentence: from the Apple all good. At least, now.

Reserves Apple

To date, in the IT industry, only Cisco and Microsoft have more cash than Apple, which have already exceeded last mllrd $ 15. The company does not pay dividends, not make loud acquisitions, not repurchased its shares. So what Steve Jobs conceived? When earlier this year, said Lehman Brothers analyst Peter Oppenheymera - Apple chief financial officer - on the company's plans for such a large cash reserves, he noticed that several billion would help, for example, support some large projects. Also, the manager added that from time to time they have raised the issue of compensation for its shareholders, but so far it is not beyond the conversations went. In general, Apple is very carefully about his money by avoiding large and risky investments. The company prefers to acquire small, but potentially interesting development, among which were Emagic (today Logic package), the developer of video Nothing Real, as well as the creator of FireWire company Zayante. Similar waste can be expected next year. Also recently went a lot of rumours about the possible involvement of Apple in the United States to bid for the broadcasting frequency of 700 MHz. Having it will allow the company to deploy its own national wireless data network and the services of AT & T. But this "cost" will be a lot of toys. Only at the stage of bidding Apple can take up to $ 10 billion, so it's not all dleko unequivocally. No need to forget that the company has already engage in some expensive projects - such as rebuilding a new campus in Cupertino, which will cost it half a billion dollars.

Failure AppleTV

Macworld magazine is published preliminary results Presents AppleTV sales in 2007. They were markedly lower than expected. Earlier in the year, experts assumed that the first year would be about a million machines sold AppleTV, but counted on the fact that during this time of service iTunes Store catalog will be greatly enhanced video. This did not happen, and that was one of the main reasons for the failure of stations. Only in 2007 was sold about 400 thousand Apple TV, for the current festive season, at best, will be sold another 400 thousand, but the plan has been put clearly will not be fulfilled. If a company wants to rectify the situation, in the opinion of experts, it should work in two directions. First, is to recognize that AppleTV fate depends on the content accessible. The device can be wonderful, but without video, it "an empty shell". Therefore, it may make sense to make concessions to the studios, which want to sell digital video at a higher price. And secondly, it is necessary to actively engage in the development of most stations. Admittedly, AppleTV far from ideal, and picture quality is often insufficient for viewing on large "plasma". Perhaps the situation will improve slightly built the planned addition of a DVD player.


This year for Apple vydalsya very eventful, but what will be next? Analysts Piper Jaffray Companies and American Technology Research in general are positive, but their colleagues from ValuEngine more cautious in the estimates. In their view, in 2008, "apple company" expects a lot of testing. The success of Apple, which we have seen in 2007 - m in ValuEngine consider only the first battle won us in a very prolonged war. Apple entered into several new markets and confronted face to face with very serious adversaries. Let them first, and several opeshili from such swoop, but such a response can be expected by early next year. This could be, for example, the launch of new Nokia Communicators, which generally will be similar to the iPhone, but without committing to the operator and to support 3G. And this is the power of the Finnish company, which this year has sold more than 400 million sets. But Steve Dzhobsu, according to ValuEngine, more attention is not paid to the development iPhone and protection service iTunes - analysts believe it is his basis for all current and future success company. It provides the necessary influx of new users, but in 2008 - m may face serious problems. Major record companies dissatisfied with Apple dominant position, and therefore invest more resources in the development and promotion of alternative projects. None of them can compete with the iTunes Store, but all together, so even taking into account the services of Wal-Mart and Amazon, they can distract from Apple up to a quarter of current users. This is a direct blow to the sale of trees.

Conclusion? Apple Shares, the value of which now stands at $ 180, significantly overvalued. Next year, their cost will drop to $ 135. The only way to keep the current rate of growth Apple - constantly give anything new, but how long the company will be able to do so? The logical chain ValuEngine looks convincing, but it was based on the highly debatable assertion - that business is built around service Apple iTunes Store. It plays a vital role in the model of Apple, but now its value is not in the number of tracks sold or songs in the catalogue - is held platform uniting all mobile companies. And so to such external factors as the emergence of other online music stores, it is more than stable.

Maybe all the same laptops?

What computers can be expected from Apple next year? Authoritative site made a number of assumptions regarding the company's strategic plans to release new models of laptops. So, what may surprise producer iPhone and iPod at Macworld Expo 2008?

With some probability it can be argued that in the next year the company will issue a Tablet PC. True, it will hardly enjoy great popularity. Not everyone wants to pay $ 1000 - $ 1200 for the iTablet, if for the same money you can buy a fully MacBook. There is no doubt that in his new device Apple multitouch wants to use technology, which has already brought us success reckless. But whether the market is ready for such a development of events? Instead Tablet PC Apple could launch a mini-tablet (or increased iPod touch) with 4.5 - inch display like devices for reading e-books, RSS-feeds and blogs. Thus, the Sony PRS-500 and Amazon Kindle would be a competitor. Also next year, Apple may introduce professional Canyon. Those users of Mac computers, which by the nature of their activities have to travel a lot, not very happy with the mobility of 15 - and 17 - inch MacBook Pro. They would like to have something like that, but 13 - or 14 - inch form factor and weighing more than 2.2 kg. It also could have been made to abandon the optical drive, and to reinstall the operating system and utilities you can use the built-4 - a gigabyte flash drive. This is the MacBook will not, as a completely new professional machine with fast processor (that is, with a new chip company Intel Penryn), multiple ports, bulk memory and operational large hard drive. If all this is put in the outer shell (for example, carbon fiber) and add 3G module, the Lights Out of the buyers will not. Another possible novelty - flash Canyon ( "Flesher") - is attractive appearance and value. Like previous device, "Flesher" has 13 - or 14 - inch screen and no optical drive, but it is thinner and lighter "professional colleagues." Another advantage of it - longer battery operating time. Classic HDD replaced in Fleshere "" 64 - or 128 - gigabyte Solid State Drive (SSD). To reduce the weight of the computer, it is probably facing fewer ports than professional Canyon: a USB port, FireWire and possibly 30 - pin connector for connecting iPod connector or Duo-esque docking connector.


But the most incredible news, I finally reserved. The head of Apple, Steve Jobs may leave his post. Another wave of rumours of a possible resignation from the post of CEO Dzhobsa of Apple jumped after the publication of The Times newspaper. The article refers to the possible replacement Dzhobsa Jonathan Yves - Vice President of Industrial Design. The reason for the departure of the present head of Apple may be his fatigue, accumulated as a result of the scandal over the options that occurred in 2006 - m.

I recall last year's Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) USA suspect Apple to change the dates of options, bringing the recipients can reap greater than it should, profit. According to the results of the investigation violations were detected, resulting in at Apple has been fined $ 84 million for late dating more than 6.4 thousand options. Former Apple CFO Fred D. Anderson, accused of violations, settled SEC civil suit and in the framework of a settlement agreed to pay $ 3.5 million Anderson tried to shift the responsibility for what happened to Steve surprised, but that it had not succeeded. Now many experts and analysts of Silicon Valley are increasingly express the view on the need to find a replacement Dzhobsu and creating strategies for further development of the company, is not based on mere charisma of its founder. According to some reports, the effects are felt Apple stock option scandal to date - SEC continues to show increased interest in the company. Many investors can positively evaluate replacement Dzhobsa Yves, never been implicated in the matter. Iv - chief designer of key Apple products: iMac, iPod and iPhone. Experts believe that transfer the management rights in the hands of responsible for the fact that Apple has made a success - design - a very right step. Yves handed himself in response to the request of journalists through the company that considers itself more useful work than giving interviews.

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Nokia: increment leadership

January 24, Nokia company should announce the results IV quarter of 2007. But analysts already agree that the Finnish company will be able to further increase its market share at the expense of being in "crisis" three rooms - the American Motorola.

Profit from the same stock on the basis of Nokia in 2007 is projected to grow by an impressive 47% - a forecast promulgated company Reuters Group polled experts. It is expected that by the fourth quarter the company will sell 130.7 million phones, which is longer than the three closest pursuer sale (Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson) combined. Production of the company continues to enjoy huge success in the developing Asian markets, which have recently been characterized in great demand. Only in India every month to the cellular network connects 8 million people, most of whom choose Nokia. I let this so-called "budget", that is the cheapest, models - they bring a huge amount of revenue through sales. Some analysts predict that by the end of 2007, the company will control more than 40% of the market. Following favourable projections of analysts rate companies Nokia Depository Receipts on the New York Stock Exchange rose by 5%.

Meanwhile, in the very near future, the company is waiting for serious change. Nokia phones will cease production in Germany and close the factory in Bochum by mid-2008. The company promises to move production lines in the "other, better cost cities of Europe". This effect will affect 2300 employees. "The planned closure of the factory in Bochum need to maintain the competitiveness of Nokia - Veley explains Sandbeck - executive vice president of Nokia and the chairman of the board of directors. -- Because of changes in the market and increasing requirements for the optimization of the production cost of mobile devices in Germany no longer fits Nokia. The factory could not work, the demands for optimizing cost and flexible scaling, so we had to take such a cruel decision. " Finalization and upgrade production lines in Bochum would require a huge investment, in the end did not justify itself.

The company is negotiating to sell the factory with Sasken Technologies. And so it became known, which will move production. Nokia plans to open a new factory in the Romanian city of Cluj. It will open on 11 February and will produce 5 phones per second! Manufacturing phones for markets in Asia and Africa will be the principal activities of the factory. Immediately after opening the Finnish company will be 500 people, but when promoted to production at full capacity, this number will increase to 3500. The average monthly salary of 200 euros working daily plus coupons for a free lunch. The aggregate investment in new production base amounted to 60 million euros.

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IT SECTOR: an attempt to reboot

Greco-Roman wrestling among top managers Microsoft and Yahoo continues to be the focus of the entire computer industry. Only interchanges are, it seems, everything is delayed…

Victor Rupert Murdoch, pomyanuty us in the previous review, still refused to defend against Yahoo takeover by Microsoft, stating that the software corporation much more money. A few weeks leaders tried to negotiate with Yahoo News Corp. Murdoch to merge it with a social network owned MySpace and other Internet assets. In exchange, Murdoch offered minority package the second largest search engine world. Murdoch added that it is much more interested in the share of Google, which sells advertising on MySpace. Now Yahoo managers are likely to try to agree on a merger with a subsidiary of Time Warner - a corporation AOL. Only Microsoft would not! However, in most Microsoft has no unanimities.На recent press conference General Director Steve Ballmer, changing its usual restraint, said that intends to make the deal with Yahoo, even if this is his "latest achievement in this position in the company". But, in the words of Ballmera despite official denial of Yahoo merger, the parties still are negotiating on the matter. Nevertheless, it was originally proposed to increase the amount is not. Microsoft, the Director-General also stressed that in the case of a successful outcome of Yahoo services probably will be integrated with similar Microsoft platforms, as well as within the same corporation, and one brand to support two alternative service does not make sense. In his pica boss Ray Ozzy - Chief Software Architect of Microsoft - said that the company would not accelerate the process of buying Yahoo, which has now moved to the dormant phase. According to Mr Ozzy, the company that such a hurry acquisitions, "behaving irresponsibly". He said he remains "considerable optimism" about the fact that Microsoft plans on buying Yahoo still translate into reality. Currently Microsoft does not intend to change the offer, and Yahoo is going to continue to struggle tactics "power of attorney", preferring to put forward a new composition of the board of directors, loyal to the transaction.

And on Microsoft. Companies Microsoft and Sun are expanding mutual cooperation, forming joint-research center of a test called the Sun / Microsoft Interoperability Center. The main objective of the centre, razmestivshegosya in Redmond, near the headquarters of Microsoft, will be to ensure inter-Microsoft software products, and 64 - bit Sun Fire servers. Specialists point Microsoft will optimize the application for subsequent use on Sun platforms, as well as the promotion of such software and hardware systems. The center will be set up and test stand demonstration zone. As part of the agreement professionals Sun / Microsoft Interoperability Center will work with employees authorized technical centres Sun Solution Centers to provide clients with the possibility of testing their solutions on the platform of Windows Server 2008 and Sun servers. In addition, the developers Microsoft and Sun will conduct research on the development of cross-platform virtualization technologies. One of the first results of increased cooperation between Microsoft and Sun has been the emergence of solutions Sun Infrastructure Solution for the mail server Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. That decision, as stated in a press release, facilitate corporate users work with your mail traffic and allow for a period of three years to reduce the cost of the full e-mail systems by 70%.

Now, "" gland. IBM and Hitachi Corporation announced on the first experience of cooperation for the establishment of 32 - semiconductor nanostructures. Representatives of the companies said that in order to achieve this goal will be used "new methods of transistors in mikroplatah location." Let me remind you that in recent years, IBM was able to unite the largest market players components for general research into new technologies. Alliance was named Common Platform. It now includes AMD, Chartered, Freescale, Infineon, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and STMicroelectronics. Beginning cooperation with Hitachi indicates that the company and plans to enter into a "semiconductor" association. The main advantage Common Platform - lowering the cost of studies for each of the participants.

Already more than once stated that the "old" architecture Conroe processors will be withdrawn from the market aggressively in the near future. This view was confirmed by the Intel Corporation itself, as reported at a meeting with the head of the company analyst Paul Otellini. Already, the manufacturer ships the daily consumers CPU 100 thousand families and Wolfdale Yorkfield and from the time they are announcing sold more than 4 million processors. To date, Intel factory in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and Israel produced a total of 72 models of 45 nm processors. By the end of the quarter, the share of these products in the structure of sales will reach 25%, and by the end of the quarter they had already III will be more than half. Otellini also said that the emergence of a new family of chips Nehalem architecture is expected in the second half of this year, will be released when two-, four-and vosmiyadernye model with a built trehkanalnym DDR3 memory controller and support for multithreading (up to 16 streams in the CPU). The integration of specialized processors kernels in Nehalem (graphical kernel) Intel is scheduled for next year.

Russia has demonstrated its success. The volume market cable television and broadband Internet access in the country by 2010 will reach $ 4 billion This statement was made by chairman of the board of directors of Renova Media "Jury" at the conference "Pripachkin Mediabiznes: strategies for the development and diversification of Dow." According Pripachkina, today modern pay television market in Russia, experts estimate of $ 650 million, and Internet services market - in the $ 1,2-1,3 billion Moreover, the growth rate in both cases reach 40%. Yuri Pripachkin noted the following trends that characterize today for the pay-T V: unprecedented growth in pay television market in Moscow and in the regions; actively networking cable operators; regional expansion of companies, among them - "Golden Telecom", "Renova Media", "Stream"; increasing popularity of integrated services segment of the Internet "T + V"; контентное confrontation, which is reflected in the expansion of content operators spectrum in anticipation of the transition to digital broadcasting. Speaking on the future development of broadband access, "Renova" leader noted that from 2008-2010 the level of penetration in Moscow SHPD reach 75%. Quote: "After that significantly change its market share will not work. By 2010, price wars operators will be local phenomenon, and the fight for customers with the price of access will be virtually impossible. 10 megabits per second for $ 25 will offer nearly all the players in the broadband access market in Moscow. " An important tool in the fight for customer loyalty, according to the chairman of the board of directors "Renova Media", will be content. The winner will be the one who can offer original and attractive, and therefore, "the content will have to either acquire or produce itself".

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IT SECTOR: profits for instruction

The main topic of discussion in the global IT industry is an attempt by Microsoft to swallow Internet company Yahoo to the will of the latter. Now Yahoo leadership mediakorporatsiyami is negotiating with Time Warner and News Corp. Trying to find a more attractive alternative to the proposal of Microsoft.

This may be to merge Yahoo and AOL, the owner of the latter - the company Time Warner - is a major, but not controlling package of the new entity. Sources close to the negotiations indicate that the parties can thus save on the costs to a billion dollars a year. In addition, Yahoo owned interested in AOL advertising service At the same time, Yahoo is negotiating with the News Corp. System, which offers a package of shares exchanged on the Yahoo service If that happens, then Yahoo would be under the supervision of one of the most aggressive mediamagnatov world - Australian Rupert Murdoch. That it belongs to the famous phrase: "Bring on the shooting team, and the war, I provide you". Negotiations are already quite some time, but the merger with Microsoft is still considered as more likely than the deal with Time Warner or News Corp.

Meanwhile, the 14 March deadline, left Microsoft on reflection, after Yahoo leadership rejected the offer software corporations, deeming him insufficiently profitable. It is likely that this deadline will be refocused, and Microsoft will make a new proposal. In Mill Yahoo, however, unanimity on the rejection is not observed: Some shareholders of the company filed in connection with the claims against Yahoo leadership, and leadership prevail in the division. But some serious steps to the top managers agree Yahoo did. Namely: indefinitely postponed nominates candidates for the board of directors. In doing so, the company won the time for negotiations that would allow it to protect itself from the takeover by Microsoft. Let me remind you that Microsoft intended to shift the direction Yahoo by other shareholders. The final deadline for candidates and their proposals was 14 March. Now Yahoo reported that such a period is 10 days since the date will be announced annual shareholders meeting. The last annual meeting of shareholders Yahoo held June 12, 2007 According to the laws of the State of Delaware American annual assembly should be held at least once every 13 months. This means that Yahoo could appoint the next assembly in July. In this train of Microsoft clearly did not expect.

The head pain, and certainly the top managers of Google. C beginning of 2008 the value of the company's shares plummeted by more than 35% to almost the absolute minimum for the year. Capitalization search engine is now lower than it was in late 2006 - the first. Securities continued to fall against a backdrop of dissatisfaction investors c tori low turnover from sales of Google advertising. Experts believed that the loss of top management Google inevitable. As a result of exchange trading, the value of shares of Google fell by 2.72% and amounted to $444.60, and capitalization - $139.33 billion For comparison: in 2006, on the basis of capitalization of the American Internet giant has been at the level of $141 billion The last time below $445 securities companies dropped almost a year ago - March 16, 2007 ($440,85). The historical maximum of Google shares set November 6, 2007 - First, exceeding $740. Since then, however, growth stopped, and since the beginning of this year and is started plummeting. Cost Google shares fell two months to 35.7%. Promulgated in late January financial report for the year 2007 is not impressed investors - IV quarter has been the most unfortunate for the company for the past 3.5 years. In Google then noticed that the slower growth caused by the decline in advertising spending business on the Internet. The number of ads in the Google network in the last quarter of 2007 - the first rose in comparison with the same period in 2006 - only to go up to 30%. In I-III quarters of 2007, growth views ranged from 45% to 52%. Early this March, their desire to leave Google said Sheryl Sandberg - one of the key top managers of the company, worked there since 2001. In the post of Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations she managed the sale of advertising and publishing products Google, head of marketing and support of consumer products. The new venue will work Sheryl Sandberg social network Facebook. Many analysts link the withdrawal Sheryl Sandberg, with a gradual transformations of Google in a large-scale bureaucratic machine, which becomes uncomfortable to work. Therefore, the key employees who have a choice, prefer a dynamic and young companies. The experts do not exclude that major losses in the leadership Google is yet to come. Note that it is this development (ie internal bureaucracy) has led to a crisis once the unconditional leader Internet industry - the company Yahoo.

Dell Company reported for the last quarter of fiscal year 2008. Revenues company amounted to $15989 billion, which is 10% more than last year. Nevertheless, analysts were waiting for more from Dell, suggesting see $16265 billion revenue. Net income of the company amounted to $679 million Compared to the previous financial year Dell not doschitalas 6% profit. This was because, in particular, the company has spent $83 million to acquire companies and EqualLogic Everdream. Another $54 million was spent on the payment of termination benefits in connection with the closure of several factories. Meanwhile, Dell has shown sales growth of the world: their volumes in the United States increased by 17%, in Brazil, Russia, India and China combined - by 36%. As a result, the American market has brought Dell 49% of the company's total revenue.

Microsoft Corporation beginning limited testing the new service called the Online Services, a business-oriented users. This set of Web applications developed in the strategy Software Plus Services (PO plus services), requiring separate products from online services. Subscribers new service will be able to obtain online access to videoconferencing, tools for working with e-mail, calendar, organizer, as well as the means of teamwork. To manage all elements of Microsoft Online Services will apply a single unified interface with the ability to monitor developments and gather statistics. In September 2007, access to the Microsoft Online Services has been granted large companies with more than 5000 staff. Now test Web services can and other companies and organizations. Packet Microsoft Online Services, among other companies had already taken advantage of Autodesk, Blockbuster, Ceridian, Coca-Cola, Energizer Holdings, Ingersoll-Rand Company, PFT-Medway and XL Capital. In the future, access to the Microsoft Online Services will be provided on a subscription, but specific pricing has not yet been clarified. In doing so, Microsoft promised to provide a discount participants Software Assurance program, under which you are charged for the use of products every year. A set of Microsoft Online Services will be available for commercial use in the second half of this year.

According to analysts the company Visant Strategies, Intel plans to make a significant investment in the deployment of WiMAX telecommunications network operator Sprint show beginning to supplant cable solutions to the market means a stationary connectivity. In other words, over the short term WiMAX can become not only a tool for mobile access, but also a serious competitor to DSL and "kabelschikov". Already in the very near future the market will be stationary WiMAX connectivity to key suppliers. Revenues from the deployment of WiMAX should go up dramatically, as this technology takes a significant portion of niche cable and DSL connections. According to the experts, estimated the WiMAX prospects in the period from 2008 to 2013 he worked., The number of subscribers of fixed WiMAX networks will double each year. In parallel market will be shaped multi 802.16e equipment.

Now let's talk about the mobile communications industry. According to research company Gartner, the economic downturn in the United States and Western Europe will have a weak impact on the mobile industry. Gartner analyst Carolina Milanezi said: "People are buying phones because they need them, not because of the fact that it's fashionable. We do not believe that the mobile industry will be vulnerable to a recession". Nevertheless, in 2008 the company, experts predict slower growth of mobile industry, with up to 10% of that in 2007 - m growth of about 16%. At that time, the industry has become a recognized leader Nokia. Its market share rose to 40.4%, and profits last year rose by 23.6%. Particularly strong Finnish producer of the emerging markets. In turn, South Korean Samsung has been able to get ahead of Motorola experiencing difficulties and has become the second largest producer of mobile phones with 13.4% of the market. Motorola with its 11.9% now occupies the third position. However, the fate of the American mobile business corporation is not clear. Motorola recently announced that is considering the sale of its office dealing with the production of cellular phones. It has been estimated that its cost could amount to $9 - $12 billion And while the company plans to officially ring as a serious audit of mobile production in order to see how to proceed - sell it or try to restructure and withdraw from the losses - by some accounts, sell their assets Americans can already this year. And as a buyer will make certain Chinese company. Followed for Motorola in the top sheet of the mobile industry players stationed Sony Ericsson and LG Electronics with 9% and 7.1% of the market respectively. Samsung Profit increased by 11.4%, Sony Ericsson - by 13%. The newspaper Washington Post reported that, over the 26 years that have passed since the advent of cellular phones, had been sold on Earth 3.3 billion cellphones. "It is the rapid spread of technology on a global scale in the history of mankind" - wrote publication. Given that, to date, the population of the planet is 6.6 billion people, we have come a kind of a border.

Taiwanese company Acer announced its intention to acquire the producer Communicators company E-Ten Information Systems, known thanks to its lineup Glofiish Communicators. The amount of the transaction is estimated at $290 million The deal has already been approved by the leadership of both companies, particularly for the meetings of shareholders and regulatory state bodies. According to an official press release, this purchase will enable Acer quickly and at minimal cost to enter a lucrative market for smartphones and communicators, to design and prepare for the realization of "a new model for the mobile communications market". Moreover, in the view of experts, Acer will be able to correct visible heel marketing guide E-Ten to the markets of Asia and Europe, suggesting that a larger number of solutions targeted at the American consumer. However, the specific plans of the company Acer to support or expand family Communicators Glofiish yet nothing is known. The deal is scheduled for completion in III quarter of 2008,

But Mitsubishi Electric Company announced plans to cease all production of mobile phones, which are still sold to Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo. The decision to withdraw from the market will bring the company a lump loss of $164 million, which would be offset by other units operating results Mitsubishi. Deliveries phones finally ended in September. So far, the company produced a year, about 2 million phones in 2007 and held 0.2% of the world market. Mitsubishi left the market in Europe in April 2005, its sales do not exceed 1 million copies, in the last financial year in Europe (he ended March 31, 2004), the company has sold only 700 thousand vehicles.

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