Monday, June 8, 2009

Apple Announcement

Apple Announcementmore funny ones you will laugh to?
I'm just wonderig if Apple is expected to make another announcement re ipods, macs, or iphones before the holidays roll around. Specifically, I'm wondering if there are any rumors as to the next time Apple will bump up the capacity of the ipod touch - I want one but I want more than 32Gb

Is Apple expected to make another announcement before holidays?
Ot that it's much of a surprise anymore, but Apple Corps (not this one) and MTV have announced Rock Band: The Beatles an untitled Beatles music project, to be developed by Harmonix. While not a Rock Band expansion, this is a pretty major coup over Activision, owners of the Guitar Hero franchise. We're in the conference call now. More details to follow. Notes from the conference call: * "This will not be a Rock Band title, this will be a custom title" * Journey through The Beatles first album through their last -- "samples" from their whole catalog * "A number of new dimensions" that you haven't seen from Harmonix before * Just in time for the holidays ... in 2009 * Tracks are based on UK releases -- the idea is to play the songs through The Beatles career (not remixed or remastered tracks, we think) * Is the imagery tied to the existing art from the songs and albums? The developers aren't prepared to talk about specifics, but "visual imagery" is a big part of the project * Interoperability is not something that's being talked about yet * "Very little" can be said about the game itself today. "MTV and Harmonix was clearly the innovator in this category of games" -- Apple Corps was really impressed with Harmonix's creative and musical approach * "It's not a Rock Band game, it's a Beatles game. They deserve a fully dedicated title. [The game] takes advantage of the Rock Band platform in many ways ... [and it's] going to be compatible with existing Rock Band peripherals" -- we can assume that instruments from other music games (e.g., Guitar Hero) will also be supported * No hardware platforms announced * No comment on licensing Beatles tunes for other games -- this is an exclusive arrangement for Beatles music in video games (as for digital distribution of The Beatles catalog on music services (e.g., iTunes): Apple Corps is still working out details; no announcement to make nor date nor anything else!)

What do you think of the Beatles Deal?
I had my brand new ipod touch stolen during gym class today, it had "happy sweet sixteen, my name, my birthday, and love mom and dad" written on it. Also had a bright pink very noticeable case. I already registered it with apple. My school does not take any responsibility for stolen items and won't even make an announcement to say it was stolen. If you had stolen it, would you return it?(I know every girl in the gym class and the doors get locked as soon as everybody leaves) What can I do? Should I confront the entire class?

If you stole an ipod that had the persons name and birthday engraved, would you give it back?
Does anyone know if Apple is announcing some new macs or macbooks soon? I am saving for a Macbook Pro because its the only one 15" at the moment. Im hoping they release something else soon thats cheaper but still 15" screen. Anyone know of ANY announcements at all from Apple, on any product? Thanks

New Apple announcement soon? New Macs?
many of you probably know about the announcements regarding the new ipods models, but has any one noticed that the 8 gigabyte and 16 gigabyte models of the new ipod touch both cost $299.00 ??? think im delusional? heres the proof, check the prices what the hell is up with that??!?! cant they atleast bring the 8 gig price down to like $249.00?? why are they doing this?? oops my bad lol, bad eye vision

how come both of the new ipod touch gen 2 models cost the same?
I would like to know when the second generation ipod becomes available to buy in Target. I know that it is already available to buy at the Apple Store, but it is kind of far from me. I don't like ordering online either. I saw that on the Target website the first generation iPod touches are already on a big sale. So that means they are clearing out their stock... (If you bought your first generation iPod Touch at Target, how soon did you see it on the shelves, after the announcement of its release?)

When does the iPod Touch 2G come out in Target?
I know all about the announcement from apple, i just can't figure out from the website if the touches are in stores today. I don't want to drive there and have them not be shipped yet. Can anyone let me know about this?

is the new ipod touch in stores today?
My son has been eating other classmates snacks since kinder. He was in summer school with the same issue. Almost everyday we found out that he was taking other children's snacks. We found that he was asking for their snacks and not offering to trade. He ate what he wanted out of his lunch and went asking around for other kids snacks. He is now in first grade and has been in school for 5 days. The teacher called us yesterday and caught him going thru other classmates backpacks taking their best snacks. We sat down with him to find out what was going on and we found out that he had taken 30 snacks within the 5 days! One kid he took 2 slices of pizza from back pack! That was probably the majority of the kids lunch. Now, you're probably wondering what we are giving him for a lunch. Because this has been a big issue, we have tried several different things to make him more interested in his own lunch. He gets a pb sandwich, fruit cup and juice bx for snack...then for lunch he gets meat and cheese sandwich, apple slices, fruit snacks, cheese crackers, dessert (jello, cookies, fig newtons, animal crackers, etc), and water. We had him pick out snacks...within reason. We spent $300 at costco before this school year to make sure he had a variety of snacks that would keep him interested in his own didn't work! When we ask him why he does it, he says "I just want to see what they have and try it out"...I feel so bad for all the other kids in his class who are missing parts of their lunch. The teacher made an announcement (not pointing her finger at anyone) telling the children that someone has been taking snacks out of their back packs. I guess all the other kids started to share what they were missing. My son was responsible for all of it! I am so worried. This has been an ongoing issue and he has seen a doctor, a child psych, and the problem keeps getting worse. How do you punish for something like this? Last year when he stole something from another kid, i took him to the store and had him pick out his favorite lunch-able. He was so excited...until I told him he needed to give the lunch-able to that kid and apologize. Now he took 30 things and from which kids, i dont know. What should I do...HELP!!!

My 7 year old is stealing other kids snacks!?
Apple is making an announcement on september 9th and the rumour is there will be new i pods with a webcam on it. Is this true?

will there be new ipods on september 9th with a webcam on them?
This is pretty much my dream college. I'm a sophomore at a well known arts school. I major in Communications, and my focuses are on Film and Journalism. I've kept a resume of all of my work ever since elementary school. Here's an idea of what I've done... 1998-2004: Straight A’s K-5 30 hours of community service (cleaning up parks and volunteering at retirement homes) Reading Rainbow Writing Contest: 2nd Place Published book Chorus 4th and 5th grade (performed at Sea World, City Place, Veteran’s Hospital, Publix, and Roger Dean Stadium) Spotlight on Young Musicians (One of three students chosen from Binks Forest Elementary) Safety Patrol Web Design Club Presidential Award for Physical Fitness 2005: Acceptance into Bak Middle School of the Arts Winner of Young Heroes Essay contest Talent in 2005 Bak MSOA 6th Grade Showcase Outstanding in Communications 4.0 GPA first and second semester People To People: Young Student Ambassador in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada for two weeks. 2006: Member of 2006 Communications Showcase Staff Directed and Filmed “Spylvan Learning Center”, “Dirty Little Secret”, and “Earthquake” Directed, managed, advertised, and organized a walkathon for ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Raised 2,000 dollars that were donated to the local ALS chapter and also auctioned off items including an iPod Nano that was donated by Apple) Assistant Editor in Chief of Masterpiece Yearbook Volume IX JEA Mail In Contest: Excellent in Feature Writing for Technology Spread Outstanding in Communications 4.0 GPA first and second semester 2007: JEA Mail In Contest: Excellent in Photography for Communications Spread Editor in Chief of Masterpiece Yearbook Volume X at Bak Middle School of the Arts Producer of 2007 Bak MSOA Communications Showcase Co-Writer of 2007 Bak MSOA Communications Showcase Designed graphics for 2007 Bak MSOA Communications Showcase Advanced Graphics student Outstanding in Communications 3.8571 GPA first and second semester 2008: Acceptance into Dreyfoos School of the Arts Published in The Muse Newsmagazine Photographed in The Wellington Magazine Mic Wrangler in 2008 Dreyfoos Communications Showcase Assistant to Technical Director in 2008 Dreyfoos Communications Showcase Stage Manager in 2008 Dreyfoos Communications Showcase Directed, Produced, and Edited “Subterfuge”, the only freshman film played in showcase as well as the annual Dreyfoos Film Festival Outstanding Achievement in Film and Television Production 30 hours for work with the Laura Brooke Music Foundation (edited a film and taped a benefit concert) 30 department hours for Communications Rank #34 out of 327, 11th percentile 3.8571 and 4.0 GPA first and second semester; 4.5 HPA All Honors Classes for 9th grade Passed the AP Human Geography Course in 9th grade Internship at International Quiksigns (50 Hours) Volunteer at Equestrian Trails Elementary Summer Camp (200 Hours) Produced, Edited, Created Bar Mitzvah video for Brandon Palaccio (5 Hours) Member of the Arts Section Staff for the Marquee, the Dreyfoos Yearbook publication All Honors Classes in 10th grade Took the AP World History Course in 10th grade Film Credentials: Took the Intro to Video Production Course in 6th grade Created a video, “Such Great Heights” Won an award for Excellence in Communications (Film) Took the TV Production Course in 7th grade Director/Camera for the daily announcements show, BAK MSOA Today Took the Video Editing Course in 7th grade Directed, Edited, Produced, Shot videos, including “Shpylvan Learning Center”, “Dirty Little Secret Music Video”, and “Earthquake.” Co-Producer and Co-Director of the 2008 Communications Showcase in 8th grade Created several videos used in the show, including the intro. Took the Research I (Film) Course in 9th grade Directed, Produced, Edited “Subterfuge”, the only Freshman film shown at the Annual Dreyfoos Film Festival as well as the Dreyfoos Communications Showcase Edited a film and taped the benefit concert for the Laura Brooke Music Foundation Produced, Edited, Created several Bar Mitzvah videos for Brandon Palaccio, Nicolas Rabinowitz, etc. And at a glance, here's my High School extracurriculars/serivce hours: 30 department hours for Communications (the required is 10) 20 hours for filming the benefit concert and producing/editing a video for the Laura Brooke Music Foundation 200 hours for volunteering at the Equestrian Trails Summer Camp for grades K-6 all summer. 5 hours for volunteering at Wellington Components, Inc. 24 hours for producing/editing several videos for various events/celebrations Those are my hours so far. Here are my extracurriculars: Showcase, Video Editing (for events/celebrations), Volunteer at Summer Camp, Helping the Laura Brooke Music Foundation. and in the future I will be on the Yearbook staff all three years left of High School. I will be going to the Soup Kitc.

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