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MacrumorsHow easily does a LCD TV screen get burned in images?
I understand that i can get on the internet with the iphone (it's part of the plan) but i just read that iphone user now are finally offered to use wi-fi for free. So why do i need a wi-fi connection to go on the internet with iphone anyways??? Is there something i should know?

Using iphone on wifi?
I've been a PC user all my life and I'm shopping for a new computer, I'm more specifically looking at Macs. Even more specifically, I am looking at the lower-end 20 inch iMac. Specs(for those who don't know): 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1GB memory 250GB hard drive 8x double-layer SuperDrive ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT with 128MB memory I am college student, the only games I really play are Halo and Grand Theft Auto. So, pretty much with a memory upgrade this setup will suffice. My main concern is whether or not I should wait for updated iMacs. According to MacRumors the iMac shouldn't be getting updates soon enough to warrant waiting. There is however the issue of Blu-ray support which I would wait for if it were to come out within the next six months. So, honestly, would you buy one now or wait? P.S. I'm also open to PC suggestions but honestly I'm not as excited about PCs as I am Macs right now.

Mac Fans! Should I BUY THIS COMPUTER now?
I admit, im not up to date on the latest internet culture stuff, but I was reading on wiki about Iphone girl so I check out the link they had to the original posting on macrumors and wiki was talking about what an internet phenom this was and I just dont get it. Whats the big deal?

What's the big deal with Iphone girl?
i have looked on but all i can come up with is possibly new case (similar to macboo air) a possible new keyboard like the macbook, faster processor, (quad core, idk, prolly just faster core 2 duo), but that about it, have you heard anything else? i also heard blu ray player, but blu ray is useless to me, so idc. what have you heard, and im talking macbook pros, not macbook

new macbook pro's on september 9th, should i wait?
On they reported that the next macbook will have a glass touchpad. The only reason why I can figure there will be a glass trackpad is that there will be a screen underneath it showing the area around the mouse on the trackpad. Why do YOU think the next macbook will have a glass trackpad? (if it will)

Next gen macbooks have glass trackpad (touchpad)?

Pics of the new iPod nano?
I was reading this article on Signs are starting to appear that Apple may be prepping for a revision of their Mac laptops in the near future. Following up a previous Commercial Times report that pointed to a Q3 (July-September) order for MacBook displays, the paper now reports that Apple has increased its order of "notebook-use printed circuit boards" by 20% this quarter. Meanwhile, Apple has notified Best Buy that they would have limited MacBook shipments over the next two weeks. While retail inventories alone aren't typically an accurate predictor of Apple product refreshes, combined with these other reports it may be more suggestive. Apple has been rumored to be working on new aluminum MacBook Pro designs that will adopt features of the current iMac and MacBook Air. Intel's recent Montevina introduction also provides Apple with suitable processor upgrades to power new laptops. I just want to know when Apple usually releases their "upgraded" computers

When will Apple be replacing their notebook processors for 2008?
I had been hearing speculation that a new design to the macbook pro coming soon. I read this today and began to wonder when the new ones will be released. Any ideas? Do you think the price will remain the same?

When will the new macbook pro be released?
If you go on, there's a post that explains a possible Macbook Pro update coming soon. I've been wanting one for a long time now, should I wait longer?

Should I buy a MacBook Pro now?
I'm using mac OS X(10.3.9), trying to get it to connect with a linksys wireless-g usb adapter and following these instructions for it to work. Followed them,. but I'm not sure how to save it. Can someone give me step by step fail prove instructions on how to do it? I'm new with macs, especially editing them.I'm using mac OS X(10.3.9), trying to get it to connect with a linksys wireless-g usb adapter and following these instructions for it to work. I followed them,. but I'm not sure how to save it. Can someone give me step by step fail proof instructions on how to do it? I'm new with macs, especially editing them. (ctrl + x didn't work for me. Just made a bunch of letters with ^ beside them appear at the bottom left.)

iPhone Video Recording Interface, Digital Compass, Voice Control ...
Since the release of Apple's iPhone 3.0 beta firmware, users have been scouring the configuration files looking for evidence of future iPhone capabilities. The possibility of video recording has seemed increasingly certain with files ...

iPhone 3GS, Marble Delayed, Tablet Exists? - Mac Rumors
John Gruber articulates what he believes we'll see at tomorrow's keynote. Gruber first reiterates his predictions from before regarding the iPhone update:I expect Apple to announce updated iPhones wi.

WWDC 2009 Rumor Roundup: iPhone, Snow Leopard, Laptops? - Mac Rumors
WWDC 2009 is upon us and we've traditionally provided a rumor roundup prior to the big event to summarize the most likely rumors surrounding the Apple event. iPhone The product that seems to be.

WWDC: Snow Leopard (10A380), More iPhone Evidence, Live Coverage ...
Here are a collection of news and rumors in the last days leading up to WWDC: - For those who were worried, here is a photo (above) of a banner for Snow Leopard.

WWDC 2009 Banners: 'One Year Later, Light-Years Ahead' - Mac Rumors
Adam Jackson has posted the first photos (flickr) from WWDC 2009. Apple has started putting up banners 6 days prior to the event. The theme of this year's WWDC appears centered around the App Stor.

Leaked Photos of Next Generation iPhone?
Images claiming to depict the back cover of an upcoming iPhone have started circulating on the internet. iPodObserver first posted a version of the above photo that allegedly depicts an unreleased 16GB iPhone with the model number A13. ...

MacRumors: Chinese Forum Poster Describes Next Generation iPhone ...
We've been keeping an eye on some reports coming out of Chinese forum Weiphone over the past couple of weeks, and it appears the reports are starting to spread. In early May, a forum poster from the Chinese site posted specs and a ...

New Comparison Photo of Matte iPhone Enclosure? - Mac Rumors
In February, the first images depicting the back casing of an unreleased iPhone began circulating around the Internet. The images showed a matte finish to the casing, but looked otherwise identical.

More Questionable iPhone Photos Pre-WWDC - Mac Rumors originally posted these images which are being mirrored by Engadget that claim to be photos of the next generation iPhone. The photos appear to depict a front-facing camera which has.

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