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Success IT-industry and attack from the east.

According to estimates analyst firm Gartner, worldwide PC sales in a quarter of 2010 increased by 27.4% to 84.3 million units. This means that the results of the quarter exceeded even the most optimistic forecasts. And, it's interesting - personalok sales grew not only in developing countries (as expected), but also in developed countries, where users have changed your PC for the transition to Windows 7.

Previously it was thought that the PC market will grow by 22%, mainly due to developing countries. However, in developed markets much earlier than expected, revealed a tendency to repleysmentu - replacing old PCs with new ones. The impetus for repleysmentu became, in particular, the launch of Windows 7. Now, Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa said that the influence of the G-PC sales will be felt until early 2011-th.

With regard to specific PC manufacturers, the market leader is HP with a share of 18.2%. Second - Acer c 14.2%, third - Dell with 12.1%. Close to the first three crept Chinese Lenovo.

PC Market really recovers very briskly - but this, unfortunately, can not be said about the server market. It is understandable: personalki - consumer product, and servers - infrastructure. Infrastructure is always updated slower consumer segment. According to IDC, in 2010 server market (for money) will grow by 2.4%. In general, analysts ascertain the demand for cheaper system standard architecture, and predicted market recovery in the coming years.

But the market will rise slowly: in the period from 2009 to 2014 the average annual revenue growth will be only 0.3%, while the volume of supply - 4.9%. Indicator pre-crisis 2007 ($19 billion) market will not be soon.

According to experts, now the biggest prospects - with blade servers. From 2009 till 2014 the first annual average growth of this segment was 13.9% in value and 20.5% in quantitative terms. And already in 2014 blade system will take 28.5% of the server market in money and 33% in numerical terms.

I recall that in 2009 a monetary server market sank 26.4% - a record drop in history - to $12.8 billion, with supplies of servers fell by 23.6% - up to 2 million units.

The Chinese company Tencent Holdings unexpectedly made a record investment in the Web - it has over $300 million bought the stake in the largest Russian Internet fund Digital Sky Technologies (DST). Now Tencent receives 10.26% of preferred shares of DST and 0.51% of voting shares, as well as the right to nominate one candidate to the Board of Directors of the Fund. To date, Tencent investment in DST - the largest financial investment in Runet.

In the unanimous opinion of market participants, the Chinese Internet entrepreneurs intend to obtain at least partial control of the successful Internet company owned by DST. President of the Chinese company, Liu, Martin said that the deal with DST needs Tencent, "to benefit from the rapidly growing Internet market in Russia". In turn, DST will be able to use the technical and business expertise Tencent to strengthen its leading position in Russia.

Independent Russian experts believe that the decision Tencent enter into the shareholders DST influenced the recent deal to acquire manufacturer online games Astrum Online Entertainment. Tencent earns the big money in online games in China. In Russia, this market is growing rapidly and has enormous potential.

I must say that even in 2008, the U.S. government, Germany, France and some other developed countries have not emphasized is quietly searching for ways of how to restrict Chinese investment in their economies. Reason is simple: fast wealthy Podnebesnya hands of their businesses literally "on top" is buying the European and American manufacturing, paying particular attention to is the sphere of high technologies. That is modern China is not only earns sewing T-shirts "Guchi" and sneakers "Addidass", but quickly takes control of global IT, biotechnology, telecommunications, energy technologies, etc.

And the money for total purchase of such assets the Chinese have. China's GDP in one quarter of this year grew by 11.9%, showing a record pace over the past three years - reported by the State Statistical Bureau of China. The country's economy could quickly recover from the sharp decline in exports in the crisis of 2009 m and thanks to anti-crisis package state, as well as increased lending to accelerate GDP growth.

In the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believe that in 2010 the economy will grow by a record 16%, if the incentive program is not minimized. For comparison: in 2008 China's economy grew in volume by 9%.

For reference: a program to stimulate the economy valued at $585 billion was accepted by the Chinese government to combat the effects of the economic crisis. Since the State has tried to soften the effect of a sharp fall in export volumes. However, despite this decline, by the end of 2009, China became the largest exporter in the world, overtaking Germany. In the 1 quarter of 2010 China increased its exports by 29%.

Now on economic terms, China has ranked third in the world after USA and Japan. But this year the Chinese economy can bypass the Japanese. According to the results of 2009, Japan's GDP totaled $5.1 trillion, while China's GDP - $4.9 trillion.

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It seems carefree existence torrents and sharing services comes to an end. And the question here is not even on nabivshem nauseam The Pirate Bay. This year, the torrent trackers were persecuted all over the world - even in countries where nothing like this has never happened - for example, in Russia. But the most unpleasant - fighters for copyrights launched a massive attack on users of torrents, presenting the tens of thousands of lawsuits. Downloading files with torrents? Then they come to you!

Start hostilities

"Full-scale hostilities" began in late 2009. In November worn harassment The Pirate Bay tracker is closed and moved to the technology ligament (magnet-links + DHT). At the same time the largest torrent tracker Mininova court decision had to be removed from its database all the illegal content. Creator torrent tracker isoHunt judged by threatening to jail. Anti-piracy group BREIN of the Netherlands announced that during 2009 she was able through the courts to close 393 torrent tracker. But the volume of traffic pirated content decreased towards the end of the year is very small - in fact, experts estimate that only existed in the world of 30 thousand to 50 thousand torrent trackers.

Shooting windows

February 16 this year, the investigation department of Chertanovskaya district of the Moscow City Prosecutor's Office decided to suspend the domain delegation The formal reason - a case that occurred just before. Then, prosecutors detained in Moscow, a young computer geeks, who tried to sell to customers (figurehead, as it turned out) a pirated copy of the package Autodesk AutoCAD 2009. The young man asked for the installation of "pirates" of 1.500 rubles, while the official cost of licenses - more than 100 thousand Russian rubles. During the interrogation, the young man admitted that he downloaded the hacked distro with

torrent trackersFeb. 19 at the site of the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's Office (UPC), Russia appeared official announcement: " was closed under a criminal investigation of illegal use of copyright instituted for the crime under Article 146 of the Criminal Code. Aggrieved parties in the case are companies 1C and Autodesk. [...] According to the results of the preliminary investigation the prosecutor's office concluded that the torrent tracker repeatedly in large and very large amount of infringing the copyrights of companies-software developers. " Formally was closed "at the time of the preliminary investigation."

For Russia this is a precedent. Blogosphere literally exploded on the protection were thrown all forces, including an open letter to the president asking to restore the domain delegation. Under the treatment the first day signed by more than 12 thousand people.

It seems that the least experienced administration A few hours after the closure of service fully started work on a new address This was reported in a special mailing list, and 10 million users of the BitTorrent tracker again have access to free software, music and movies.

Soon, a similar attack law enforcers held in respect RGhost Just arrived to remove the server - and embarrassed to learn that these servers a lot, and take out all at once just physically impossible. It was then decided to seal them. However, in the near future and this RGhost regained its work.

A March 10 in Russia Expert Council Culture Ministry rejected the draft amendments to the Civil Code, providing for sanctions for ISPs for providing access to illegal content. Actually, the Russian Code of Administrative Offences and the Criminal Code now allows to prosecute providers, through a network which will download illegal content. But for this we must prove that the provider condone the offense with intent, and the first to warn him. And access to the resources of counterfeit content can be blocked only by court.

However, supporters rejoice in the free exchange of information was too early.

Carpet bombing

Failing to achieve the desired result of the attack on and, Internal Affairs of Moscow has decided to transfer the focus of attack on ordinary users who download free pirated content with the torrent of resources. At a press conference on 24 March, the Chief Economic Crimes Division of Internal Affairs of Moscow Nikolay Nazimok said: "The web dangerous that form a network of networks. Downloading movies from the resource, you become distributors of these products to other users.

However, Russian law enforcers while clearly quite weak imagine how they will pursue the simple users of torrents. But the model of such a mass attack on users of torrents already piloted in the United States. Organization US Copyright Group (represents the interests of independent film producers) filed charges against 20 thousand direct American users sharing services. Interestingly, all of them were charged with illegal distribution of all five films. And not some blockbusters (as you would expect), but low-budget movies, which you are unlikely to go to the cinema. This "Steam Experiment", "Uncross the Stars", "Gray Man", "Call of the Wild 3D" and "Far Cry".

Each of the 20 thousand respondents were presented with five statements of claim - for each of the tapes. Plaintiffs need to remove from the PC illegal copies of downloaded movies and cover court costs. And in the case of a court order - to pay compensation producers. In addition, lawyers US Copyright Group promised in case of successful completion of 20 thousand direct proceedings in the courts of claims relating to the other five films, against the other 30 thousand users.

Observers have noted that this is more like a kind of rehearsal or, rather, on developing the technology of legal prosecution (I should say - of terror) users of torrent trackers. Here, however, raises some critical issues. For example, this: suits brought against individual users. But where does US Copyright Group of private data? Are they all true? How can I prove that these people downloaded and distributed pirated media content?

According to U.S. media, experts US Copyright Group to identify users, pirates have used technology developed by German company GuardaLey IT. It allows you to track the flow of data and records the IP-address file-sharing participants. Yet until now the practice of determining the user name by IP-address is quite questionable. In general, it comes in this case the matter to court and how it can result - is completely unclear.

Clearly more. The new strategy of fighters with torrents - the legal prosecution of users of these services.


Trying to avoid reprisals, some Internet companies themselves are beginning to act in a manner like the defenders of copyright. For example, the popular file-hosting service RapidShare has recently started to close the accounts of users who laid out and download pirated content. Formally, this happens as a result of violations of the rules of resource utilization.

This is very disturbing news just because RapidShare - one of the largest repositories of files on the web. Indeed, many users often use it for posting content that is copyrighted - music, movies, computer games and software. Accordingly, against RapidShare has repeatedly been allegations of copyright infringement. And some courts have lost the file hosting. But until now to volunteer hunting is not reached.


Finally give opinions Magnus Eriksson - founder Piratbyran, a Swedish NGO, which created The Pirate Bay:

- Copyright and deception associated with this concept and created a battle front, where the conflict takes place at various levels. My prediction: This fight would go beyond the two current members - rights holders and file-sharing participants. For example, a conflict with Google Books, or the question of how to divide the money, which brings kollaboratsionnye projects - all conflicts in the area of copyright. Now there are so many opportunities for file sharing, that this issue will not be unambiguously resolved in the near future.

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What is smartbuk?

That is a netbook, smartphone and, guess (and even, perhaps, no clue, but knows with certainty), the vast majority of readers of "IT SECTOR". I'd venture that a large proportion of readers are the owners of such devices. But the word "smartbuk", which is like a hybrid of those two words not familiar to all, let alone possess such devaysa just a few units. Therefore, in our traditional FAQ section today we talk about smartbukah.

smartbukSmartbukom is a device which is easy to guess, it combines the features of the laptop and smartphone. However, this does not mean that smartbuk can be used for telephone calls to GSM or CDMA-networks. Just these devices, as opposed to netbooks, have built-in 3G-ins that allow you to sit on the internet even when away from your Wi-Fi access point. This smartbuki usually several smaller netbooks and, accordingly, have smaller dimensions, less processing power and lower cost. Also smartbuki usually based on the processor architecture ARM - in fact, originally it was in the processor architecture is the fundamental distinction between netbooks and smartbukami. As in his time he said the company Xandros, "smartbuk - is the same netbook, but the architecture of ARM (from Qualcomm and Freescale) with integrated 3G, 10-hour battery life and low cost." In addition to Qualcomm and Freescale, ARM-processors for smartbukov now offer companies such as Broadcom, Samsung, TI, Marvell, VIA, Nvidia.

The term "smartbuk" was introduced by Qualcomm, which provided the first such device in 2008. It is worth noting that, as is the case with netbooks, found a company that demanded prohibit operation of this name as a registered trade mark, but in this case it was not a Psion, a company which is called - Smartbook AG. However, as is the case with netbooks, the situation was resolved.

Due to the fact that smartbuki use architecture ARM, not Intel, one of the key features of this kind of devices is their lack of the Windows operating system as such. Microsoft at one time seemed to be even thought of doing a version of its system for ARM-processors, but then it all somehow died down smoothly. So now buyers are offered only smartbukov various GNU/Linux distributions, and "younger sister" Windows - Windows CE. Also, recently appeared on the market smartbuki operating system Google Android.

So far smartbuki not received such wide distribution and popularity, as netbooks, which most experts regarded as their main competitors. The point, according to those same experts, in the protracted waiting sufficiently powerful processor architectures ARM, which should just about come to the mass market. Thus, as the improvement of ARM processor smartbuki will gradually replace the more expensive and less convenient netbooks, and by 2015 the world there will be more than 160 million such devices. However, today there are too many models smartbukov from different manufacturers, including such well-known companies such as Lenovo, Sharp, ECS.

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... And still they hurt!

Social networks are harmful to health! Yes, yes, hurray! Now all those who fought for their ban, and all system administrators, denies access to them may see themselves as a real fighter for a cause. However, let's see whether all so simple...

The fact that computers in general for health is not very useful, no one in doubt. The damaged eyesight and posture, various diseases that arise due to sedentary lifestyles, and even mental disorders - that just could not be imputed to a standard personal computer! And social networks, devouring time, those who sit at computers, consume with the times and the health of these unfortunates. But, as the news published and replicated online media last week, the harm to health from social networks is expressed not only in this ...

social networksAs discovered by specialists from Columbia University and the company MixedInk, social networks have made very significant contributions to the formation of a variety of Semi-Medical myths and spreading false information about diseases and medicines with which these diseases are treated. Experts have tracked more than 52 thousand messages through blogs on the popular social site, which refers to different antibiotics. The results were impressive: More than a 700 of them medical information was completely false. This concerns both information about the dosage of medicines, as well as data on the indications for their use.

The mechanism of this kind of misinformation is extremely simple. Imagine that the owner of one of the popular social network ekauntov suddenly started cold with all the characteristic symptoms: cough, runny nose, fever, weakness, etc. He forced himself gets to your computer and writes a status message along the following lines: I can not, I'm dying, tell a good antibiotic! Naturally, wishing to suggest something to cure a favorite author is a lot, but not everyone is not something that medical education, but even the basic idea of the different medications. Thus, some councils are known to be wrong, to the same people, after reading these tips, start to propagate false information or to apply it in practice. In the case of colds, it may be not so scary, but really serious illnesses can be deadly.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. The researchers noted that social networks have a positive side to physicians: if someone's friends on social networks available to the person deemed serious symptoms, such person will go to the doctor are more likely than before he consulted with their virtual friends.

Although the study mentioned above, affect exclusively and only social network, we can say that this is a common problem for almost any kind of Internet resources, which communicate with each other people who are not specialists in the subject. Everybody knows that any information obtained from the web, should be treated critically. However, as long known, and that social networks are harmful. Since that study, in fact, is nothing new and have not identified...
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News for developers - 9

With the release of iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Inc. updated the software license agreement iPhone-developers, prohibiting the use of sub-transmission and compatible development tools, reports Kompyulenta. Prohibition applies, inter alia, on Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Microsoft Silverlight and Novell MonoTouch. They can no longer be used to create iPhone-programs that can be placed in the App Store. If Apple had to block those applications that developers turned to undocumented functions, but now not even allowed third-party frameworks and development environment. It is worth noting that the ban affected not only "a passionate lover" Yabloko "Adobe Flash, but those frameworks that are designed for cross-platform programming JavScript and HTML for mobile devices, for example, Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap. It appears that iPhone-developers getting tighter difficult times...

Company Stimulsoft "released version 2010.1 software products Stimulsoft Reports. Stimulsoft Reports includes a report generator. NET, ASP.NET, WPF. It had a unique opportunity to check a report on the problem. After checking the system not only reports errors compiling, but also gives numerous recommendations and warnings about various aspects of the audited report. Many of the problems identified can instantly correct the proposed method. Check report can within report designer, and with a special utility - Report Checker. Introduced a new element type in the data dictionary: "Business Objects. Now, working with business objects will occur directly, without falling productivity and problems with conversion. Stimulsoft Reports also supports the format of PDF/A. It is designed for long term storage of documents and is based on the format of Adobe PDF. The new version added a lot (over 30) of geometric primitives, as well as new themes.

Microsoft has supported the initiative of its employee Garrett seracs called CoApp (Common Open Source Application Publishing Platform - a single platform publishing applications with open source). Draft CoApp provides a unified package management system for Windows similar to those known in the Linux world, technologies such as RPM (for Linux distributions based on RedHat and structurally similar) and APT (for distributions based on Debian). Similarly, the package management system in Linux, the platform will CoApp single mechanism for delivery and installation of pre-packaged libraries and applications. Also in the CoApp planned to implement the resolution of dependencies between packages (the definition of the required components for work already selected packages), and automatic updates. Thus, the technology CoApp can be a powerful tool for system administrators who want to quickly set up something like ligament WAMP (Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP) for Web server or for developers who have decided to port their Linux-application on Windows.

Company JetBrains has submitted a preliminary version of the first commercial version of its new development environment PhpStorm & WebStorm 1.0 Beta. It is designed to create web applications using PHP on the server and standard Web technologies HTML/CSS/JavaScript on the client side. The beta version of a combined development environment PhpStorm & WebStorm 1.0 gives developers a lot of interesting possibilities. Along with the enhanced tools for editing code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, WebStorm package includes improved mechanisms for further work with the code, including automatic synchronization of changes to remote projects using the protocols FTP/SFTP. Other tools for source code in PHP, implemented in the package PhpStorm become much more mature than the original version presented in a development environment IntelliJ IDEA 9.0, published last fall.

The Java Deployment Toolkit was found a serious vulnerability, says Starting with Java 6 Update 10, a custom version of the JRE includes the Java Deployment Toolkit, is set as a NPAPI plug-in and ActiveX control. Among the methods of Java Deployment Toolkit, available from JavaScript, is the method of launch (). Everything he does - passes a URL to the registered handler for JNLP files. Since checking the transmitted URL is minimal, javaws.exe can run unintended way. For example, you can, using the parameter-J, to run arbitrary, including remote JAR-file. This vulnerability was discovered Tavis Ormandy. Moreover, in the java/java.exe was discovered undocumented parameter-XXaltjvm, allows you to specify an alternate library instead of the standard. This option is available through the referred-J in javaws/javaws.exe.

"Yandex" has opened in API Yandex.Maps technology "active area", which previously used only for their own projects, resources, according 3DNews. The objective of this technology - to enable the map to a large number of active tags. "API Yandex.Maps" allows you to skip the standard way of not more than a thousand marks, while adding a larger number of tags a user's browser begins to run noticeably slower. The theoretical limit of the new technology is in the hundreds of thousands of active tags on the map.

According to a company TIOBE Software April's index of the popularity of programming languages, Delphi confidently keeps busy in February 2010, the 9 th place, according to DelphiPlus. Compared with April last year, he rose from 11 th to 9 th place. However, since 2001, the peaks of popularity of Delphi were in 2004: 12 th January and 7 th of August.

Battle for netbooks.

And remember the bloody war for world domination between Liechtenstein, Monaco?..

As it met the stars that today's business review will be entirely devoted to the market (and prospects) netbooks. Too loud they said about themselves in 2008-2009, and too uncertain of their fate looks today.

Analyst firm IDC recently published data showing that growth in sales of netbook in the I quarter of this year slowed substantially compared to the same period in 2009. Namely: in January-March, around the world have been sold 4.8 million netbooks cost from $200 to $500 (year ago - 3.6 million). That is, in comparison with I quarter of 2009, market growth was 33,6%. Compare: in 2009, first quarter sales growth was 827%, which is higher than in the first quarter of 2008, almost 10 times. And in the course of sales in the holiday season of 2009, the share of netbooks had about 26% of all PCs shipped.

battle netbooksThe explosive growth one year ago today, the experts explain that the buyers then attracted to low-cost netbooks. In a crisis, it was very timely. But now the market was saturated, and the purchasing power increased. Stocks are not sold netbooks also started to grow.

But what will happen next? Some experts have been quick to say that netbooks will lose its market share in laptops belonging to mode Tablet PC, and the phenomenon iPad - are a sign of the sunset short, although the brilliant reign of netbooks. Here it is worth remembering that the appearance of netbooks on the market, manufacturers have tried to position them as a new device. However, consumers are quite rightly regarded them as merely a new kind of notebook.

Planshetniki certainly - the device of a new class of portable PCs. Their ardent supporters (and opponents of the netbook) indicate that the first and second largest PC manufacturers in the world - Hewlett-Packard and Dell - are preparing to sharply reduce its output netbook with 10-inch screen and has significantly cut the amount of investments in this segment. Information about this came from Taiwanese sources, who claim that Dell and HP are planning to cut production netbooks and to focus on ultra-thin notebook with a screen of 11.6 inches. In this case, they say, HP can and does refuse to manufacture 10-inch "laptop to the Internet." And all these actions - a consequence of poor sales of systems based on Intel Atom platform last generation.

However, doubts fly crawling on a plate of my mind. It is unlikely that netbooks so easy to have deposited its position. And research company NPD confirms: 51% of potential buyers do not see a iPad any advantages over conventional netbooks. This figure is significant even among those who already have devices from Apple - 44%.

Other results of the study are as follows: 57% of potential buyers iPad alarming high price tablet - $499 even for a minimal configurations. Of those surveyed, only 18% definitely want to buy iPad, but definitely not do it (at least in the near future) 66%.

The poll also found: those who plan to buy iPad, interested above all, its browser and media player. In this regard, an analyst with NPD Stephen Baker said: "If you look at how people plan to use iPad, easy to understand why the owners of other devices that already have this functionality, for example, iPod touch, netbook or laptop, just do not want to pay $500 and more for the devices of the same.

Besides netbooks prepare "retaliation." Features netbook soon seriously enhanced by the use of graphics platform of new generation Nvidia Ion. This technology will improve the graphics performance of systems by 15 times, compared with netbooks based on the integrated graphics Intel GMA. Netbooks with Ion 2 will be available soon enough already.

By the way, and Dell has denied rumors about plans to discontinue development of its sole netbook Mini 10. At Dell, the information called groundless and drew attention to the fact that recently issued two new versions of the Mini 10 with support for HSPA + and WiMAX Verizon for Clear.

A VIA company introduced its new media processor VIA VX900, and now Samsung and Lenovo are prepared to release in June, new netbooks on its base. New items will be able to play without problems, for example, video content in a format Full HD 1080p. In addition, the monitor resolution of these netbooks will also support HD-quality.

In any case, regardless of "who's sboret - netbooks or planshetniki - portable PCs will remain the" king of the mountain. According to the forecast the company DisplaySearch, this year the world market compact personalok grow to 215 million units to supply up to $117 billion of revenue. Moreover, in 2010 the category netbooks/laptops/planshetnikov be the fastest growing segment of the global PC market. This steady growth is observed on the markets of developing regions. Another engine of growth will become corporate (B2B) spending on PCs, which will be restored after the crisis in the second half of this year.

In DisplaySearch said: "We expect that, as iPad from Apple, the tablet from other vendors will also be positioned as a device to consume content and work with content. As a result, the need to focus more on design and functionality lead to the fact that the average cost of these devices is higher than the average cost netbooks.

And more. Some industry analysts believe that the world's supply of notebooks in the second half of the year (traditionally the peak season of sales in Europe and the U.S.) can not grow much in comparison with the first half of 2010.

However, this is not associated with adverse changes in the industry, and too strong growth of demand in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2009, 40% of all notebooks were delivered to retailers in the first half of the year and 60% - in the second. But now demand from China is growing too quickly, and this proportion on the basis of 2010 could reach about 50% and 50%.

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Catastrophe Part 1. Dotcom, Bill Clinton and the "new economy"

If you do not do the economy, the economy itself will you

Ten years ago there was the largest disaster in the history of the IT-industry - "the collapse of the dot-com. In March 2000 the index of shares fell computer and Internet companies on the "high tech" stock exchange NASDAQ. Most IT-companies have burst with the American Stock Exchange shares. During 2000-2001, thousands of Internet companies (mainly in the U.S. and Europe) went bankrupt, were liquidated or sold. Many of their executives were convicted of fraud and embezzlement of investors' funds. The majority of new business models focused on Internet technology firms were not viable. IT-industry entered a period of prolonged recession.

Creator packet technology of computer networks Ethernet Robert Metcalfe somehow derived a formula: the usefulness of any network is directly proportional to the square of the number of its users. Metcalfe certainly never guessed that his formula will one day be almost the main cause in 90 years of XX century, the Internet bubble-economy. Entrepreneurs and investors (mainly American) believed in the universality of this formula and rushed to invest in dubious internet projects. The word "internet" like a magic spell opened the door and wallets of venture funds, which allows companies to start-ups to receive substantial funding for the development of IT business.

collapse dotcomAccording to Wikipedia, the word "dot-com" (dotcom, dot-com, - "has become synonymous with the name of the company, whose business model is entirely based on the work of the Internet. The most widely used in the late 90's. . In fairness it should be noted that the "dotcom bubble" did a lot of money not only Internet companies, and manufacturers of computer hardware and telecommunications corporations.

In the second half of the 1990 dot-com era of rapid development has been increased public attention to the new opportunities provided by the World Network. This soon led to what has plummeted cost of borrowing and investment capital for any projects related to the Internet. That is what led to the emergence of a huge number of firms, startups (especially in Silicon Valley), which are easily obtained by internet projects a significant investment not only from venture funds, but also from the traditional (and rather conservative) financial institutions.

In the stock market "bubble" was due to take-off of shares of already existing Internet companies, the emergence of many new Internet companies and reorientation "traditional" companies in the Internet business. Shares of companies planned to use the network to generate income, phenomenally soared in price. Numerous commentators and economists to justify this madness, arguing that came the "new economy".

From 1995 till early 2000 Internet startups appeared like mushrooms after rain. Capitalization of such Internet giants like Yahoo or AOL, beat all records. Remarkable fact: the market value of the bankrupt subsequently Nortel Networks then exceeded $ 180 billion and entertainment portal from iMTV eponymous television on the first day of the offering of its shares has attracted more than a billion dollars in investments. Turnovers media empire surpassed turnover is traditionally the strongest in the U.S. automotive industry.

Troublemaking old woman from Ohio and Oklahoma overcame its stockbrokers required urgently to sell bought ten years ago, shares of the local steel factory producing and buy, at least, AOL, or, at worst, While the general euphoria, few realized that in reality, new business models have been ineffective, and large loans, spent mostly on advertising and corporate life of luxury, will soon lead to a wave of bankruptcies.

The term "new economy" entered into circulation in 1998 with the filing of Bill Clinton, during the presidency of which (1993-2001) and place the events described. The core values in the "new economy" were information and technology. Here are the main provisions of the "new economy":

* The rapid growth of the sector, which involves rapid obsolescence of products;
* Limitations pravoprinuzhdeniya in copyright and patent laws;
* The availability of cheap information security;
* Weak binding of enterprises "new economy" to a particular territory;
* Significant innovation costs (research and product development), combined with modest production costs (copying information, support for online services);
* Cost-effective innovations are often too obvious to be protected (for example - such curiosities as an attempt to register the exclusive right to use the command "Print" and "Copy").

However, it is thanks to the dotcom boom we'll have a great variety of free information and online services. News, newspaper articles and stories in the public domain, freeware-programs, games, payment systems, free mail, and social services - all of this legacy Internet fever in the late 90's.

But even in 1995-97 the majority of content and services of serious (not amateur) resources offered solely for the money. But in 1997-98, the producers of content web unexpectedly became the objects over active investing. Sweeping the business community to fashion on the Internet has led investors to invest more and more millions of dollars in a content company. Their business model included the receipt of future revenues from advertising on Web sites and e-commerce. Competition between the content of projects rapidly deteriorated and they started to offer users free of charge to more information and services.

Economic bubbles like the dotcom boom is certainly harmful for the economy because it leads to non optimal allocation and consumption of resources. A crash that usually follows the economic bubble can destroy a huge amount of capital and cause long-lasting downturn in the economy. Actually, in the IT-industry in 2000-2004, it just happened. And a long period without risk of profits simply extends the period of recession - so it was for much of the world during the Great Depression in the 1930's and 1990's in Japan. And the consequences of a collapse of the bubble not only devastate the national economy, but respond beyond its borders. This is about the current general economic crisis that began with the mortgage crisis in the U.S..

Another aspect of economic bubbles - their interaction with the tradition of funds business. Market participants, assets are revalued, are inclined to live beyond their means, because it feels rich ("wealth effect"). But when the bubble suddenly collapses, the holders of revalued assets feel suddenly impoverished and begin to cut their costs as possible. This, in turn, leads to slower economic growth and deepening of the crisis.

But we all understand now. Wiser. But then, at 90, on television, in newspapers, online media and radio broadcasting a continuous stream of information flowing on that economic and technological developments are certain that the U.S. went out on the "crisis-free" way of development, etc. etc.

March 3, 2000 Prudential Securities Investment Fund analysts published a paper in the beginning of which read: "If you're a shrewd trader, then your portfolio should be present hi-tech stocks, symbolizing the new economy." Few at the time suspected that a few days later an informal capital of Silicon Valley's move from San Jose in Twin Peaks.

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Apple introduced iAd

April 8, Apple introduced the public its mobile advertising system iAd. It differs from the systems of competitors (eg, AdMob from Google) is that iAd integrated directly into the operating system iPhone OS. Moreover, these ads will be placed on servers Apple. Advertisements will be interactive and its structure will resemble the small "applications in the annex. It is already known that some of them will be created using the technology of HTML5. In the framework of Apple business model, the developers of these applications will receive only 60% of the proceeds from advertising on iAd. The platform will debut this summer.

System iAd, I note, personally announced CEO Steve Jobs. According to him, the average user of the device on iPhone OS works with about half a day. Accordingly, when a demonstration ad every three minutes it is about a billion hits a day.

Apple introduced iAdJobs in his speech cited the following figures: today issued 50.7 thousand games and other entertainment applications for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, about 4,3 thousand applications for portable gaming consoles, Nintendo DS and the family of 2,5 thousand - for the Sony PlayStation Portable. When they will be integrated with iAd, advertising system will automatically become a new major source of income for most "apple company", and application developers.

The presentation iAd Jobs also said: "The personal computer the best place advertising are the search results. However, owners of mobile devices, use the search function is less than the applications. So here best place to advertise are the applications. [...] According to our estimates, the average user spends 30 minutes every day to work with applications on your phone. If they put the ads and change it every three minutes, you get 10 hits per day and 100 million units - one billion hits. This is a huge market with enormous potential for Growth.

Along the way, Steve Jobs rushed to assure the audience that Apple is not going to focus on the quantity of advertising, but instead intends to raise money by making advertising, according to Jobs, "a source of positive emotions."

Now the standard model of online advertising is as follows: click on the banner covers the application and start the browser. But this is inconvenient, and because many users avoid viewing advertising links. However iAd platform will be integrated directly into the operating system, and hence will run ads directly within the application. Incidentally, Apple engineers wanted to change the approach to the look of most commercial: it is proposed to use not only text and image links, and entire applications. In fact, advertising application will be embedded into other applications - such as games, reading room, RSS-clients and the like. Jobs said about this approach as a new form of advertising, which, finally, must not alienate the user, and therefore more costly, and advertisers.

Stop! That's where a dog and buried! Apple initially positioned itself as a seller of expensive advertising services targeted at an audience of wealthy Internet users. Indeed, when the U.S. came out first iPhone, statistics showed that the income of most families of the owners of at least $100.000 a year. Of course, since the phone has become much more accessible, but the iPhone and now are bought by people with incomes above the average, ready to regularly pay for new applications and accessories. That is, the audience of advertising services Apple more than solvent.

While the business model iAd not completely painted. In particular, it is not clear on what basis will be sold ads - whether it is payment for the number of impressions, clicks or actions of users. But it is obvious that Apple is acting fully in its tradition of working with content: the whole advertising system is the most centralized. All advertising content will be stored by corporations, advertising sales managers will also deal with Apple - that is, the company tries to control the whole process. However, to create advertising for the system iAd, as applications will be third-party developers and advertising agencies. Already announced that developers can integrate advertising system into your application in just a couple of hours.

I must say that the message is the creation of Apple's own system of mobile advertising iAd very impressed with the market analysts. It is clear that Apple has always disliked the fact that large advertising revenues from mobile advertising pass it. It is clear that, thanks to Apple in the business quickly enough to large advertisers. It is clear that Apple has implemented an ingenious scheme, when users iAd will not quit the application when clicking on the ad. But the main thing is not it.

The main thing - that Apple actually declared war on Google. Of course, at first glance advertising systems Apple and Google - are fundamentally different. Indeed, Apple has not yet engaged in advertising on the web-pages, and for Google is the main source of income. But who said that the system iAd will not be further deployed in the first web-applications, and then on the usual sites? All the same Safari browser is not as much and a small market share.

Well, Google over the last couple of years more and more clearly is betting on mobile devices. And soon, surely will active the proliferation of advertising in mobile applications for smart phones running the OS Android. It is likely that this is why Google has agreed to pay $750 million for the company AdMob, which specializes in mobile advertising. Still, it's not too typical - to pay for such a company several times larger than its annual turnover. Apparently, Google was fundamentally important to "take away" AdMob from under the nose Apple - recall that in April of this reluctantly, but nevertheless admitted by Steve Jobs.

So begins a great rivalry: Android v. iPhone OS, AdMob against iAd, Nexus One against the iPhone. Google has its serious ambitions in the mobile advertising market, the state is now, many experts compare to the "dawn Internet. Google's revenues in 2009 totaled $23.7 billion - and of these 97% yielded just online advertising. Now the Internet giant, clearly wants to start displaying ads in the results of Internet searches on cellphones, incidentally turning AdMob in a powerful new source of profit. After all, according to Gartner, in 2010 the volume of the mobile advertising market in monetary terms at $1.6 billion That's for the money and intend to fight Google and Apple.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Automated Encyclopedia Cpedia

Image representing Cuil as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

The project is Cuil, which loudly proclaims himself a "killer" Google, has launched a new search service - namely, automated Encyclopedia Cpedia.

In contrast to the well-known and the now de facto standard for Wikipedia, whose articles are written by visitors to Cpedia such articles will be provided automated, special robot.

Moreover, they will emerge on the fly, in real time on user's search query. In other words, unlike conventional search engines, SERPs will be formed not in the form of a list of links, tips, and in the form of ready facts - in the form of articles.

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Series for users of the BitTorrent network.

If some community and government organizations last week attacked on torrents and their users, closing around the world dozens of servers, while others, conversely, are using the new technology that looks much more constructive way forward.

Thus, American filmmakers Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith started shooting fiction series "Pioneer-1. Feature film, the authors define as a mix of political drama, "cop" movie and science fiction. Anecdotal story unfolds around the landing in the U.S. Soviet spacecraft, which was launched from Earth in the time of the Cold War.

This series will be distributed, especially among users of the BitTorrent network, and created - based on technology VODO (from the English. Voluntary donation), that is, to finance shooting themselves will be Internet users by voluntary donations.

As the portal TorrentFreak, currently directing the group has already completed the selection of actors and began shooting. The first series of Pioneer-1 "will be available in the torrent network in the summer or autumn of 2010.

For Bernhard and Smith is not the first experience with torrents. In early 2010 they released the film "The lion's share", which is also distributed through the protocol BitTorrent.Serial user torrent networks.

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Lenovo buys the company Palm?

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 08:  A new Palm Pre smartp...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Publication Electronista puzzled his readers the publication of corporate rumors that the company Palm could be sold to Chinese computer company Lenovo. This information is not yet officially by either party is not confirmed and is based on hearsay, that walk on private investment funds. Yet these are based on rumors of unfavorable financial performance of one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones based WebOS.

It is difficult to say whether Lenovo intends to seriously address the promotion Platform WebOS. But we know that the Chinese computer giant has long cherished "smartphones" ambitions. Therefore, industry experts are inclined to believe that Lenovo just wants to use the experience and market share of Palm, to increase its presence in the smartphone market.

Today, all that is in the asset Lenovo, - is preparing to release Android-smartphone LePhone. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1 GHz, 3.7 "display with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, modules Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3,5-mm audio jack, two cameras and a folding dock with a physical QWERTY-keyboard.

A growing interest in Lenovo to portable devices shows held at CES 2010 announcement smartbuka Lenovo Skylight. It is assumed that the device will be available starting in June, but was formerly known as April. This gadget is also built on a hardware platform and Qualcomm Snapdragon running Linux. The device has a 10.1 "display with a resolution 1280h720 pixels, flash drive 20 GB, module Wi-Fi, 3G-modem and a HDMI-port.

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A new vulnerability in the standard PDF

Adobe AcrobatImage via Wikipedia

Company NitroSecurity today announced that PDF files can be used to spread malware. Infection can occur when using the Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader.

This malicious code is the Executive should be recorded in the PDF-file. User has to run this code (the command launch) - well, and hackers to take advantage of the methods of social engineering. Of course, the computer will ask the user whether he wants to run. However, the risk of infecting your computer is still great - in fact, many users probably do not understand the situation, may press the "Open".

If an infection occurs, will be fatally damaged by all on the hard disk PDF-files. Later, when you try to open them, you will be automatically redirected to a site specified by hackers. At the same time protect against the new scourge impossible to disable JavaScript, or using any other program to read PDF. The reason - the fact that the vulnerability is not in the software, but in the specification of PDF.

Now Adobe and Foxit Software have already researched the problem and seek ways of improving it. However, the company F-Secure notes: according to statistics, almost 61% of hacker attacks account for one single application - Adobe Acrobat Reader. For example, of the 900 attacks, the investigated F-Secure for the first two months of 2010, more than 500 had it on have Adobe for reading PDF-files.

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Not a word about Google!

Cover of "Googled: The End of the World A...Cover via Amazon

The war between the Chinese authorities and the corporation Google, the rapidly flared up earlier this year, continues. In the Celestial restrictions on mentioning the U.S. internet giant in the press. More specifically, the national Chinese media special order limited in what they write about Google. In particular, the first order "recommended" not to mention the conflict in the business, but in a political context. But behind him followed by a second indication in which the government "strongly requested" the press in general did not report on Google.

One of the first affected by the actions of the Government of China was a journalist edition New Yorker Ken Auletta. He is known as the author of Googled: The End of the World as We Know It. In the U.S. the book was published last fall, and recently the right to translation and publication of this work was sold to state-owned China Citic Press. But now it is clear that in China, the book probably will not work.

Ken Auletta himself on this occasion said: "I'm disappointed, if not outraged. I do not know where to begin to address the Chinese government. It's sort of faceless. To whom to appeal?" It's like "1984" Orwellian".

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48 cores from Intel will soon become available.

Image representing Intel as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

Intel has until the end of II quarter of this year, will begin shipping the experimental processor with 48 cores. However, while we are talking about a limited number of chips that are on the Rights of the pilot will be directed to various academic institutions. But the issue of commercial versions of 48-core processor is not expected - CPU Technology, in this case too strongly ahead of related technologies for commercial release to "tighten" the level of other PC components.

All this at a recent New York event, said lead engineer Intel Shawn Coelho. And Intel Labs engineer Christopher Anderson elaborated: new chips operate at a frequency of modern processors Atom (about 1,6-1,8 GHz). In this case all 48 cores total spend no more than 25 watts in standby mode and 125 watts at peak performance. Moreover, each core can operate at its voltage and its frequency, or be completely turned off the no-load. During the public demonstration of Intel engineers loaded the system with 48-core processor financial application - with the chip power consumption less than one second decreased from 74 to 25 watts. This is due to an automatic stop a certain number of nuclei.

The processor is made on the basis of a full mesh (mesh) architecture - that is, any kernel has a switching channel to each of the neighboring nuclei. This can greatly increase the speed of data transmission in comparison with the architecture of x86. In addition, this architecture allows to multiply the number of nuclei.

Remember that 48-core processor was designed by engineers in the Intel research project on the massive parallel computing, called Intel Terascale Computing. The chip was originally not supposed to put on the market, its purpose - testing technologies that will continue to be implemented already in commercial chips. First of all be working out mechanisms for managing the work of a large number of nuclei and the ways of coordination.

Actually, the prototype 48-core processor has been demonstrated in late 2009. The developers then called him "single-chip computer to cloud computing," and argued that the performance of the experimental chip is 10-20 times higher than today's models of a family of Core.

Now the public has not demonstrated a prototype 48-core processor, but actually working computer based on it. However, experimental computer case clearly is not limited. Intel is saying that the concept of multi-core, inherent in the 48-core processor, you can use derivatives technology devices, from servers to cell phones.

Adding a new chip cores is now considered the most effective way to improve processor performance without a substantial increase in electricity consumption and increase clock speeds, "thanks" to which CPU gets very hot.

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Hewlett-Packard will replace the flash memory memristor.

Image representing Hewlett-Packard as depicted...Image via CrunchBase

April 8 scientists and engineers from Hewlett-Packard have demonstrated their achievements in the development of a new type of non-volatile memory - so-called memristor. According to them, memristor-based devices may soon replace conventional flash memory. Their advantages are obvious: Memristors much simpler than common today semiconductor transistors. In addition, they are capable of storing information in the absence of electric current and, moreover, can be used both for processing and storage. This universality can seriously reduce the price of electronic components.

The theoretical basis for the creation of the memristor was developed in 1971 by Professor Leon Chua, University of California. But it took 37 years before in 2008 in a California laboratory Hewlett-Packard created the first working example of the memristor. Develop it was a group of researchers led by Stan Williams.

Report on the experiment was published in the journal Nature. In this paper, in particular, stated that Memristors operate on the principle of neurons in the brain. The first laboratory model memristor created in 2008 in the laboratory of Hewlett-Packard, driven by chemical reactions in the two-layer film of titanium dioxide. One of the layers of the film is depleted of oxygen, making oxygen "holes" migrate between the layers under the influence of the applied voltage to the device. This allows you to use it as a memory cell.

The developer of the theory of the memristor Leon Chua before repeatedly noted that the system based on these elements will operate similar to biological brains. Quote: "Our brains are made of the memristor. Now we have the elements to create an artificial brain."

Now - at the presentation April 8 - Stan Williams said that in two years that have passed since the establishment of the first sample of the memristor, his team made significant progress in using these elements. In particular, managed to increase the speed of their work, which is now comparable with silicon transistors.

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Bioprinter help from burns.

A group of scientists and physicians from Wake Forest University in North Carolina found an unusual use of traditional ink jet printer. The modified inkjet printer to use for application to the wound solution, consisting of skin cells and stem cells. As shown by experiments on mice, the wound is treated with such an unusual way to completely heal within 2-3 weeks, while the control group healing lasted 5 weeks and leave visible scars. "Ink" for the printer are made from skin cells the mouse itself, reproducing in the nutrient solution and then mixed with stem cells. Now scientists plan to test the new technology of healing wounds on pigs and then to obtain permission for clinical trials. If tests are successful, then a new application of inkjet printing can make a real revolution in the treatment of burns. After all, statistics claims that now the victims of extensive burns, in most cases die within 2 weeks of infection, if they do not produce skin grafts.

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iPhone OS 4

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

April 8, Apple announced a new version of mobile operating system iPhone OS 4. The developer states that iPhone OS 4 has about a hundred innovations. Consider the most significant of them. So, finally, there was a long-awaited multi-tasking, however, will get its only owners iPad, iPod Touch and the third generation iPhone 3GS. Older devays, according to Steve Jobs, hardware can not provide the applications in the background. Also in the new firmware was introduced several new services: a game center, iAd, iBooks. Game Center is a social network of all the fans to play multiplayer games. Next on the list iAd - advertising services, through which developers will be able to provide free one to benefit from the display of advertisements. I would like to mention the ability to create folders in the menu, set as background wallpaper own and extra features for formatting text. Available for download the new OS will be the summer, when will the next generation iPhone.

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GTA in real life.

There is ample evidence that good driving simulators improve the skills of driving a real person and a great experience virtual racing is able to save lives in emergency situations.

In the computer game, few choose the type of cabin. Usually we choose a third-person (just behind and above), so it looks more colorful. But is it possible in real life to manage a real car with this angle? It turns out you can. You are literally transported into a computer game, without leaving your car.

The guys from Rooster Teeth of the project decided to conduct real-world experience. They consolidated the HD-camera on the back of a pickup. The driver had been pasted over windshield and side windows, and he drove his vehicle solely on the picture with the camera.

The experimental badly handled the task. Perhaps, instead of booster should be given to them by a joystick on the Xbox 360.

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Microsoft and the Russian Football.

RAMENSKOE, RUSSIA - AUGUST 02:  Sergei Kornile...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Portal MSN has bought the rights to broadcast video on the Internet Russian Premier League for one year. Now this site will be the only place where you can watch games for free.

Last weekend, MSN began testing an online broadcast: pictures and comments offered NTV-Plus, because the portal has no right to comment on the matches.

Audience MSN portal in Russia amounts to 6.5 million unique visitors per month, due to football broadcasts MSN they can attract more 0,5-1 million visitors.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Testament Orwell's true!

Everyone believes that he needs the truth, even to the point when he knew it.

In the United States in one of the schools was enshrined in the life of George Orwell's 1984. There, the teacher quietly watched the personal lives of their students through web-cameras to home computers. Followed, and then charged. In the end, the accusations presented by the teachers. And guess: who now sit?

Unbelievable for the American history occurred in the Lower Merion School District - is on the south-eastern Pennsylvania. District is considered one of the richest in the U.S., and at some point, every student high school there was given to the use of laptop MacBook. All were happy and proud, while in one of the schools - Harritonskoy secondary school - there was not a nasty story.

The first of its hero - and part-time victim - was a 15-year-old Blake Robbins. One day he was called on the carpet to the school authorities and accused of "inappropriate conduct" outside the school. "Inappropriate" - that's putting it mildly, as Robbins was accused of selling drugs (at his home) and their use. As a teenager evidence showed pictures from web-camera, a laptop (the same school MacBook) in his bedroom.

Blake Robbins was justified, arguing that it does not any psychotropic pills, and the ordinary lollipops. Then the boy told his parents what had happened. Those somehow remembered the American Constitution. And turned to the press, and also filed a lawsuit in court. And once in federal court. And the claim group that defends the interests of all students, the district - in fact all they could become victims of surveillance.

Then the school bought a pale appearance. Soon after the examination found no trace of the boy in the house of drugs (modern analytical methods can detect even a few molecules of the drug). Press immediately reported this - the reaction of the public, I do not even know what and compare. In the States, privacy, and so sacred - and here the secret surveillance of the child in his own bedroom! For this and his own parents can sit - not that the school administration.

In general, the investigation began, the case has joined the FBI, federal and county prosecutors, the police of Lower Merion and Montgomery County. First Court officially banned the district administration include remote camera on my laptop. It soon became clear that all students issued by the PC installed software product called LANrev. LANrev can organize search of stolen or lost laptop, a remote power web-camera used to capture the alleged kidnapper. However, experts informbezopasnosti characterize LANrev as Trojan, since the mechanism used to access your computer, similar to the work of malware.

It was found out and that in the current academic year, the chamber of school laptops distance of not less than 42 times. Dealt with this, basically, someone Lindy Matsqui, having worked in local education for almost a quarter century. In Harritonskoy school, she was assistant vice-director and was responsible for discipline. In our terminology - something like the head teacher of educational work. This is the American head teacher summoned to the office of the young lover of sweets and showed him the ill-fated shots.

When it came to light, Lindy Matsqui spoke to reporters an official statement, read out a piece of paper a trembling voice: 'I never watched any of the students with web-cameras laptop, and did not authorize such surveillance for students - either in school or at home. And I would never have not done that. And Matsqui emphasized that it has two own teenage son, so that the privacy of students care about her no less than other parents. And pictures? The images in her words, "do for ourselves".

Even Bill Clinton, apologizing for the story of Monica Lewinsky, and that such delusions are not carried.

In general, the scandal flared up. According to lawyers after the trial, his career will continue to have a curious head teacher in prison. But until the time of the trial court entered a number of limitations. For example, the administration of the district can not make any statements on the case of "home-web-spying" or discuss it with students, not previously agreed upon its steps with the plaintiffs (ie, family, Robbins).

American Civil Liberties UnionImage via Wikipedia

Fuel to the fire poured leading human rights organizations in the U.S. - American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Legal Director of the Pennsylvania Branch of the ACLU, Witold Valchak told reporters: "At this age, children begin to discover their sexuality, so that in their rooms a lot going on all this. This is a breeding ground for child pornography."

In any case, ahead of the court. I only hope that Steve Jobs and Apple does not attract as associates (the Americans a can). I also hope that the other disciples of the same school were not so stupid, as described by American schoolchildren Mikhail Zadornov. And quickly sealed with a web-camera their laptops opaque tape.

In any case, in connection with this whole story the first thing I remember - it is a famous novel by George Orwell's "1984". There, in the fictional country of Oceania in the house of every inhabitant of a mandatory installed so-called "Telescreen" - a kind of hybrid of television and security cameras. It was with "telescreen" every citizen watched Big Brother. Hence the famous phrase: "Big Brother is watching you!".

Now we know what it looks like "telescreen" the beginning of the 21 century.

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Runet under the gun fire.

Many of us, if not everyone, every day we have to deal with search engines, and, again, many are choosing to do so "Yandex". In this case, routinely using the search, we do not often think about how it is arranged, unaware of those passions, which sometimes rage on the other side of the search string.

Already in the early to mid-2009, many SEOs and search engine optimizers, sounded the alarm - from the index's largest search engine Runet sites began to disappear literally "bundles". The fire apparently was carried out on target - it disappeared from search sites with poor content, sites that use technology to move out spam or specific engines for the mass creation of so-called satellites. Also significantly affected and many are suitable sites participating in trade or exchange links on exchanges such as Sape. Even went so far as to search out "Yandex" disappeared even some government departmental websites. The panic among webmasters spawned many theories: explaining what is happening and glitches base "Yandex", and the introduction of a new ranking algorithm, and the penalties for "black" promotion sites. Could only guess about the secret causes of all that is happening, and only recently the situation has become clearer.

"Yandex" on the war-path

In the late summer of 2009, "Yandex" has officially notified the webmaster of a three-year testing and commissioning of his next filter. This filter is called the AGM-17 can be excluded from that part of the search pages, which, according to its creators, is useless for user searches. In addition, as reported, it is a serious tool for combating the rapidly growing search engine spam, violate the effectiveness and reliability of Internet search information.

What do you say, the next search filter, how many of them already, how many more will be ... Why AGS-17 has such a large and notorious in RuNet? To understand what the AGS-17, let's first clarify the origin of its name.

Automatic grenade machine

Those who served, probably already guessed what was going on, and appreciated very bitter irony "Yandex" against those against whom this filter is involved. Thus, AGS-17 "Flame" - a machine-automatic grenade launcher, designed for mass destruction unprotected enemy personnel. For example, lets shoot tajectory, transforming traditional protective cover the opponent, such as trenches or dugouts, actually a mass grave. AGS-17 has a stunning rate of fire of 65 rounds per minute, equipped with a cooling radiator for this intensity of fire and effectively destroys targets at a distance of one kilometer. Warriors Afghans tell us that when the settlement with the AGS-17 began its work on the enemy, all resistance immediately ceased, and the trench trenches after his work was represented loosened the field with the remains of body parts of the enemy. As always no accident that this specific name of "Yandex" has chosen for his new algorithm for automatic analysis of quality sites.

AGS-17In fact, AGS-17 immediately attracted widespread attention in optimizatorskih circles with its stunning aggressiveness and magnitude of those "hostilities", which he launched on the Web. For example, when analyzing the structure of the html-code sites if this characteristic structure is repeated once more than two or three resources below with the IP class C - the whole pack addresses (with sites located in them) is sent to the ban. After the attack AHS site or banitsya and discarded from the index completely, or in the search are only some of its pages (very often - a home page).

On the eve of APS v2.0...

Every algorithm inherent errors and omissions - departure of some very respected government and commercial organizations (such as the Ministry of Transport of Russia or news portal from the search "Yandex", and that an avalanche of complaints that befell our support "Yandex" by Webmaster conventional sites, innocently banned this filter, direct evidence that the AGS-17 is not so perfect and just as we would like its creators. Therefore, from the beginning of 2010 launched a new, improved algorithm for analysis of sites under the name AGS-30, which is driven around in search right now. So the new AGS-30 - is not only a new version of the mounted grenade launchers, even more destructive characteristics with the use of charges, creating a vacuum effect of the explosion, and a prism with an optical sight, but this is a better algorithm for analyzing Web sites designed to make sifting sites " by Yandex, more quality and relevant.

It should be understood that such radical and drastic measures are taken "Yandex" recently over immediately to very many sites - is a necessary and decisive attempt to clear your search in the face is coming on the heels of Google (search which, incidentally, quite reliably protected from all sorts of rubbish). Time will tell whether these tough save "mass cleansing" of "Yandex" or, conversely, to destroy him, but what about specific boards and taken to the survival of your websites under pressure lyutuyuschego now AGS-30, we discuss in detail in the next article.
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Console iPad

Dimensions: 242.8 h189.7h13, 4 mm
Weight: 0,7 kg
Processor: Apple A4 1 GHz
Memory: flash memory 16, 32 or 64 GB
Screen: glossy, 9.7 dm, 1024x768, Multi-Touch
Connectivity: Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G
Geoinformation: Assisted GPS, compass
Sensors: light sensor, accelerometer
Connectors: Dock connector, 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack, built-in speakers, microphone jack SIM-card

Not being a fan and hater of the products Apple, let me detached view from the recently released in the U.S. Apple iPad. Below is just try to define the category of computing devices, to which belongs iPad.

Indeed, at first glance, by its external shape and specifications iPad easily attributed to the tablet or the so-called TabletPC. These "pills" has long been trying to develop "Microsoft" since the days of Bill Gates.

If, however, on formal grounds iPad and similar to the "pill", it is conceptually Tablet PC it is not. After all, a portable tablet computer must be a full-fledged PC, providing users to virtually the same opportunities to work with your own data as a laptop or netbook. At least, that taught us "Microsoft". However, the iPad such work with your own data severely limited. iPad, like its prototype iPod Touch, even as a portable storage device and storage media is not very easy to use.

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

To categorize the device iPad, should apply to the business models of this device, and not to its formal specifications. Therefore, specifications can be seen above, and we'll talk a little about other higher matters.

iPad is not so much for working with your own data, as for the consumption of digital content. This business model assumes that more revenue will come not from sales of devices, from the sale of so-called commercial content.

Such a business model exists in the IT-industry a long time. And, above all, the model practiced in the market of producers of computer consoles and games consoles, that is - in the entertainment industry. It is selling games and other entertainment software is the major chunk of income console business.

Features consoles which although can be very large, deliberately limited in terms of the user's own data. At the console, except for games and movies, you can, for example, climb on the Internet, but to fully edit an Excel spreadsheet here you are unlikely to get, not to mention the Programming.

But this makes the console very easy to use and accessible to the untrained user. Console does not require the user knowledge and skills on configuring your system - uploaded content and fun. For the console does not even need to multitask.

iPad - this is for their business scheme of the device category as the Sony Playstation Portable. That is, the console. And nothing else from the increased twice iPod Touch turn out, in principle, can not.

Despite the fact that the iPad - it is much more than a game console, use the "aypad" will be mainly for entertainment content - books, movies, music, games, easy internet surfing with time-wasters in social networks. The main source of this content will, of course, a special store App Store, which reduces the level of piracy. Precisely because of this the device is not USB.

As befits the console, iPad is simplified in operation until odnozadachny and does not need to learn any computer knowledge or even skills to create this very content. The main thing in the console - is to consume rather than create.

As any modern entertainment console, iPad may cause some consumer excitement, as often happens with the release of new models of the same consoles from Sony, Nintendo. Entertainment - this is what people are willing to even with a certain pleasure to pay money. So no surprise to some encouragement on a buying iPad, although in terms of a technocrat on the device and can not be programmed properly.

Even with one type of device can be compared iPad - a reading room of books like the Amazon Kindle. For its size and functionality iPad is well suited for reading. In addition, Apple has online booksellers iBookstore specifically for iPad.

But the real competitor iPad will be primarily for the entertainment of literature and glamorous publications. Because of its color screen. After all, it is difficult to publication type Playboy on monochrome displays Amazon Kindle. And on the iPad glamorous fiction - the most it.

Consequently, some part of the readers choose for themselves as a reading room is iPad. Serious bibliophiles hardly so simple waive the benefits of electronic ink (E Ink) instead glamorous iPad. Moreover, the technology of electronic ink will be improved and cheaper.

In total

Thus, iPad in its concept and business scheme applies to the good old consoles. Itself as a device of a large interest. However, if the producers of entertainment content will be continually producing iPad for a large number of diverse entertainment content, the device will become popular among the common man in the street, and not just among fans of new technological toys. However, not all countries, but only where the average man does not spare money for entertainment.

Incidentally, it is likely that the iPad can inspire and Microsoft to create a similar entertainment device. At the Redmond giant has extensive experience in entertainment technology - Xbox, DirectX, Silverlight.

As for this Tablet PC with the ability to complete the work with your own data and programming, the emergence of such a computer programmer at blackjack and - this is a matter of time. However, the yield iPad can catalyze and accelerate that process. And, I think, is about to appear Tablet not only for the consumption of content, but where will analogues MacsBug, ResEdit, editor sectors Copy ][+ enthusiasts and other nice things.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is a port scanner?

In the FAQ section we have with you has been repeatedly considered the various terms associated with information security - a branch of information technologies, which today is tremendous interest worldwide in connection with what is growing, as they say, by leaps and bounds. It is worth noting that the term, which we will consider with you today, is very widespread throughout the world, and therefore have some idea of its meaning is anyone who is more or less understands computers.

Port scanners is a software product designed for network hosts (server nodes) with open ports and are thus vulnerable to malicious software and malicious attacks. By hackers, of course, port scanners are also used most that neither is active manner. Typically, port scanner scans all the ports of each host to detect those that are open, although in some situations (for example, when dealing with any specific network worms, which uses for its reproduction is quite certain network port) can done scanning all the hosts only for opening a single port (to accelerate).

Technically, port scanning is carried out by sending a packet (usually the protocol TCP/IP) sequentially through all possible ports or through a preset list of ports for a specified list of addresses, and then analyzes the server responses to queries and it identifies open ports. In addition to scanning for TCP/IP (which, incidentally, can be realized by using several different techniques) are widely used as a scan using the ICMP and UDP, which uses less hosts, which, however, less informative for an attacker who plans to then use the TCP-Protocol . Check the set of hosts, as a rule, it is more convenient in parallel multithreaded scanner, ie each of several simultaneously running threads checks its host.

It must be remembered that the scanner port should be used with caution, even if you suddenly decide to use them for completely legitimate test of computers and remote branch of your company. The fact that many providers are in black and white prescribed in the contract to provide services to a ban on the use of port scanners, the activity of which is found quite good administrators.

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